20th September 2016

Sage 200 Add-Ons – by AlphaLogix

There may come a time when the ‘off the shelf’ solutions available in the market just don’t fulfill your unique business requirements. AlphaLogix have come across this situation many times. Fortunately we have a skilled, in-house team of Software Developers available to provide Sage 200 users with the ability to transform their complex challenges into workable solutions.     Sage 200 Additions, by AlphaLogix For a long time now, AlphaLogix have been writing and applying a variety of bespoke development projects for many of our Sage 200 Clients around the country, growing and evolving their systems in alignment with their […]
26th August 2016

Sage 200 Tips – Excel Reporting

Earlier this year we wrote about how well Sage 200 integrates with MS Excel. From exporting filtered lists to the powerful Business Intelligence module, the integration gets better with every Sage 200 version release. But even with these two features, and the multitude of built-in reports, there was an opportunity to give a little more! Exporting your list views will give you a table of data to work with which is handy. But if you want to add some analysis and make it presentable then it’s going to take some time. You can export any of the built-in reports to Excel, but they too […]
19th August 2016

Sage CRM Tips – Interactive Dashboards

Administrators of Sage CRM will agree that almost every part of the system is customisable. Many of these customisations can be undertaken by Administrators and Info Managers. I’m going to show you how to customise a Dashboard, adding Gadgets such as Sales Summary Charts and RSS Feeds. There are two types of Dashboard in Sage CRM; Interactive and Classic. In this blog I’ll be looking at the Interactive Dashboard.   Interactive Dashboards This dashboard provides users with information and analysis in a stunning, interactive format. Creating one of these custom Dashboards can provide your staff with a portal to new perspectives on your business.    […]
3rd August 2016

AlphaLogix Services – Data Mining

At AlphaLogix we offer a huge variety of IT services, from implementing and supporting large ERP and CRM systems, through to general IT technical support. We also offer specialist IT services, and one of those services is called Data Mining, but what is it and how can it benefit your business?   The term “Data Mining” appeared in the 1990s in the database community as an interdisciplinary subfield of computer science. According to Wikipedia, Data Mining is the “computational process of discovering patterns in large data sets”, but without an example it can be difficult to imagine how this can be […]