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Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365 Customer Service Module

In today’s competitive environment, offering superior customer care is the best way to improve client loyalty. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Module offers a host of advanced features and processes to help your organisation manage and excel at customer service.

Microsoft CRM Customer Service helps improve customer care by managing issues and making sure your staff respond quickly and efficiently to deliver a great service whilst earning customer loyalty. Please watch the Dynamics 365 customer service demo for more information.

There are a wide range of advanced, yet simple to use, case management tools in the Microsoft CRM Customer Care Module that help your team to deliver the Wow factor to customers.

AlphaLogix can help you configure process flows for your company that best suit your business requirements.

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Achieve Successful Customer Service Agent Enablement

By giving your customer service staff access to a single interface in Dynamics 365, Customer Care allows them to see all information in one place, it also gives them the tools and data they need to easily and quickly resolve issues and cases. There are also a range of visual interfaces that deliver tailored experiences. These powerful tools help staff complete their tasks quickly and efficiently whilst speeding up customer response times and resolutions.

Connect with Customers Anytime, Anywhere

Having the ability for staff to respond to customers on any device anytime and anywhere speeds up the response times, which also improves customer satisfaction. Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service supports all major devices, tablets and smartphones where you can also collect feedback after every interaction.

The customer service module also allows you to setup and deploy customer self-service modules enabling you to search knowledge bases for answers and check the status on support tickets and cases. Another great feature is that you can use surveys to collect valuable customer feedback, so they can rate the level of support given.

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Respond Quickly to SLA’s

The system allows you to respond quickly to service level agreements. Microsoft CRM customer service enables you to automatically create support tickets and cases from emails, the cases can also be routed to the correct employee. Alerts are also sent out to managers if service level agreements have not been responded to or not resolved in time.

Digital Intelligence

Digital intelligence allows you to identify trends and gain valuable insights, dynamics 365 customer service has a range of interactive dashboards and data visualisation tools to enable you to do this. The dashboards can be customised allowing you to view real time customer service metrics. You can also detect what’s happening on social posts using built in intelligence. The digital intelligence also allows you to resolve issues quicker by using machine learning.

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Keeping Customers in the Loop

Once a support ticket or case has been created it’s important to keep customers in the loop on progress and any changes to the status of the case, Dynamics 365 customer care can be setup so they receive automated email responses when cases are created, updated and resolved.

Give Customers and Employees Answers on the Spot

You can setup advanced searchable knowledge bases in the customer care module that allows support agents and customers to quickly and easily find answers to questions they have on the spot. The knowledge base has a range of reports, dashboards and analytics so you are able to report back on a wide range of metrics.

Add Pre-Built Applications

Dynamics 365 for customer service can do even more when you use Appsource, this allows you to enhance the software by adding prebuilt apps from Microsoft and other partners.

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