Stay at the forefront and profit from the latest CRM product for the Infor Swan ERP system to take your company forward

Winning new customers and retaining them is important.

You now have the opportunity to link the award winning Saleslogix CRM system with your InforSwan ERP software.

Saleslogix is the CRM solution that enables businesses to acquire, retain and develop profitable customer relationships by increasing sales and marketing performance.

With more than 300,000 users at 8,500 companies worldwide, Saleslogix is the leading CRM solution to help you make informed business decisions.

  • Integrates with Infor Swan ERP.
  • Report on your Infor Swan sales orders using the flexible reporting system within Saleslogix. If a customer calls in, their data will be on your screen in seconds for an easy to read overview.
  • View the data you want to see, all from within your CRM system, and instantly check the credit status of your customer before you contact them.
  • Always have your latest products available for quotations. The Swan link for Saleslogix, keeps your Saleslogix product list up to date from your Swan system.
  • Target new Prospects.
  • Design and execute Marketing Campaigns.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your Customer Service department via the extensive ticketing system.
  • Integration with AlphaTel allows further management of client communication, and allows you to jump to the account calling you with a single click of your mouse.