What is Microsoft CRM for Project Management?

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What is Microsoft CRM 365 for Project Automation?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation allows you to manage your projects from start to finish whilst seeing all interactions to do with that project. Microsoft CRM for projects allows you to create contracts and quotes associated with a project and also track resources and ultimately the profitability of the project. A unique feature of the Project Service Automation module is that you can setup projects based on a fixed price basis or alternatively you can setup the project as time and materials. The project module also brings together people and resources so you can deliver projects on time and on budget.

Resource Management

Find the best people by matching available resources to project tasks based on role types, skill characteristics and certifications. Make the best use of each resource by reviewing individual booking capacities.

Automatically create project teams based on the resources defined in a work breakdown structure.

Project Billing

Projects services automation allows you to bill on time to make sure the project is making the correct revenue milestones for your business, you can automate the billing using certain frequencies in the software depending on the project milestones. Alternatively you can bill as a fixed price on a fixed date.

Some of the key features available in Microsoft CRM 365 Project Service Automation include:

  • Manage and estimate work.
  • Accurately track and manage project costs and progress to date.
  • Dynamics CRM for projects allows you to determine estimated project revenue and ultimately the project costs.
  • Track projects using powerful reports and dashboards.
  • Track and review project actuals.
  • Track the progress of a project, including project costs.
  • Time and expenses approval for each project.
  • Send out invoices for a project in a timely manner.
  • Manage project team member bookings and schedules.
  • Add phone calls, meetings, documents, emails and to do's for each project.
  • Organise groups in Office 365 for a project.
  • Schedule project breakdown structure.
  • Estimate and forecast resource requirements for each project.
  • Identify project threats.
  • Allow project team members to collaborate on projects.

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