What is Sage?

What is Sage software and who are the Sage Group PLC?

What is Sage software?

Sage software is an accounts system that allows small and medium sized business owners to manage accounting, invoicing, expenses, cash flow, bank reconciliation, inventory, multi-currencies, quotes and financials reporting as well as enabling you to submit tax returns online and be tax compliant, Sage also helps you to manage employee payroll, HR and electronic payments.

Who are the Sage Group PLC?

The Sage Group Plc (Sage Group) is a provider of accounting and finance software for small, and medium-sized companies. The company manages and offers accounts and ERP solutions, payroll, HR, and payments solutions.

Sage is one of the world’s leading suppliers of accounting software, finance management, ERP, Payroll, Payslips and HR (Human Resource Management) systems. Sage’s target market is SMB’s (Small to Medium sized Businesses) customers as well as accountants and bookkeepers. Sage has over 6 million customers across the globe and operates in over 23 countries with over 11,000 employees.

Sage have grown both organically and by the acquisition of accounting, finance management, ERP and HR software. In 2017 Sage acquired Sage Intacct and launched Sage Business Cloud. In 2019 Sage were awarded Business Superbrand status and in 2022 Sage expanded their partnership with Microsoft.

Product Guides

Download the Sage accounting brochure and product guide
Download the Sage 50 Accounts Product Guide and Brochure in PDF format
Download the New Sage Intacct Brochure in PDF format
Download the latest Sage 200 Product Guide and Brochure PDF
Sage 50 Payroll support guide

AlphaLogix is a leading Sage Business Partner in the UK and our Sage certified product specialists can help you discover the best accounting and payroll solutions for your business, contact us on 0330 043 0140 or email us at info@alphalogix.co.uk

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Intro to Sage Business Cloud Accounting

What is Sage Accounting Software?

Sage is the worlds leading supplier of accounting software, finance management solutions, ERP, Human Resource Management (HR) and Payroll systems for small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s).

What is Sage used for?

Sage accounting and ERP software manages your accounting transactions, finances and processes, as well as managing customers, supply chain, cash flow, bank reconciliation, stock, manufacturing and financials, Sage also helps you to easily submit TAX returns online and helps with compliance.

What are the Sage accounting solutions?

Sage 50 Accounts - Purchase orders

What is Sage Payroll?

Sage’s payroll software is used by businesses to pay their staff, they use it to manage payroll processes including pay slips, employee pay, pensions, expenses, statutory pay, tax calculations and tax submissions online.

What is Sage Payroll used for?

Sage payroll is used to create pay slips for employees for each period. You must enter your employee’s pay, rates, hours, deductions and anything else that you want to appear on their pay slips

What are Sage payroll solutions?

Sage Payroll - Process a pay run

What is Sage HR?

Sage HR is a human resources management system that helps you manage staff and human resources including leave management, payslips, legislation, employee reviews, time sheets, shift scheduling and expenses.

What are the Sage HR solutions?

Sage HR Introduction Webinar

Frequently Asked Questions

Sage accounting software manages invoicing, financial transactions, cashflow, bank reconciliation, payments as well as managing inventory and payroll. The Sage accounting software is cloud based so you can access accounting data and collaborate with other Sage users using any device with internet connection. Sage has over 6 million customers worldwide and half of the accountants in the UK use Sage.

Sage is easy to use and intuitive which makes it easy to do sales invoicing, get clear cash flow management insights, automate bank reconciliation and effortlessly manages online VAT submissions.

Sage Accounting has two pricing tiers, the less expensive version is Sage Accounting Start which costs £14 + VAT per month. Sage Accounting Start allows you to create unlimited sales invoices, track cash flow, automatic bank reconciliation and calculate and submit VAT returns online.

Sage Intacct Product Overview - Key Features

Why do you need Sage accounts & Payroll software?

Apart from making your business compliant with tax and accounting regulations, using Sage’s software products help’s you to automate business processes and makes your company more efficient and users more productive.  It also provides management with valuable reporting insights into how well you are doing, such as profit % loss reports, or inventory control.

Benefits of using Sage:

  • Automates business processes
  • Saves time and money
  • Makes your staff more productive
  • Highly secure and easy to use
  • Sage’s Cloud software also helps reduce IT infrastructure investment
  • Improves collaboration between staff and multiple offices

Need Help & Support in Deciding Which is the Best Sage Solution?

Founded in 1995, AlphaLogix is a leading Sage Business Partner in the UK who are software resellers for Sage 200, Sage Intacct, Sage 50 accounts, Sage CRM and Sage Payroll.  All of our staff are fully qualified Sage product specialists who can provide you with the help, expertise and support in choosing the right solution for your business, contact us on 0330 043 0140 or email us at info@alphalogix.co.uk

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