How Much Does Sage 50 Cost?

Sage 50 Accounts is the UK’s most popular accounting software with over 400,000 businesses using it. The cost for Sage 50 depends on which version you choose. Sage 50 Standard costs start from £65 per month and pricing for Sage 50 Professional (top of the range version) starts from £132 per month.

Sage has changed the pricing model to a subscription only plan, costs are calculated  per user per month and they do not promote one off licensing purchases any more. The cost of purchasing the Cloud version and On-premise version is the same.

Sage 50 accounts helps small and medium sized businesses manage their finances, it integrates with other modules in the Sage 50 range, including Payroll, HR, P11D, CRM and Manufacturing.

Product                                 Price                        

Sage 50 Standard              £65 per month        Further Information

Sage 50 Professional       £132 per month    Further Information

Sage Accounts Helps You Take Control of Your Business Finances:

  • Manage Cashflow and Invoicing
  • Manage Payments and Banking
  • Reporting and Insights
  • Stock and Inventory
  • VAT and MTD (Making Tax Digital)
  • Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Sage 50 Accounts

Which Version of Sage 50 is Right for My Business?

Sage have simplified the Sage 50 range to just two version, Sage 50 Standard and Sage 50 Professional, they have stopped selling the Essentials version.

Sage 50 Standard - A simple desktop accounting solution connected to the cloud with invoicing & cash flow management which costs from £65 per user per month up to £77 for two core users.

Sage 50 Professional - Powerful desktop accounting software connected to the Cloud or available as On-premise with in-depth stock and reporting, the price for one core user starts from £132 per month, up to £157 per month for up to 20 core users.

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Costs for Sage 50 Standard

Sage 50 Standard is the entry level version of Sage 50 and costs for Standard start from £65 per core user per month.

The Standard version can only be purchased by a subscription pricing plan where you can pay monthly or purchase an annual plan. Costs include a support plan with Sage or your chosen Business Partner, but do not include training or setup costs.

Sage 50 Standard - Straightforward, Simple To Set-up And Easy To Use.

  • Add up to 2 users & manage up to 2 companies
  • Easy to set up and manage your accounts
  • Manage invoices, cash flow, banking, customers
  • Manage sales, suppliers, stock and VAT

Example Sage 50 Standard Price – For Two Companies

  • 1 Core User - £65 per month
  • 2 Core Users - £77 per month

Sage 50 Overview

Sage 50 Professional Pricing

Sage 50cloud Professional is the most powerful and feature rich software in the Sage 50 range and prices starts from £132 per user per month. It has in-depth stock control and reporting allowing you to manage all aspects of your accounting requirements in your business. You can have unlimited multiple companies setup in the Professional version, it also allows you to:

  • Track and manage stock
  • Manage multiple departments and budgets
  • Track Project income, expenses and profit
  • Create Sales and Purchase Orders
  • Trade in Multiple Currencies
  • Office 365 integration with 1 user free included in the price

Pricing for the Professional version is based on the number of core users you require (choose from 1 user, 5, 10 and 20 users) and also the number of companies you require. You can choose from, up to 10 companies, up to 25 companies, up to 100 companies and unlimited companies.

Example Prices for Sage 50 Professional For Up to Ten Companies

  • 1 Core User - £132 per month
  • 5 Core Users - £139.50 per month
  • 10 Core Users - £147 per month
  • 20 Core Users - £157 per month

Example Costs for Sage 50 Professional for Unlimited Companies

  • 1 Core User - £162 per month
  • 5 Core Users - £169.50 per month
  • 10 Core Users - £177 per month
  • 20 Core Users - £187 per month

Sage 50 Customer Success Case Study – DPR Motorsports

British motorsports company DPR shows its winning streak with Sage 50. DPR has built thirty of the top-performing cars in the Caterham Motorsport Championships. Operations are split between the workshop and the main UK racetracks.

Thanks in part to Sage 50, DPR is excelling. The company has developed a winning formula for business success based on a deep understanding of the customer and a firm commitment to team excellence.

DPR Motorsports uses Sage 50 to keep a close eye on its business both on and off the race track, with powerful stock and inventory management updated in real-time from any race location, plus simple but effective bank reconciliation that provides improved financial transaction accuracy.

We could not run our business without Sage, efficiently or otherwise.”

“When customers ask you a question, you’ve got to be able to provide the answers. Recording the customer data in Sage gives you the ability to get the information out accurately.”

Derrick Rowe, CFO, DPR Motorsports

Sage 50 Customer Success Case Study – DPR Motorsports

Why Choose AlphaLogix – Organise a Quote & Demo

Our accountancy experts can help you discover how Sage 50 can be setup to improve the way you manage your finances for your business. We will provide you with a Free initial personalised Sage 50 demo as well as fully justified costs and pricing for your requirements.

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