Sage 200 Commercials

Building on the Sage 200 Financials set of modules, the Sage 200 Commercials Suite is typically the next logical step for many businesses, to facilitate their successful expansion into various commercial sectors.

  • Comprises modules that manage and improve your commercial practices; Sales and Purchase Order Processing, Stock Control and Pricing.
  • Review and manage the full life-cycle of Sales and Purchase Orders. From creation and acknowledgements, to despatches, receipts, and invoicing. This comprehensive, yet user-friendly ordering system has been built so nothing will fall though the net.
  • Provide your staff with controlled levels of autonomy, enabling them to manage pricing, margins, and discounts, with multi-level authorisation rules.
  • Manage your most important stock with tightly controlled Batch and Serial number traceability.

Sales Order Processing

Manage and grow the sales of your Goods and Services by combining your Customer information with a sophisticated sales order processing tool.

  • Enter a Sales Order in very little time using the Rapid Order Entry feature, ideal for order taken over the phone or counter.
  • Whilst raising your Sales order, automatically raise Purchase Orders for those items that aren’t in stock.
  • Manage discounts and margins giving your authorised staff the tools to negotiate prices with your Customers.
  • Analyse your products, viewing profitability month by month.
  • Use existing accounts and quote templates to quickly create a new account and quote for a new customer.

Purchase Order Processing

Fully integrated with Stock Control, Purchase Ledger and Sales Order Processing, Take control of your supply chain and respond to your customer’s demands more efficiently with Purchase Order Processing.

  • Source your goods from around the world, purchasing in over 100 different currencies.
  • Flag ‘disputed invoices’ to stop them posting to the Purchase Ledger.
  • Enter different delivery addresses for individual order items.
  • Compile lists of suggested orders based on item shortfalls.
  • Apply order authorisation rules to carefully manage your purchasing at employee level. Orders can be authorised remotely via the web for times when you’re not in the office.

Stock Control

Optimise your stock levels, keep costs down and deliver what your customers need with this sophisticated warehouse management solution.

  • Manage your stock across multiple locations, controlling each location independently with sales, replenishments and valuations.
  • Get the best prices for your stock by analysing item price trends, lead times and purchase histories.
  • Fully control your important stock with batch and serial numbering, and with sell-by and use-by dates.
  • Purchase and sell your stock in varying units of measure, for example buying items in large crates, breaking them down and selling them individually.

Price Book

From simple price lists to more complex pricing structures, the Price Book heavily compliments the Sales Order Processing module with a flexible stock-pricing solution.

  • Validate your entire product range at any time to ensure you’re not selling any products at a loss and you’re getting the margins you expect.
  • Export, edit, and re-import your Price Lists in MS Excel to make significant pricing changes in very little time.
  • Create and apply an unlimited number of Price Bands to stock items and customers.
  • Maintain prices by units of measure giving you more flexibility.
If you would like to discuss how your business will benefit by implementing Sage 200 Commercials, please contact us or talk to a member of our team on 0845 259 3141