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What is Delivery Management Software?

Delivery management software allows you to manage all aspects of your delivery processes, from issuing delivery jobs, route planning, real time tracking and electronic proof of delivery, it enables your customers to see the progress of the delivery of their goods.

Workforce productivity dramatically increases when you use delivery management software by using smart scheduling and paperless workflows that maximises working time.

AlphaMobile is a comprehensive delivery management system that automatically assigns jobs to drivers, it optimises route planning, and electronic proof of delivery can be completed using a variety of devices including Android, iOS and Windows. AlphaMobile integrates with your existing CRM system and offers a lot more features…

Delivery Management Software – AlphaMobile

What Are The Benefits of Delivery Management Software?

There are many benefits of implementing a delivery management system these include:

  • Improves efficiency of drivers
  • Speeds up deliveries
  • Streamlines processes and automates workflows
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Reduces fuel costs
  • Improves workforce productivity
  • Maximises assets and vehicle use
  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Increases business efficiency and cuts operating costs

AlphaMobile delivery software provides all these benefits and will drive efficiency, revenue and profitability for your business.

Integrated Customer Relationship Management

If you currently use an existing CRM solution AlphaMobile delivery software is designed to work in conjunction with your existing customer data, enabling you to avoid duplicating information.

Our powerful workflow functionality allows you to schedule and assign jobs directly from your CRM system, instantly transmit to your mobile devices and monitor progress from head office.

AlphaMobile is highly configurable and we have integrated it to many of the market leading CRM systems including Dynamics CRM and Infor CRM.

Intelligent Job Scheduling

AlphaMobile delivery software provides a powerful delivery job scheduling management solution which provides a central hub for all your deliveries, enabling you to manage all your deliveries.

When a new job is received, our software will send a notification to the driver to alert them. The system will also alert users if there is a change of schedule for an existing job.

The software also includes a powerful drag and drop scheduling tool, if a delivery needs to be moved simply drag the delivery to another slot, all information is synchronised seamlessly with your drivers.

Route Optimisation

Our delivery software can pick up the most optimised routes enabling you to make multiple deliveries efficiently which lowers your operating costs and allows you to maximise the amount of deliveries each driver can make in a given time.

Integrate With Your Accounts System

Our delivery software can be integrated with many popular accounts systems such as Sage 50, this enables you to have a 360 degree view of all activities with each delivery.

Electronic Signature Capture and Proof of Delivery

Once the driver has arrived at a customer, they can electronically capture proof of delivery. They have the option of capturing the signature electronically or to take and attach photos in case the customer raises an issue, (taking photos is also a good way to provide driver safety by maintaining a safe distance especially during the coronavirus situation) completed deliveries are automatically synchronised back to your CRM system.

Electronic signatures and photos can be captured using a variety of devices including iPhones or iPads, or any device that uses Android, iOS and Windows.

When drivers electronically capture proof of delivery this radically improves your business efficiency and streamline processes. AlphaMobile delivery software helps to eliminate the need to complete paperwork and frees up time for drivers to make more deliveries.

Paperless Mobile App - Say Goodbye to Paperwork

Delivery drivers normally have a handful of paperwork to complete each delivery which results in a lot of lost time, errors and occasionally lost paperwork. Our delivery software comes with a paperless mobile app which helps to eliminate the need for delivery drivers to complete paperwork and frees up time for drivers to continue onto their next job, all information is synchronised back to your CRM system.

Vehicle & Delivery Tracking in Real Time

AlphaMobile delivery management system has a sophisticated tracking system that displays the location of all vehicles in real time. Information is displayed in one dashboard so you can monitor the progress of all deliveries.

Not only does vehicle/delivery tracking give head office an overview at any one time but it also allows you to monitor driver efficiency and improves driver safety.

In some cases vehicle tracking allows you to prove/disprove customer complaints, i.e. time of arrival.

Customised For Your Business

We understand that every company works differently so we designed AlphaMobile delivery software to work the way you want it to. The system is highly configurable so you get a delivery management system that meets your requirements.

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