What is Infor CRM?

Infor CRM Mobile extends your CRM capabilities to smartphones, giving your field workforce instant access to vital customer information. It empowers users allowing them to respond quickly to new opportunities or customer issues giving them a competitive edge.

Infor Mobile is the first CRM solution to offer mobile only CRM users – which can help keep costs low with mobile only users at a lower price point. Existing Infor CRM users, and new users alike, can mix & match license types to suit user needs. What’s more, Infor CRM Mobile uses a subscription pricing model, which enables you to add users as required.

What's New?

  • The Infor CRM Mobile 3.2 application is redesigned for use across multiple smartphones and tablets
  • Version 3.2 now offers contextualised KPIs & charts, ensuring the information you view is most relevant
  • Menu items in version 3.2 offer global, context, quick actions
  • Version 3.2 enables image, signature and attachment support for emails


Infor CRM Mobile offers a user friendly CRM application, across multiple mobile platforms, designed to support your mobile workforce’s CRM needs and enabling improved efficiency and productivity.

Interact with customers
Create, view, and edit key customer information from Infor CRM Mobile including Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and Tickets

Stay ahead of the game
With Infor CRM mobile CRM app users can view and schedule Activities, record important Notes, and access detailed History records

Manage valuable time
Use Infor CRM Mobile to manage meeting schedules, personal activities, phone calls, and to-dos

Improve efficiency
With Infor CRM Mobile you can log email and phone interactions to the notes and history while on the move

Increase productivity
Configure Infor CRM Mobile to meet your individual business CRM needs and working styles to maximise returns – with options for mobile CRM users to work online or offline and receive updates automatically