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Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365 Social Media Engagement – advanced Social CRM

You can integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 with social media using the Microsoft Social Media application that allows you to record social media activities within your Microsoft Dynamics CRM database.

In today’s world, social media plays a big part in how people perceive your products and your business. Social media platforms such as twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all have a big impact on how you communicate, market and sell to prospects and customers. The Microsoft CRM social media engagement add on enables you to stay connected with social media activities which helps your marketing, sales and service teams stay in close contact with your prospects and customers.

Key benefits of Microsoft CRM Dynamics CRM 365 Social Media Engagement and Integration

  • Gain valuable social media insights right in Dynamics CRM.
  • Helps generate leads through social media for sales and marketing.
  • Provides real time social media analysis and listening for your business.
  • Provides a great tool for customer service to provide extraordinary care.
  • You can link social media data direct to your CRM records.
  • You can view a CRM record for social media.
  • View social media Dashboards to get a valuable insight for your business.
  • Get a snapshot of social media trends.
  • Gives you valuable social media engagement before your contact a customer or prospect.

Why record social media activities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365?

By recording social media activities within Dynamics CRM, you start to understand how people feel about your products and your business; it also helps you understand how you compare with your competitors.

The integration with Microsoft CRM and social media also allows you to analyse the sentiment in the marketplace and you can see who your key influencers are. The integration also helps you drive customer and prospect engagement which helps your messaging and sales and marketing strategy.

Social CRM

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can add social media data on any form (such as campaigns or accounts) and on any Dashboard. This allows you to see interactions for accounts and campaigns from start to finish; this also applies to Cases, Opportunities and Leads.

Social Media Analytics

Dynamics CRM integration with social media allows for some advanced analytics to be created which gives your business a better understanding on topics, products and customers. You can setup a range of KPI’s to analyse, including share of voice, volume trends and text mining to name a few.

Social Media CRM Engagement

With dynamics CRM you can build better and deeper relationships with prospects and customers with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, this improves collaboration between teams.

Sell more with Dynamics CRM and Social Media.

How Much does Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 Social Engagement Cost?

The Social Engagement add on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is included in all the Enterprise pricing plans, these include Sales, Field Service, Project Service and Customer Service. .

.The most common choice is the Customer Engagement Plan which is around £87 per user per month in the UK, you get Sales, Customer Service, Field Service and Project Service with the Social Media Engagement Module included as part of the product offering. Click here for more information on whatMicrosoft Dynamics CRM 365 costs. Prices for the plans do change so contact us today to get the latest prices.