Sage Intacct Billing Software

Sage Intacct Subscription, Project and Contract Billing Software

What is Sage Intacct Billing Software?

Sage Intacct billing software is a module that enables you to automate complex revenue and billing processes. The Sage Intacct billing software is made up of three modules, Contract and Subscription billing, Project Costing and billing and Revenue recognition.

To use the Sage Intacct billing module, you need to have purchased the base unit Sage Intacct Core Financials module first, commonly referred to as just Intacct financials.

  • Contract and subscription billing, enables you to streamline workflows across the AP cycle with exceptional speed and efficiency.
  • Project costing and billing helps make bid smarter and bill faster with less revenue leakage.
  • Revenue recognition enables you to automate complex revenue accounting, configure expense amortisation and more.

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What Is Sage Intacct?

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Sage Intacct Contract and Subscription Billing Software

The Intacct Contract and Subscription module enables you to streamline billing lifecycles, automate a variety of pricing and billing models and integrate billing with automated revenue recognition.

  • Sage Intacct billing software streamlines contract and subscription billing lifecycles by automating subscription payment processing and billing with automated revenue recognition.
  • Sage Intacct can meet all of your compliance needs for revenue recognition. You can tie billing and revenue recognition throughout the contract.
  • Automate a variety of pricing and billing models with Sage Intacct which eliminates labour-intensive manual calculations.

Intacct Contract and Subscription Billing Download

Sage Intacct Project costing and billing

The Intacct Project costing and billing module enables you to simplify project billing which brings new levels of efficiency to transform how your professional services firm bills projects.

  • Sage Intacct Project Costing and billing enables you to quickly handle project costing and billing complexities, so companies like professional services and construction can operate more efficiently.
  • The Intacct Project costing and billing software enables you to track expenses by projects, identify unbilled research and development costs, or run billable services projects for clients.
  • With Sage Intacct project costing and billing software, you can combine different billing terms on a single project or multiple projects and deliver a consolidated invoice. You can base invoices on time and materials, fixed fees and milestones, or percentage completion.

Sage Intacct Product Overview - Key Features

Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition

Fast-growing businesses choose Sage Intacct to automate subscription management and complex revenue accounting, while delivering deep insights into financial and operational outcomes. Sage Intacct Contract Revenue Management also provides the first automated solution to the regulatory complexities of subscription, and compliance.

Key Features of Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition:

  • Automate day-to-day revenue recognition tasks and regulatory compliance
  • Automate your most important process – turning orders into cash
  • Align revenue recognition with expense allocations
  • Deliver relevant insights to all stakeholders
  • Out-of-the box revenue recognition functionality

Sage Intacct Customer Success Case Study – L W Cole

L W Cole specialises in supplying and installing appliances to the UK house building community across England and Wales.

The company has recently grown so rapidly, it was clear its financial management processes needed an overhaul to keep up. It chose Sage Intacct for its finance and business management system.

The business needed a cloud-based system that could communicate with its existing infrastructure and fit within budget.

Before Sage Intacct, the financial outlook had to wait until the end of the month. Now, financial insights and projections can be generated at any given moment.

“I genuinely think Sage Intacct is the best finance software I’ve ever used. The depth and power of the reporting make it a stand out system”

Mike Newton – Finance Director – L W Cole (Distributors) Limited

Sage Intacct Customer Success Case Study

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