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What is Sage CRM for Sales?

Sage CRM for Sales is a core module found in Sage CRM, it is predominantly used by Sales people to manage customer and contact relationships, whilst managing your opportunities, sales pipelineleads and providing your business with an accurate future sales forecast.

The sales module in Sage CRM helps your business become more profitable as it enables you to win more deals whilst speeding up the sales cycle. The sales module enables you to track the performance of sales staff and sales team using powerful sales dashboards and reports.

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Sage CRM for Sales

Key Features and Benefits for Sage CRM for Sales

The Sage CRM for Sales module provides a wide range of features and benefits for your sales reps and sales teams, these include:

  • Powerful salesforce automation
  • Comprehensive customer relationship management
  • Contact and account management
  • Record and action all activities with clients
  • Integration with Sage 200
  • Powerful follow up scheduling and diary management
  • Opportunity management
  • Improves salesforce mobility with Sage CRM for Mobile
  • Sales revenue forecasting
  • Integration with email such as Microsoft Outlook
  • Manage sales leads from start to finish
  • Interactive KPI Sales dashboards and reporting
  • Create quotes and orders from within Sage CRM
  • Integration with Sage 50
  • Territory management
  • Manage sales teams and targets
  • Plus lots more…

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Sage CRM for Sales – Powerful Salesforce Automation

The main benefit of Sage CRM for Sales is that it gives you a 360-degree view of all interactions with your prospects, suspects and customers. The shared central database of Sage CRM stores all activities with contacts, such as meetings, quotes, emails, social media interactions, phone calls and follow ups.

Other Benefits of Sage CRM for Sales Include:

  • Improved sales productivity
  • Streamlined sales processes
  • Speeds up sales deals
  • Better sales reporting and business insights
  • Social media Integration with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

Sage CRM for Sales radically improves sales productivity and performance by using automated workflows, these can include workflows that help manage sales processes, automated email notifications and alerts. Automating the sales process and setting up workflows empowers sales people to spend more time with customers and closing deals, and less time on admin tasks.

Sage CRM Overview

Manage Products and Quotes

Sage CRM for Sales enables you to produce quotes quickly, sales quotes can pull up product information swiftly and produce smart looking documents in either Excel or Word.

Sage CRM also integrates with Sage 50 and Sage 200 (known as Sage 200 CRM) accounts solutions to pull up product details, the integration with Sage accounting platforms allows you to convert quotes in CRM into orders in Sage accounts.

Sales Pipeline and Opportunity Management

Manage your sales pipeline and opportunities with Sage CRM for Sales to produce accurate sales forecasts for your business. The Sage CRM for Sales module has a wide range of clever features to make sure every sales opportunity is monitored so your whole company pipeline is managed better, this helps drive sales and reduces the number of lost opportunities.

CRM and Social Media Engagement

Stay closer to your prospects and customers by integrating Sage CRM with important social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Social media integration enables you to engage with customers and prospects in real time which deepens customer relationships.

Social media integration is also found in the Sage CRM Marketing module. The marketing module also allows you to communicate with Sales contacts using the Mailchimp Email Marketing platform.

Advanced CRM Sales Reports

Use a wide range of powerful interactive sales dashboards and reports in Sage CRM to help you monitor your sales team’s performance. Sage CRM for Sales has a wide range of reports that give you valuable sales insights and metrics on every aspect of your sales operations, monitor targets, trends and highlight further revenue opportunities.

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