Sage 50 CRM

What is Sage 50 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software?

Sage 50 CRM

Sage 50 CRM further enhances Sage 50 to provide you with a comprehensive and powerful customer relationship management solution to manage interactions with your Sage 50 customers and suppliers. Sage 50 integrates with Sage CRM to Provide a Powerful Customer Relationship Management Solution.

The system provides a central customer relationship management database where all phone calls, meetings, to-do’s, documents and emails are stored against each record, which is shared across your organisation, so that employees can see a 360-degree view of interactions with every customer, contact and supplier.

When choosing a CRM system for your business there are a number of elements you should take into consideration before you buy the right CRM system based on your business requirements. To help you through the process we have compiled a comprehensive guide, read more.

Sage CRM Overview

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Create a Centralised Shared CRM Database

Sharing your Sage 50 customer data using Sage 50 CRM enables all staff members to access key customer data and view interactions and follow ups with your customers. Centralising your customer data enables teams to work more closely together, whilst being able to see if there are any outstanding issues before they make contact with clients,

Does Sage 50 CRM Integrate with Microsoft Outlook?

The majority of communications with your Sage 50 customers and suppliers is via email, these emails could be orders, purchase orders or general correspondence.

Sage 50 CRM integrates tightly with Microsoft Outlook so that all emails are stored centrally against each customer and supplier’s record, with this information then shared across your organisation so staff can access key emails. The email integration is done through Sage CRM, which integrates with Sage 50.

Sage 50 CRM Integration With Outlook

How Does Sage 50 CRM Track Opportunities and Manage Sales Forecasts?

By integrating Sage CRM with Sage 50, the Sage 50 CRM then allows you to track all sales opportunities for customers which increases sales performance. Each opportunity can have a stage assigned to it so you can see how the opportunity is progressing. A potential sales value is assigned to each opportunity, which will provide your business with accurate future sales forecasts.

Sage CRM Sales

Build Customer Profiles

CRM allows you to build comprehensive customer profiles, so you can record customer product interests and personal contact data such as birthdays and personal interests. This information provides a valuable insight for sales and customer service reps in your organisation.

Track all Interactions with your Sage 50 Customers and Suppliers

Having a CRM solution linked to your Sage 50 data allows you to track all interactions with your Sage customers and suppliers. Phone calls, follow ups, documents, emails and support issues are stored in a central customer relationship management database that is shared across your organisation so teams can collaborate with each other.

How Can You Access Sage 50 Customer Data from Anywhere?

Sage 50 integration with Sage CRM allows you to access customer information remotely via smart phones or tablets. It also allows access on your mobile PC whilst not connected to the internet, any changes made are automatically synchronised once you get a connection.

Securely access and approve invoices with Sage 50 CRM for multiple companies, from any device, anywhere in the world.

Create Targeting Marketing Campaigns

Storing your Sage 50 data in a centralised CRM database enables you to segment data to create targeted CRM marketing campaigns. You can launch campaigns from Sage 50 CRM to promote products or offers on a particular product range. The campaigns from the CRM system can be sent via email (such as MailChimp) with the ability to track which companies opened up the email, so sales can schedule in a follow up call.

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Sending Out Marketing Campaigns in CRM

Improve Customer Service and Track Support Calls

When you offer excellent customer service you show your customers that they matter and you care. Sage 50 CRM helps you keep track of and answer all support queries as soon as they come in and solve your customers problems quickly and efficiently.

Organise a Demonstration of Sage 50 CRM

The best way to see how Sage 50 CRM can benefit your company is to organise a CRM demonstration, we can organise a demonstration via the web or come to your offices. Our Sage qualified consultants can discuss your requirements and demonstrate the most relevant features based on your needs.

Sage 50 accounts

Alternatives to Sage 50 CRM

Many organisations already have an existing CRM system in place but would still like to link their Sage 50 data with their CRM system, AlphaLogix has a wide range of experience with integrating Sage 50 with existing CRM solutions such as Act! CRM and Dynamics CRM, call us today to discuss your project.

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