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How Much Does Sage CRM Cost?

The cost of Sage CRM is dependent on which version you choose. There are two versions of Sage CRM: Sage CRM Standard and Sage CRM Advanced and the pricing and features vary between these versions.

The cost of the licences also varies depending on whether you choose the Perpetual Licence pricing or Subscription Licence pricing.

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Sage CRM is a powerful and robust Customer Relationship Management software solution from Sage and has over 13,000 sites worldwide. It allows organisations to have a single view of all customers, prospects and suppliers and can also be integrated with many of Sage’s accounts systems.

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In each installation of Sage CRM there is the initial cost of the Platform, and then you can purchase additional users, either as named users or concurrent users. The minimum number of users you can purchase is 1 with the maximum number over 500 users, the price comes down the more users you buy.

Example Sage CRM Perpetual Licence Pricing

  • Sage CRM Platform Price £1000
  • Named User Price (1-20 users) £550 each
  • Concurrent User Price (1-20 users) £825 each

Example Sage CRM Perpetual Licence cost

  • Sage CRM Platform Price £750
  • Named User Price (1-20 users) £450 each
  • Concurrent user price (1-20 users) £675

With both Sage CRM Standard and Sage CRM Advanced there is no upper limit on the number of licences you can purchase. On top of the licence cost you will need to own or buy either SQL or Oracle as all CRM users must be licenced for either SQL Server or Oracle. You can choose between either a named user or concurrent user but not a combination.

When you buy Sage CRM you also need to factor in the cost of Support and Maintenance with Sage, this is normally 10% per annum of the total licence price and mandatory for the first 12 months.

Because Sage CRM is sold and implemented by authorised Sage Partners like AlphaLogix you will also need to get a quote for installation, customisation, training and also on going technical support. Email us at for a quote on your project.

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On Premise Sage CRM Subscription Licence Pricing

Sage CRM subscription licence is a recurring licence with second line support and maintenance included. No hosting costs are factored into the subscription licence. All CRM users must be licenced for SQL Server or Oracle.

Subscription pricing starts at £360 per annum per named user for Advanced and £540 per concurrent user per annum. The subscription licence is only available for the advanced version and you do not need the base platform. Customers can choose to pay monthly or annually by direct debit through your Sage CRM partner such as AlphaLogix.

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