Microsoft Office 365 &
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

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Microsoft Office 365 & Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

The combination of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps improve your company’s productivity whilst providing comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM), so you can track all activities with your customers and prospects.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is further enhanced when it is connected to Microsoft Office 365, Office 365 is based in the Cloud and includes Skype, SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange Server. The combination of integrating these two solutions helps your customer support, marketing and sales departments to maximise the potential of all your customer relationships.

Microsoft Office 365 includes all the traditional Office Suite of apps, including Excel, PowerPoint and Word which is based in the Cloud and paid for as a monthly subscription. The monthly subscription payment s includes hosting, file storage and automatically applies the latest updates.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Online

With SharePoint online integrated to Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to share documents across your business from a central location, you can setup a range of authorised users to access certain documents. Linking CRM and SharePoint means that you add documents to a variety of Microsoft CRM entities such as Opportunities, Contacts and Customer Accounts. SharePoint provides a powerful company-wide intranet with website hosting and content storage at no extra costs. This will help your business to be organised and collaborate more efficiently.

The SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration allows you to access documents whilst on the move, you can use mobile devices, web browser or access using Microsoft Outlook. You can store spreadsheets, word documents, proposals and a whole range of other documents that relate to customers.

Some of the other advantages of integrating Dynamics CRM with SharePoint include:

  • Provides an interface to support CRM integration to OneNote.
  • SharePoint will synchronise to your desktop and Outlook.
  • Effective document management with features such as check in/check out functionality.

Link Microsoft Office Excel Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

A useful feature is that you can export your CRM lists to Microsoft Excel online where you can make bulk edits and then put the data back into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Exchange Online 365 & Dynamics CRM Integration

Microsoft Exchange online allows your business to access emails, calendars and storage space, whilst using your own company own domain. When the integration is setup you can track emails, appointments, to-do’s and contacts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Other features include importing Outlook data contacts into Microsoft CRM as well as tracking emails from Outlook into the CRM customer and contact files.

Skype Business & CRM Online

Another useful feature that you can use is the integration of Skype for Business with Dynamics CRM 365, this allows for easier communication to customers, prospects and other teams and staff members.

Skype also allows you to leave voice messages, video and instant messages for customers and other staff members. There is a unique ‘click to call’ feature that allows a Microsoft Dynamics CRM user to click on the phone number in CRM which will then use Skype to make the call, it also shows the availability of customers, contacts and fellow CRM users. Dynamics CRM also tracks Skype meetings in CRM.

T Control & Efficiency

The integration between Office 365 and Dynamics is easy to deploy and you do not need to manage separate SharePoint, Exchange and CRM servers. The service offered by Microsoft guarantees a 99.9% uptime as well as a sophisticated 24/7 database security.

Microsoft CRM Office 365 Integration

We offer a range of services, from migrating your Office 365 whilst integrating with Microsoft CRM Dynamics, as well as a range of installation and implementation services. We also offer training for users which is tailored to your company’s specific requirements.