Sage CRM

Customer Service

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Customer Service

Make the most of each and every customer interaction, maximising business opportunities and customer satisfaction and empowering your organisation with the information they need to build and support long-term customer loyalty.

  • Provide high quality incident-support with Case Management, tracking progress from start-to-finish.
  • Track the unique requirements of your customers, retaining a full history of your interactions and service levels.
  • Support your decision making with presentable reports and analytics, created on-the-spot in little time.
  • Adhere to your Service Levels Agreements more effectively, building your CRM software around the expectations of your customers.

Case Management

Provide exceptional customer service with Support Case Management, a powerful Sage CRM tool designed around the recording of problems or jobs, updating with progress and tracking them through to completion within a pre-defined timescale.

  • Manage who can see and update specific Cases withinTeam and Territory security settings.
  • Automate and manage the progress of customer service cases through standard or customised workflows.
  • Manage and analyse each of your team’s case volumes and resolution times using graphical pipelines.
  • Assign Cases to teams and users to define ownership and responsibility.

Companies and People

Whether it is Customers, Suppliers, Partners or People that you are looking to manage, Sage CRM has a place for all of your important business contacts.

  • Record and retain all of the important information you need against Companies and People for future review.
  • Manage who can see and manage specific Companies and People with Team and Territory security settings.
  • Assign Companies to groups for smarter reporting and analysis.
  • Store unlimited contacts, addresses and history against Companies, allowing your system to grow alongside your Customers.