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Sage 200 CRM

Sales Marketing and Service is a new module for Sage 200, representing an improved way of connecting your Sage 200 financial and commercial data with your customer service, sales, and marketing processes.

  • Real-time integration with Sage 200; all of the functionality of the standalone Sage CRM product, but integrated!
  • Access Client financial summaries whilst out on the road.
  • Interrogate Client transaction and order history from anywhere in the world.
  • Assign multiple CRM Companies to one Sage 200 Customer account.
  • With advanced customisations, create Sales Orders in Sage 200 from your Sales Marketing and Service.

Download the latest Sage 200 Product Guide and Brochure PDF
Download the Sage CRM Brochure
Sage 50 vs Sage 200 Feature Comparison – PDF
Sage 200 UK Price List – Sage 200 Standard vs Professional Pricing – PDF
The Digital CFO Report – A Recent survey by Sage, in partnership with the FT Group – PDF

Sage 200 Account Migration

Transfer all of your Customer and Supplier accounts from Sage 200 into Sage CRM via the Migration routine.

  • Transfer all of your accounts into Sage CRM in very little time.
  • Keep your CRM in order by controlling which accounts come across from Sage 200, and which accounts do not.
  • Migrate accounts from multiple Sage 200 Companies, with the Company referenced against each CRM record.
  • All accounts that are migrated from Sage 200 to your CRM are automatically linked, so any changes to the accounts in Sage 200 after the migration will take immediate effect in your CRM.

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Sage 200 Customer Success Case Study - Playdale

Playdale Playgrounds is in the business of delivering fun. Playdale prides itself on designing exciting, innovative and educational playgrounds, with Sage 200 powering everything behind the scenes.

From improved customer satisfaction rates, an 18% reduction in costs from defects, to a 22% increase in quote conversion, Playdale continues to grow.

“Fundamentally, Sage is the ‘business master operating system.’ It powers how we communicate with our customers in CRM, how we quote our products, how we process our orders, and in production, how we plan for materials and resources.”

Barry Leahey MBE, Managing Director, Playdale

Sage 200 Customer Success Case Study - Playdale

Real-Time Synchronisation

Control the level of synchronisation you require, from periodic to real-time, this means you will be looking at the most up to date financial and commercial information, straight out of Sage 200.

  • Search for Sage 200 financial and commercial information in CRM in real-time.
  • Update Sage 200 accounts from your CRM with immediate effect.
  • Create new accounts and quotes in CRM and push them through to Sage 200 immediately, creating a new account and quote.
  • Create new accounts in Sage 200 and push them through to CRM in a one-by-one basis.

Sage 200 – What is it used for?

Financial Integration

Review important Customer financial information, from your PC, tablet or phone, whether you’re in the office or on the go, all in real-time straight out of Sage 200.

  • Check Account Details such as outstanding balance, credit limit, payment terms and price bands.
  • Review all account transactions such as Invoices, Receipts and Credit Notes.
  • Check the Account Memos prior to your customer interactions.
  • Use the Form Launcher to open various Sage 200 forms such as Maintain Customer, Transaction Enquiry and Invoice Entry.

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Sage CRM Sales

Commercial Integration

Access crucial, real-time commercial information about your customer accounts and transactions.

  • Create Sales Orders and Sales Quotes on the fly, entered in Sage CRM and instantly entered into Sage 200.
  • Review all of the Sales Orders and Quotes for each account, with all of the items on the orders and quotes.
  • Perform Customer Price Enquiries to check the price for a user-defined quantity of items, taking into account Price Book Price Bands and Discounts.
  • Use the Form Launcher to open Sage 200 forms to create, convert, print and delete quotations.

Sage CRM for Marketing

Customisable Portal to Sage 200

Out of the box Sage 200 CRM offers a large array of financial and commercial information and KPI’s, however this can be customised to bring across any information from Sage 200.

  • Bring across any field from Sage 200 such as Analysis Codes, and use these fields for searching, grouping and reporting.
  • Custom fields in Sage 200 can also be brought across to CRM.
  • The functionality of any area with Sage 200 can effectively be replicated in Sage CRM, so you have Sage 200 but completely mobile.
  • Configure how the Sage 200 fields interact in Sage CRM, bringing them across for ‘information only’ purposes, or giving CRM users the ability to update the Sage 200 fields from Sage CRM, whilst following the Sage 200 logic.

Upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 200

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AlphaLogix are a leading Sage Strategic business partner who started in 1995 and have over 450 happy customers today.

Our accounting experts will help you discover how Sage 200 can be setup to improve your accounting processes within your organisation.

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Our dedicated accounts experts are committed to ensuring you get the most from your software investment and we offer the following services.

  • Scoping
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  • Development services
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