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Sage 200 for Manufacturing

Sage 200 Manufacturing (also known as Sage 200Cloud Manufacturing) is a suite of ERP modules that allows you to manage production, works orders, materials, supply chain and operations across your business.

The Sage 200 Manufacturing module enables you to manufacture goods and products more efficiently. The system is an advanced manufacturing execution software (MES) system and includes Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Bill of Materials (BOM), Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC), Works Order Processing (WOP), Master Production Scheduling (MPS), Estimating, Work in Progress (WIP) and a graphical planning tool.

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Sage 200 Manufacturing

Streamline Your Manufacturing Processes

Sage 200Cloud Manufacturing is the preferred choice for production oriented businesses and contains all the features found in Sage 50 Manufacturing and a lot more. This enterprise resource planning system helps streamlines your manufacturing processes whilst providing the core features found in the Sage 200 Suite, including Accounts, Nominals, Financials, Commercials, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.

Sage 200 Manufacturing Module

Key Features Essential for Every Manufacturer

  • Improves production control and maintains maximum productivity.
  • Job scheduling and sequencing to keep your manufacturing processes on track.
  • Helps manage your cash flow by ordering raw materials and stock (just in time) and enables prompt deliveries, it also helps to create a lean supply chain.
  • Whether you are a simple manufacturer or make (something) on a large scale using complex machinery, the module supports master planning, fabrication, assembly, resource planning, production control and the scheduling of raw materials and work.
  • Tracks all items through production and delivery and allows you to control product quality.
  • Save valuable time by creating works orders and purchase orders automatically from the MRP planning recommendations.
  • Track deliveries accurately with 2-way or 3-way GRN matching.
  • A sophisticated labour, tooling and machine register allows you to feed BOM costs and perform MRP.
  • Share information needed to stay in control of the supply chain, from raw materials to finished products.
  • Raise purchase orders, sales orders, change orders to specific jobs and monitor with work-in-progress (WIP) reports.
  • Reduce costs by helping you become more efficient through improved planning.
  • Track stock in multiple locations with full batch and serial number functionality
  • And much more...

If you currently use Sage 50 manufacturing (or Sage 100/MMS Manufacturing) you can upgrade to the latest updated version of Sage 200 (previously known as Extra Professional), read more from our upgrade guide.

Sage 200 Customer Success Case Study - Playdale

Playdale Playgrounds is in the business of delivering fun. Playdale prides itself on designing exciting, innovative and educational playgrounds, with Sage 200 powering everything behind the scenes.

From improved customer satisfaction rates, an 18% reduction in costs from defects, to a 22% increase in quote conversion, Playdale continues to grow.

“Fundamentally, Sage is the ‘business master operating system.’ It powers how we communicate with our customers in CRM, how we quote our products, how we process our orders, and in production, how we plan for materials and resources.”

Barry Leahey MBE, Managing Director, Playdale

Sage 200 Customer Success Case Study - Playdale

The Key Modules within Sage 200 Manufacturing Include:

  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Estimating
  • MPS (Master Production Schedule)
  • Works Order Processing (WOP)
  • Sage 200 Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Graphical Planner
  • Workspaces and Reports

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

The MRP module analyses stock projections in relation to demands and generates appropriate recommendations based on these.

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  • From Supplier and BOM lead times to minimum, current and on-order stock levels, component locations and Batch sizing rules, MRP backs its recommendations with intelligent analysis.
  • Amend, Combine and Split recommendations to suit your operation.
  • Automatically generate Purchase Orders and Works Orders from the MRP, this integrates with Sage 200 commercials.
  • Introduce version control to your MRP so you can review the history at any point in time.


Using information from Stock Control, the labour register, machine register and operations register, the Estimating module of Sage 200 can produce quick and accurate estimates for one-off items or non-repetitive item batches in your manufacturing environment.

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  • Print, copy, re-cost, cancel and delete estimates.
  • Save time by converting estimates directly into Works Orders and BoMs.
  • Create and manage multiple-item estimates.
  • Estimates can be converted to jobs and processed through MRP.

MPS (Master Production Schedule)

The MPS module analyses all of your current Manufacturing requirements and produces a Master Production Schedule of finished items.

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  • Analyse requirements from Sales Order Processing, Estimating, and Make to Stock and Sales Forecasts.
  • Link Sales Orders with Batch Works Orders in order that specific Works Orders fulfil specific Sales Orders.
  • Review a summary of items spread across time periods.
  • Setup and configure MPS to work alongside your existing processes.

Works Order Processing (WOP)

Working alongside the Operation Times module, the Works Order module records the manufacture of parts using components specified on the BoM or in the estimate.

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  • Works Orders can be automatically generated following a range of pre-defined activities such as raising Sales Orders, actioning recommendations in the MRP module, from the BoM Trial Kitting and by converting an estimate.
  • Scrap or substitute traceable components for added flexibility.
  • Enter progress and operation times retrospectively against Works Orders.
  • Benefit from real time processing, logging in and out of jobs in accordance with your daily activities.

Sage 200 Bill of Materials (BOM)

The full Manufacturing Suite is an incredibly powerful and comprehensive set of modules, but for many businesses involved in assembly, the Sage 200 Bill of Materials (BoM) module alone may fulfil your requirements.

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  • From materials and machines, to labour and operations; split your assembly operations into manageable segments.
  • Create and store multiple BOM templates for future use.
  • Accurate cost-analysis can be performed from component level, through to the full build.
  • The Trial Kitting tool forecasts your production capabilities by reviewing current stock levels, against the Bill of Material specification.
  • Batch and Serial Number functionality can be applied, from component level, through to the full build.

Sage 200

Graphical Planner

Produce flexible schedules and identify potential resource issues, prompting your operation to change plans to avoid production hold-ups.

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  • Working alongside MRP, The Graphical Planner presents an accurate, visual representation of your current schedules for the identification of opportunities, enabling you to improve your production delivery times with an optimised production plan.
  • Drag and drop jobs onto the Gantt chart to re-allocate your resources in real-time.
  • Manipulate the plans to analyse and apply alternative schedules.
  • Review complete jobs by operation or individual resource schedules enabling you to identify delays and resource bottlenecks.

Sage Manufacturing software is a powerful solution in its own rights, but it also has tight integration with Sage 200 Financials (nominal ledgers), and the Commercials module for sales order processing, purchase order processing and managing stock. BOM use to be a separate add on, but it is now included with manufacturing software as standard.

Review and Testimonial for Sage 200

Check out this review and testimonial from the manufacturer family firm Fracino, who finds the right blend for success with Sage 200cloud and with a pioneering track record of more than 50 years of manufacturing traditional coffee machines, Fracino has trusted Sage solutions to help ensure growth remains manageable.

"It became perfectly obvious that Sage 200cloud would do everything we needed and possibly a lot more, so now we have one system that does CRM, stock control, works orders, production planning, and serial numbers - it controls everything." Adrian Maxwell, Managing Director, Francino

Sage 200 Review and Testimonial

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