Sage 200 Commercials

Development and Programming Services for Sage 200 in the UK

What is Sage 200 Commercials?

The Sage 200c Commercials Module is part of Sage 200c and it is designed to help your business manage stock and every aspect of your supply chain.

The core elements in commercials are:

  • Sales Order Processing.
  • Purchase Order Processing.
  • Advanced Stock Management.
  • Price Book.
  • Invoicing.

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All data in Commercials links back to the financials module so your business has accurate and up to data finance data, the module is available for both the on-premise and cloud versions.

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What Features are in Sage 200 Commercials Sales Order Processing?

The SOP element of commercials helps you manage the entire Sales Order Process, from raising quotes, checking stock levels to making sure items are delivered and invoices are quickly dispatched.

  • Rapid Order Entry. This feature allows for orders to be processed quickly and easily in just a few keystrokes, so admin time is kept to a minimum.
  • Working with stock and sales. SOP allows you to manage credit control and pricing efficiently, when orders are added this automatically updates customer balances, stock levels and VAT amounts.
  • Manage and create new customer accounts and quotes quickly and easily. There are a wide range of templates you can use which allows you to add new customer records with the minimum amount of effort.
  • Manage complex pricing requirements. The system allows you to manage both simple and complex pricing requirements for customers where you can apply discounts to multiple customers making sure you maintain margins.
  • Flexible order features. There are many sophisticated order features, including trade counter orders, where you can create an order, dispatch stock and print the invoice at the same time.
  • Search and match stock to a specific customer needs.
  • Manage exchange rates and currencies from around the world. Sage 200c has some superior multi-currency features where you can manage exchange rates and currency fluctuations.
  • Manage margins and discounts for customers. Maintaining margins and profit can be easily manage using the module where you can give staff the power to negotiate pricing to maximise company profit.

Many Sage customers using Sage 50 migrate to use the more powerful features found in Sage 200 Commercials.

What Features are in Sage 200 Commercials Purchase Order Processing?

The Purchase Order Processing (POP) element found in commercials allows you to know that stock is available to customers as soon as you receive them into your warehouse.

  • Get the complete history of an order. Sage 200 allows you to manage and setup complex stock supply delivery methods allowing your business to run smoothly.
  • Record and flag invoices that are in dispute. Users can easily flag up disputed invoices, these invoices are not updated to the purchase ledger until they have been resolved.
  • Organise order lists for purchase orders. The system has main time saving features and one of the benefits of 200c is that it can help you compile lists of stock you should be ordering, it also allows you to setup many suppliers for one stock item making it easy to order at the best price.
  • Source and manage goods from around the world. Many businesses source stock from around the world and Commercials can be setup for 100’s of different currencies.
  • Advanced stock management. You can manage stock levels based on a different number of rules, either use current stock that’s on hand, or set up minimum stock levels for a product or stock item.
  • Keep the business running smoothly. POP allows you to keep orders moving so your business runs smoothly and customers always get their orders when required.

What are the benefits of Commercials Stock Management?

The system allows you to easily manage all areas of stock management, including easy access of stock details, supplier details, batch and serial tracking.

  • Track and control stock. Control all aspects of stock management including stock movements and a wide range of powerful reports and dashboard to give you up to the minute information.
  • Manage stock across multiple locations. Many businesses need to manage stock in different locations or in different stock bins. Sage 200c gives you complete control of allocating and managing stock across multiple warehouses.
  • Easily manage your stock suppliers. Stock management allows you to record key supplier details, history of price changes, average lead time to process orders and history of purchases made.
  • Improve customer service whilst cutting costs. Cut costs by allowing you to ship direct to a customer and allocate stock to your most important customers as soon as they are received into your business.

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What are the benefits of the Price Book?

The Price Book allows you to manage price lists and price bands. Once stock items are setup up in Sage 200 you can decide on discounts that you charge to customers. When you raise an invoice the price of the product or stock item is then calculated from the selling price..

There are also a range of price book workspaces where you can make enquiries quickly and easily such as stock item pricing enquiries and discount enquiries.

What are the benefits of the Invoicing Module?

The Invoicing Module allows you to manage all of your Sales invoices in one place. Any invoice generated for a sales order will be displayed here, allowing you to easily view and send the invoice document.

You can also rapidly create new invoices in this module, for sales which do not need stock to be dispatched against them. This can then be printed to your customised company invoice layout without generating a Sales Order.

How Much does Sage 200c Commercials Cost?

The Commercials module can be purchased once you have purchased the Sage 200 Platform. If you buy the on-premise version the cost of the software is £3450, with additional users starting at £1350 per user. There are pricing plans for buying the software as a monthly subscription model (£110 per month) or you can buy commercials as the online version (which is hosted by Sage, this costs £100 per month).

If you go down the on-premise version route you also have the option to buy Sage 200 Suite users (concurrent licence) at £1850, or you can buy additional named Sage 200 suite users at £1650 per user; these options also include access to Sage CRM. However, most companies go for the desktop users at £1350 per user.

Because Sage 200 Commercials is so powerful and flexible you will need to factor in additional costs such as installation, customisation, data imports, training and ongoing technical support with your Sage 200 business partner such as AlphaLogix. To get a full quote on Sage 200 Commercials email us at or call us on 0330 043 0140, we have offices throughout the UK and are more than happy to arrange a demonstration.

Contact us on 0330 043 0140 or email us at to discuss Sage 200 or to organise a meeting, demonstration or personalised quote.