Sage CRM

Automate Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

What is Sage CRM

Sage CRM is the main product offering by Sage for companies looking for a sophisticated CRM system that can be installed on your server or hosted in the Cloud, Sage CRM also integrates with many of Sage’s accounting solutions. The solution is typically aimed at small to medium sized businesses but is also highly scalable for larger organisations.

Sage CRM is Suitable for:

  • Businesses with an average turnover from £1M to £50M.
  • Companies who want to access CRM in the Cloud or have the option of installing your CRM data on your server.
  • Ideal for any business type, from Not for Profit to Manufacturing and lots more.

The solution offers a great level of functionality with integrated modules such as, salesforce automation, customer service, support/help desk. Sage CRM uses Microsoft SQL as the core database that allows it to handle unlimited customer records and transactions with great performance.

Sage has always been known as one of the leading global accounting software providers, with the development of Sage CRM they were able to provide a complete solution for sales, marketing, accounts and customer service. The system integrates with many of the mainstream Sage accounting products such as Sage 50 and Sage 200.

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What is Included in Sage CRM?

Sage CRM has four key modules included in the product, these are sales, customer service, marketing and support. The Sage CRM Sales module allows you to track sales teams, opportunity forecasts, sales activities and more.

The Marketing module helps you to fulfil marketing campaigns to generate new leads for your business. It integrates tightly with email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp allowing you to send out campaigns such as newsletters and marketing messages to prospects and customers.

Customer service allows Sage CRM users to provide an excellent customer experience to contacts allowing businesses to maintain a high level of customer retention that helps drive business growth, read more about Customer Service.

The system also offers extensive help desk and support functionality so users can log support cases and quickly resolve problems for clients. It also has a sophisticated support knowledgebase so resolutions to known issues can be found quickly.

Sage CRM also has a wide range of extensive reports and interactive dashboards that provide real time information on your business performance, providing valuable insights. New reports and dashboards can be created using a wide range of criteria.

Access Your CRM Data Whilst Mobile

As more and more of us work remotely or whilst on the road, its crucial to have access to the latest customer information held in your central CRM system on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Sage CRM allows mobile users to access customer information both online and offline which ensures you can respond quickly to your customer needs. The mobile apps for Sage CRM support all leading mobile devices including Apple, Android and Windows. It also supports all major browsers so you can get access using the web, read more.

Sage CRM Integration with Sage Accounts Software

Sage has integrated Sage CRM with many of their leading accounts systems, including Sage 50, Sage 200 and Sage 300 and more. Integrating CRM with accounts allows you to empower front office and back office staff so they have a complete view of every customer.

Sales people can see important accounts financial data, such as orders, invoices and outstanding balances. Accounts users can see a 360-degree view of all activities such as meetings, quotes, phone calls, follow ups and future sales opportunities.

Sage has also rebranded Sage CRM for their accounts systems as separate products, examples are Sage 50 CRM and Sage 200 CRM, these can be purchased as separate modules.

How Much Does Sage CRM Cost?

The cost of Sage CRM depends on which version you buy, there are two versions of Sage CRM, Standard and Sage CRM Professional.

First you have to purchase the base Platform for Sage CRM, which is £750 for Standard and £1000 for Professional. Additional users start from £450 per user for Standard and £550 per user for Professional. There is also a subscription model, for full pricing plans read more.

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What’s New in the latest version Of Sage CRM?

The latest version of Sage CRM is 2019 R1 Product Release, the main changes are:

Improved Calendar – the calendar will now show an unfiltered list of all appointments and tasks within a given date range allowing users to see upcoming actions.

Better Encryption of User Passwords – Security has been improved as passwords will now use bcrypt encryption.

Additional enhancements – There are loads of additional enhancements added to the product including improvements to reports and charts, improvements to emailing and lots more.

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To discuss the full range of improvements, call one of our product specialists today and we are happy to organise a demo or provide further information.

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