Customer Relationship Management software designed to help you manage every aspect of your customer interactions, from first contact through to purchase and post-sales.

Sage CRM

Suitable for businesses of any size, Sage CRM manages your entire contact base in one central location and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

  • An online portal to your Sales, Marketing and Services.
  • Choose from the core Sage CRM customer management functionality, through to the advanced marketing and multi-department features.
  • Integrates well with Sage 200 and Sage 50 for increased functionality and visibility.

Sage CRM has been designed and created to be quick to deploy and easy to use. Build stronger relationships with existing customers, target new customers more effectively and drive your sales revenues.

The nature of Sage CRM is such that it can be customised to suit your exact business requirements. From workflow enhancements to integrations with external systems, bringing your departments together into one powerful platform is an investment more and more businesses are making.

Integrating Sage CRM with Accounts software such as Sage 200 can bring huge benefits to your business, check out some of the benefits below or Book your free Sage CRM Demo today!

  • Sage CRM Features

    Customisable: Customise the Sage CRM platform to meet your unique requirements. Add new fields and change the workflow of each area of the system to help your staff to excel in their roles.

    Marketing Campaigns: CRM integrates very well with the well-known marketing toolMailChimp.Send automated, personalised emails to your Leads and Customers and track open rates, clicks and unsubscribes from Sage CRM.

    Mobile CRM: Work from anywhere at any time with Mobile CRM, an application made for your iPhone or Android mobile device. View customer communication history, update customer information, and schedule important activities all whilst out on the road.

    Integrate with ERP: Sage CRM can be integrated with your Sage ERP and Accounts software. Whether it is Sage 200 or another system, connecting your internal processes together is an investment thatshould not be overlooked.

  • Sales Force Automation

    Sage CRM puts your business in complete control of your sales pipeline. Manage, forecast, and report on all phases of the sales cycle whilst giving your sales team the autonomy they need to effectively manage your Customer base.
    • Manage and analyse your pipeline with real time, easy-to-use dashboards.
    • Profit from a new level of control and predictability, and plan your operations with confidence.
    • Create point-and-click reports and graphs for on-the spot analysis and decision-making.
    • Manage all key opportunity data for maximum sales productivity and effectiveness.
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  • Customer Service

    Make the most of each and every customer interaction, maximising business opportunities and customer satisfaction and empowering your organisation with the information they need to build and support long-term customer loyalty.
    • Provide high quality incident-support with Case Management, tracking progress from start-to-finish.
    • Track the unique requirements of your customers, retaining a full history of your interactions and service levels.
    • Support your decision making with presentable reports and analytics, created on-the-spot in little time.
    • Adhere to your Service Levels Agreements more effectively, building your Sage CRM software around the expectations of your customers.
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  • Marketing Management

    Take control of your marketing initiatives by automating and tracking your campaigns. From one-off Mailshots to multi-faceted marketing programs, Sage CRM will help you to open doors to new opportunities.
    • Take advantage of the powerful integration with MailChimp, the well-known marketing tool.
    • Schedule and track marketing activities and history, all from your Sage CRM.
    • Create new campaign target lists from your own criteria, making sure you areapproaching the ideal customers and leads with your best collateral.
    • Import mail-house lists for your marketing campaigns and send HTML e-mails in easy-to-manage batches.
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  • Integration

    Sage CRM can be integrated with your Sage ERP and Accounts software. Whether it is Sage 200 or another system, connecting your internal processes together is a great way of making your business work more efficiently.
    • Real-time integration with Sage 200; all of the functionality of the standalone Sage CRM product, but integrated!
    • Access Client financial summaries whilst out on the road.
    • Interrogate Client transaction and order history from anywhere in the world.
    • With advanced customisations, create Sales Orders in Sage 200 from your Sales Marketing and Service.
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  • Productivity Tools

    From Basic and Advanced Customisations to Automated Process Workflows, the improvements in productivity that a Sage CRM system can bring to your business are incredible and should be seen as an investment.
    • Automate pre-defined business processes across all channels, departments, and employees.
    • Interactive inbound and outbound telephony automation such as AlphaTel developed by AlphaLogix, providing contact centres with one point of communication.
    • The single-server installation and web browser access allow employees, partners, and customers to view the information they need from anywhere in the world.
    • Using the on-screen tools, Sage CRM Administrators can create and modify fields, screens, tabs and security settings without assistance.
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  • Mobile

    Sage CRM empowers your mobile workforce with access to the platform from anywhere in the world, at any time. Access Sage CRM from iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows mobile devices.
    • Enables field-based staff to work efficiently regardless of their location, with all the information they need at their fingertips.
    • Spend more time on the road cultivating strong relationships with your customers.
    • Schedule activities and appointments and update account information from your mobile device.
    • When you are in locations with no signal, synchronise your information at a future point in time.
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Sage CRM for Web connects your business like no other On Demand CRM application. It delivers comprehensive On Demand CRM for businesses seeking a low-cost, low-risk solution and access to a range of fully integrated On Demand products and services.

In addition, offers integration to Sage back office applications, breaking down departmental silos, connecting your business and providing total visibility and control right across your organisation. uniquely enables businesses to move your CRM in house or to a partner managed service should your business needs change, guaranteeing total business agility and delivering true freedom of choice no matter where your data site. Learn about sales, marketing and customer care.

Why choose Sage CRM for Web?

  • Enables users to get up and running speedily - simply login at
  • No requirement for expensive IT infrastructure delivering a lower total cost of ownership
  • No requirement for in-house IT skills or expertise with
  • No need to worry about securely hosting or managing your system - we take care of that so you can get on with your business
  • One price gets you everything: your Sage CRM application, support, training, backups and upgrades
  • Offers a predictable recurring cost rather than a large upfront fee
  • SMBs can access a wealth of knowledge and information through Sage's on-line connected community
  • You have the option of moving your CRM in house, should your business needs change.