Sage CRM Mailchimp Integration

Manage email marketing campaigns

Mailchimp Sage CRM Integration

The Integration between Mailchimp with Sage CRM enables you to communicate and send emails to your customers and contact data held in your Sage CRM (customer relationship management) database.

Once you setup and start using Mailchimp with your Sage CRM software, you will be able to create new email campaigns from within the system. The campaigns can be scheduled to be sent at a specific time.

The integration between Sage CRM and Mailchimp is a two way data synchronisation where email campaigns can be monitored for open rates, response rates and detailed analysis of which pages recipients have navigated to.

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Sage CRM Mailchimp Integration

What can you Do When You Integrate CRM with Mailchimp?

When we think of Mailchimp we most likely associate it with email campaigns, however the real value to your business is how best to use emails for your Sage CRM data.

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Some of the best ways to use Mailchimp when combined with your customer relationship management data

  • Send a welcome email to new customers entered into Sage CRM.
  • Personalise and send email campaigns based on customer preferences or interests (i.e. product interest).
  • Send emails based on customer buying behaviour, i.e. send an email when they buy a certain product or service.
  • Provide new product recommendations based on previous purchasing behaviours.
  • Maintain existing client relationships by sending newsletters via email and track and analyse response rates. Schedule follow ups for sales based on where customers have expressed an interest.
  • Send well designed rich HTML emails using the easy to use email template editor.
  • Develop cross sell and upsell opportunities for sales people to follow up on.
  • Automatically send a response when an email receiver clicks on a specific link, unsubscribes, opens the email.

Sage CRM Overview

Analyse Campaigns for Your CRM Data

Once your Sage CRM data is integrated with Mailchimp you can see key information for each campaign that you send out. When a campaign is sent you can monitor open rates, bounces, unsubscribes, and all this information is fed back to the contact and customer record in Sage CRM.

By analysing data in the system you can see the return on investment for your marketing campaigns, you will also be able to see what is working and what does not work.

Sage CRM for Marketing

Mailchimp Sage CRM Demo

The best way to see the benefits of the integrated systems in action is to organise a demo of Sage CRM and Mailchimp. Contact us today on 0330 043 0140 to organise a demonstration, or email us at

Mailchimp is a powerful email and marketing automation tool that when combined with Sage CRM provides immense value to your business. The system helps to nurture new prospects whilst maintaining communication with existing customers, helping you to drive your business forward.