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How Much Does Act CRM Cost?

Act! CRM is the world’s most popular contact management software solution as well as a comprehensive entry-level Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, the system is feature rich and is popular with small to medium sized businesses with over 4 million users worldwide.

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Act! CRM

The cost of Act depends on which version you buy, Act Pro, Act Premium or Act for Cloud. Each version of Act has different licence pricing and is also dependent on whether you purchase the On-Premise licence or buy the subscription licence model.

Act was formally known as Sage Act but is now known as Act by Swiftpage.

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Act! Pro Costs and Licence Pricing

Act!Pro is the entry level version and you can buy an On-premise version of this, the Act Pro version will allow you to manage everything related to Calendar, Contacts and Companies, but does not include marketing.

The cost of Act Pro is around £209 per user, with a limit of up to 5 users. If you want more users, you will have to consider Act Premium. However, Act Pro is a great contact manager and entry level CRM solution.

Example Act! Costs for a 4 User Act! Pro system

4 Users of Act! Pro (£209 per user) = £836

from Swiftpage. You also need to factor in costs to install Act, customise the solution and then train the users, this is done by your Act Partner such as AlphaLogix who are Gold Status Act Partners.

Act! Premium Licence Pricing and Costs

Act Premium is the next step up from Act Pro and has the full marketing features. Act Premium is now only available on a subscription licence, so you pay either monthly or annually for the software.

This version of Act has many more features than Act Pro and is a feature rich CRM and contact management solution for all sized businesses.

Example Licence Costs for Act! Premium 3 User System

Subscription Licence cost per user per annum for Act Premium £228

3 user price is £684 per annum

Act! Premium Cloud Costs

Act online or cloud is a subscription version of the world’s most popular CRM and contact management solution. There is no requirement to purchase the On premise version you simply pay a low monthly fee.

Example Costs for Act! Cloud Online for 6 users

1 user price is £324 per annum

6 users Act Online Cloud cost = £194

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You will need to factor in the cost for installation, customisation and training with your Act partner.  To get the right act CRM cost - Contact AlphaLogix for an Act Cloud Online Pricing on 020 8050 3216 or Contact Us Here