Act! CRM Database

The majority of users record customer and prospect activity such as phone calls, meetings, to-do's and documents. Act! is easy to link with Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail so all important correspondence and documents can also be shared centrally in one company database, to give you an overview for all Customers and Contacts. The system is now developed by Swiftpage but was previously known as Sage ACT! (between 2010 and 2013).

Easy To Customise

The main entities in Act! such as Customers, Contacts, Opportunities can be customised by adding fields specific to your company’s requirements, this allows you to use Act! to its fullest potential. Once you have customised your Act! company database you can then setup specific Customer and Contact groups, and Sales Opportunity groups so you can carry out specific marketing campaigns. There are some great features that you can include on any database customisation such as field calculations which can perform simple or complex calculations and save the results to another field.


There are three different versions of Act!: Pro, Premium and Cloud. The Premium version can use the Microsoft SQL database at its core, this has advantages of speed and performance and allows for a large amount of Contacts to be added. The Pro version uses a propriety database which has a limit of around 100,000 Contacts in the database and has a limit on the number of users who can share the data, whilst the Premium SQL version can be shared up to 50 users around your organisation and have virtually unlimited records.

Work Offline

For users who are mobile, they can work offline and sync the changes to the main database when they next connect, this allows them to maintain productivity whilst working remotely or on the road.

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