Infor CRM Module

Infor CRM Customer Service module

Infor CRM Customer Service is a module within the Infor CRM customer relationship management (CRM) application which allows you to:

  • Give your people the advanced issue tracking and resolution tools they need to quickly resolve customer questions, issues and requests
  • Manage your service teams – call turn-around times, escalation histories and much more
  • Allow your customers around the world to get the answers they need, how and when they need it, through self-service Web options
  • Quickly find and deliver information to your customers from throughout the system

Infor CRM Sales module

Infor CRM Sales is a module within the Infor customer relationship management (CRM) application. Infor CRM Sales provides the tools and resources needed to effectively manage all aspects of the sales cycle and increase team sales performance.

It’s a single repository for customer information captured across your entire organisation and allows you to:

  • Access detailed account and contact information
  • Track opportunities from lead through close
  • Manage team calendars and activities
  • Forecast revenue
  • Report on sales activities and effectiveness


Account and Contact Management:

  • Track all customer interactions and add files, notes, or literature requests
  • Assign ownership, establish account hierarchies, and track lead sources

Opportunity Management:

  • Track probability of close, products, lead source, status, and competitors
  • Generate sales proposals automatically reflecting native customer currency

Advanced Outlook Integration:

  • Manage contacts, email, and calendars using Microsoft ® Outlook within Saleslogix
  • Send email and attachments using Outlook and record to Saleslogix history

Sales Process Automation:

  • Create custom processes based on product line, deal size, territory, or lead type
  • Automate sales activities and assign objectives and results required at each stage

Forecasting and Reporting:

  • Analyse sales campaigns, pipeline efficiency, revenue by lead source, and more
  • Segment opportunities by account manager, region, or probability of close

Calendar and Activity Management:

  • Manage schedules and track phone calls, to-do items, events, and literature requests

Lookups and Groups:

  • Deliver targeted marketing messages or sales offers to selected customer segments Customer Communications/Mail Merge
  • Create custom HTML email templates, then personalise and send using Mail Merge. Saleslogix also integrates with E-Marketing for full email campaign management
  • Archive letters, emails, faxes, or proposals within customer account records

Competitor Tracking:

  • Record competitor product information as well as strengths and weaknesses
  • Track sales team members, sales strategies, and reasons for win / loss

Literature Fulfillment:

  • Select cover letter, item, priority, send date, quantity, and shipping options

Reference Library:

  • Store product information, marketing collateral, manuals, pricing, and presentations
  • Attach and send files from the Library in emails to customers and prospects


  • Your sales teams can work online or offline, over a network or the Web, or use mobile devices to access customer information in the field
  • Drive opportunities through the sales cycle by automating activities such as follow-up calls, letters and literature fulfilment, based on sales and marketing processes you define
  • Get real insight to make informed business decisions, with a sales pipeline dashboard and detailed information using industry-standard Crystal Reports®
  • You can get the most out of your sales teams, understanding and improving their performance

What is Infor CRM Support Module?

Infor CRM Support is a module within the Infor CRM customer relationship management (CRM) application. With the costs of acquiring new customers 5-10 times higher than retaining existing customers, Infor CRM can have a tremendous impact on the bottom line by helping foster lasting relationships with your customers:

  • Give your people the advanced issue tracking and resolution tools they need to resolve issues quickly and effectively
  • Deliver beyond your customers’ expectations and exceed your support department’s performance goals
  • Access relevant customer data – including products purchased, ticket and defect history, and maintenance contract status
  • Maximise the effectiveness of each interaction with your customers
  • Allow your customers around the world to get the support they need, how and when they need it, through self-service Web options


Account and contact management:

  • Access detailed information about the customers your department supports
  • View ticket assignments, priority weightings, and notification requests
  • Link attachments and comments to records for historical reference

Ticket management:

  • Automatically assign tickets to the appropriate resource, based on area of expertise
  • Record the status, urgency and nature of the issues, and track time-to-resolution
  • Store and review comments, attachments, and an activity history
  • Solve issues then archive resolutions in the knowledge base for future reference

Support contract management:

  • Track contract details including ID number, type, service level, amount, and end date
  • Manage multiple contract types—per incident, time period, or cost amount
  • “Punch-in” and “Punch Out” to track time spent on individual support issues

Speed Search / Knowledge Base:

  • Perform an advanced keyword search of any Infor CRM table or shared network directory
  • Reference prior tickets, attachments, standard problems and resolutions, activities, and notes /history
  • Search reference materials such as online manuals, FAQs, or white papers
  • Scan search results efficiently with advanced filtering, scoring, sorting, and preview capabilities

Defect tracking:

  • Track defect details including ID number, type, severity, priority, status, and description
  • View associated tickets, Return Material Authorisations (RMA)s, attachments, and product information

Return Material Authorisations (RMA):

  • Ensure product returns are processed efficiently and accurately
  • Record defects, shipping instructions, serial numbers, attachments, and comments

Standard problems and resolutions:

  • Access solutions to frequently recurring issues quickly and efficiently
  • Automatically populate resolutions into tickets after performing a lookup


  • Document common processes used in solving customer problems
  • Assign a title and subject, create date, and confidence level for each procedure

Product tracking:

  • Associate products with accounts, tickets, defects, contracts, or RMAs
  • View information on product codes, names, vendors, and pricing

Sales and support integration:

  • Arm sales reps with a history of their customers’ support issues and details
  • View the status, urgency, issue, ticket ID, and dates for open and closed tickets


  • With all the tools at your peoples’ fingertips, you can deliver top-quality customer support:
  • Build long-lasting, profitable customer relationships:
  • One view of the customer:
  • Colleagues in sales and marketing can see where there are support issues – and opportunities:
  • Provide quantitative feedback to products and service development teams:

Infor CRM Marketing Module

Infor CRM Marketing is a module within the Infor CRM customer relationship management (CRM) application.

  • It provides full-scale marketing campaign management capabilities
  • Segment your customer base to identify the most profitable opportunities
  • Target prospects and customers with the most effective message and medium, shortening your sales cycle
  • Capture rich, timely data from customer interactions across your organisation – develop and execute powerful marketing programmes that drive results
  • View critical marketing intelligence like return on investment (ROI) for your marketing campaigns, so you can focus your strategy and resources on programmes that deliver results for your business.


Campaign management:

  • Design, execute, and track all campaign activities in one location
  • Re-use past successful campaign profiles
  • Launch custom contact processes to automate workflow for sales reps
  • Retain successful data for future campaigns

Segmentation and groups:

  • Deliver targeted marketing messages or sales offers to select customer segments
  • Enable sales reps to quickly create groups for personalised sales campaigns
  • Segment customer and prospect lists using user-friendly filtering tools

Lead management:

  • Import leads from web forms, tradeshows, seminars, or purchased lists
  • Manually create leads from cold calls or referrals
  • Track leads at every stage, from lead through closed sale

Web lead capture:

  • Capture prospect information via a company website and import lead data
  • Launch marketing processes to schedule letters, calls or literature requests
  • Gather valuable demographic data for use in segmentation and offer development

Lead qualification:

  • Create qualification checklists using criteria you define
  • Click to convert qualified leads to new sales opportunities
  • Merge duplicate leads with existing contacts and accounts

Workflow automation:

  • Streamline marketing and sales campaigns by automating standard tasks
  • Automatically archive letters, emails, faxes or proposals within customer account records

Email marketing:

  • Execute email campaigns using Mail Merge or integrate with Swiftpage E-Marketing for full email campaign management
  • Upload target lists directly into Sage E-Marketing
  • Pre-populate Sage E-Marketing with your company templates and content
  • Transfer E-Marketing response data automatically into Saleslogix

Campaign response tracking:

  • View response data real-time to analyse the impact of campaigns in progress
  • Assess campaign metrics such as response ratio and associated sales revenue

Campaign task management:

  • Coordinate and track the stages and tasks critical to executing effective campaigns
  • Schedule task owners, assign dates, due dates and budget for each task

Budget and revenue tracking:

  • Gain critical visibility into campaign budgets and direct revenue impact
  • View revenue real-time as opportunities linked to campaigns are updated
  • Track forecasted vs. actual budgets, including metrics such as cost per lead


  • Segmenting customer data lets you focus your resources on targeting profitable customer and prospect segments
  • Dashboards allow you to quickly understand the success of each campaign in terms of response rates and actual versus forecasted sales results
  • Get the insight you need to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and deliver sales results


AlphaLogix are Network Business Partners and Certified Infor CRM Developers Accredited by Infor, with many years of experience in all versions of Infor CRM.