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Microsoft CRM for Sales – Powerful Salesforce Automation

One of the key benefits of Dynamics 365 for sales is that it helps your company turn relationships into profitable revenue whilst making sure you have a 360-degree view of all your customers, prospects and suspects. The sales module in Microsoft CRM helps your win more deals because it helps you manage opportunities and your pipeline more effectively.
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The key to improved sales performance using Microsoft CRM for Sales is by having a central shared database for all customers, prospects and suspects and having all interactions such as phone calls, meetings, documents, emails and to do’s stored in this central CRM database. This ensures the 360-degree view for all customers and avoids the silos of information found in many organisations.
Dynamics 365 for Sales also has many other productivity features to help improve efficiency and customer profitable; these are:
  • Streamlining Processes and Implementing Best Practices.
  • Accelerating sales performance and helping to bring deals forward.
  • Better reporting and customer feedback
  • Social media integration

Increase Sales Productivity and Efficiency

Microsoft CRM can radically improve sales productivity by using automated workflows, these can include workflows that help manage the sales process, automated email notifications and alerts. Automating the sales process and setting up workflows allows sales people to spend time on getting and closing deals.

Pipeline and Sales Opportunity Management

Every organisation can manage their sales pipeline and opportunities more effectively, Dynamics 365 Sales has a wide range of clever features to make sure every opportunity is monitored so your whole company pipeline is managed better, this helps drive revenues and minimises lost opportunities.

Advanced Sales Reports - giving you better insights

Having an effective reporting mechanism for sales helps you gain important business insights; Microsoft Dynamics for Sales has a wide range of reports that gives you these valuable sales insights and metrics on every aspect of your sales operations. You can easily drill down on reports and there are  powerful BI tools that allow you to build impressive graphical representations.
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Social Media engagement

Dynamics CRM can help sales by engaging with important social media platforms, such as twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

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