Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

A Quick Overview of Dynamics 365 Sales – Powerful Salesforce Automation

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is a module of Dynamics 365 CRM and manages sales relationships and salesforce automation. Dynamics 365 Sales enables you to manage contact management, opportunities, sales pipeline, sales forecast’s and leads.

Dynamics 365 for sales stores all customer, prospect and leads interactions across your business so your business has a 360% view. Dynamics 365 for sales also integrates seamlessly with Outlook and Microsoft Office 365.

Dynamics 365 Sales enables salespeople to build strong relationships with their customers, take actions based on insights, and close deals faster. Businesses use Dynamics 365 Sales to keep track of your accounts and contacts, nurture your sales from lead to order, and create sales collateral.

One of the key strengths of Dynamics 365 for Sales is its tight Integration with sales platforms such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator which can be embedded within Dynamics CRM. This enables you to sync activities from Sales Navigator, and save accounts, leads, and contacts to Sales Navigator.

Dynamics 365 for Sales is designed to help sales by:

  • Streamlining Processes and Implementing Best Practices.
  • Accelerating sales performance and helping to bring deals forward.
  • Better reporting and customer feedback
  • Social media integration

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Used for?

The Dynamics 365 Sales module is used by businesses to manage relationships and interactions with customers, prospects and leads. The software is used to manage sales opportunities and sales pipeline so your business can provide accurate sales forecasts for new revenue.

Dynamics 365 for sales enables your business to easily collaborate and share information with other users in your business, it helps manage calendars, sales teams, to-do’s and supports the management of all essential documents – from quotations and orders through to contracts and renewal notices.

As many sales staff work remotely Microsoft Dynamics CRM for sales provides the tools for employees to work remotely or whilst working on the move, providing key customer information whilst mobile.

The sales module is used to provide valuable real time business insights for sales and management, so your business can make decisions quickly using a range of sales dashboards, KPI’s and reports, mobile staff members can also access this information.

Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales is used to manage:

  • Customer Interactions
  • Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Sales Forecasts
  • Nurturing Leads
  • Sales Insights and Reporting
  • Manage Calendars and to do’s
  • Lead Scoring
  • Sales Team Management

Streamline sales and close deals faster with Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

Features and Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

There are four different software offerings for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for sales which are designed to offer solutions from smaller businesses to large enterprises, the different versions of Dynamics 365 Sales are:

  • Dynamics 365 Sales Professional – Core sales force automation and Microsoft 365 integration
  • Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise – Industry-leading sales force automation with contextual insights and advanced customisation capabilities.
  • Dynamics 365 Sales Premium – Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise plus prebuilt customisable intelligence solutions for sellers and managers
  • Microsoft Relationship Sales – Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise plus LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise

Each version of Dynamics 365 Sales offers different features and there are different pricing subscription plans for each version.

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Sales Execution Features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales

The majority of the Sales execution features in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales are common throughout the different versions, however contact us to discuss your requirements and we can advise which version best suits your business.

Sales execution Features for Dynamics 365 Sales    

  • Lead and opportunity management
  • Marketing lists and quick campaigns
  • Products, price lists,
  • Quotes, orders, and invoices
  • CPQ and data enrichment solution discovery
  • Live org charts
  • Mobile app
  • Forecasting
  • Product, relationships, and hierarchies
  • Cases (for Sales)
  • Business card scanner
  • Assistant (standard cards)
  • Email intelligence (email engagement and auto-capture)
  • Sales playbooks
  • Competitors, sales goals, and territory management
  • Partner relationship management

Microsoft Teams calling from Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Office 365 Integration with Dynamics CRM for Sales – Features.

The combination of Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for sales helps improve your company’s productivity whilst providing comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM), so you can track all activities with your customers and prospects.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales is further enhanced when it is connected to Outlook. All kinds of data can be stored in CRM, such as emails, correspondence and sales activities, and can be seen from one location, shared across your business.

Dynamics 365 Sales – Office 365 features

  • Outlook
  • Exchange
  • Excel
  • Teams
  • OneDrive / SharePoint
  • OneNote
  • Gamification
  • Knowledge management

Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional and Office 365

Dynamics 365 for Sales Reporting Features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales has a wide range of standard reports and dashboards that provide valuable business performance insights. The software also enables you to create your own reports and dashboards and has advanced analytics with Power BI.

  • Export to Excel, advanced analytics with separate Power BI licence
  • Real-time sales reports and dashboards
  • Portals2

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator & Dynamics 365 for Sales Features

Dynamics 365 CRM for sales can be seamlessly integrated with LinkedIn sales navigator giving you a wide range of benefits. Once LinkedIn has been integrated, you can carry out the tasks you usually execute on the LinkedIn platform, directly in Sales Navigator.

Features of integrating LinkedIn with Dynamics CRM

  • Embedded Sales Navigator in Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Activity sync from Sales Navigator
  • Accounts, leads, and contacts saved to Sales Navigator
  • Smart Links

LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 for Sales – Sales accelerator features

The Sales accelerator gathers information from multiple sources and lets sellers focus on how to best approach their customers.

  • Sales accelerator
  • Intelligent work list
  • Up next widget
  • Sequence designer

Salesforce Mobility

Having the ability to work remotely or working at different locations is a key feature of Microsoft CRM. It allows you to work on smart phones and local devices whilst connecting to your company’s main database.

Even if you are working remotely without any internet connection it will sync in once a connection is found. Sales people can see all information for all customers, prospects and suspects whilst on the road making sure they stay connected with up to date information always.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales mobile application

Manage Products and Quotes

Dynamics CRM 365 Sales can help you issue quotes quickly and more efficiently, quotes can pull up product information swiftly and issue smart looking documents in Word and Excel. Alternatively, you can integrate with your ERP solution to pull up product details.

Dynamics 365 for Sales Pricing

The cost of Dynamics 365 for Sales is based on a monthly subscription fee per user.

  • Dynamics 365 Sales Professional – £49 per month
  • Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise – £71.20 per month
  • Dynamics 365 Sales Premium – £101.80 per month
  • Microsoft Relationship Sales – £108.34 per month.

Prices do change, so please call us for the latest prices and for a personalised quote.

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