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What is Sage CRM Marketing?

Sage CRM for Marketing is one of the core modules included in the Sage CRM platform, it helps businesses generate more leads whilst improving the way you communicate with customers and prospects to maximise engagement and drive business revenue.

The marketing module in Sage CRM enables you to take control of your marketing initiatives by automating and managing your marketing campaigns, from one-off targeted email campaigns to multi-faceted marketing programs. Sage CRM will help you to open doors to new sales opportunities and help develop profitable new business relationships.

CRM software for marketing is often confused with email marketing, however Sage CRM encompasses social media integration, campaign management, lead generation, CRM, business insights, interaction with sales teams (Sage CRM Sales) and communications with contacts.

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Sage CRM for Marketing

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Key Features and Benefits for Sage CRM Marketing

The Sage CRM for Marketing module provides a wide range of features and benefits to help generate more leads and new customers, these include:

  • Marketing campaign management
  • Email marketing and MailChimp integration
  • Social media integration
  • Lead management and scoring
  • Powerful marketing dashboards and reports
  • View campaign response rates
  • Target specific groups from within Sage CRM
  • Outbound telemarketing activities
  • Surveys
  • Deliverability and compliance tools
  • Website activity tracking
  • Advanced lead capture
  • Marketing workflow tool
  • Nurture marketing
  • Shortens the sales cycle
  • Improves the lead qualification process
  • Grows sales conversion rates
  • Harmonises sales and marketing processes
  • Plus lots more…

Sage CRM Overview

Campaign Management

Design, create, manage and track unlimited marketing campaigns from Sage CRM, recording the history of each campaign against the companies and people involved.

  • Define the waves and activities associated with each marketing campaign to better suit your industry and target data
  • Assign budgets to campaigns and campaign-waves for comparisons against actual costs
  • Track opens, clicks, forwards and unsubscribes from your marketing campaign recipients, all in real-time to support your follow-up actions
  • Create leads off the back of your marketing campaigns whilst retaining the link to the associated campaign, measuring success to help with the configuring of future campaigns

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Lead Management

Sage CRM enables you to manage and track leads from start to finish making sure that new leads have the correct follow ups in place and are assigned to the best sales people using automated workflows. Track the source of leads using powerful dashboards and reporting tools.

Customer Segmentation

The more targeted your marketing campaigns are the more successful they will be. Sage CRM for Marketing enables you to target specific groups of customers and prospects so you can run highly targeted campaigns.

Setup groups for campaigns using powerful selection criteria to target the right customers and prospects, these include, demographics, product interests, financial profiling, special interests, purchase histories, order information and a lot more.

Once the customer segmentation has been created Sage CRM then enables you to communicate your marketing message to these contacts.

Sage CRM can be integrated with either Sage 50 or Sage 200, this synchronises valuable financial data from your accounts into CRM which enables you to create further segmentation groups, such as product spend, top customers by spend and customers who have not ordered recently.

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Sage CRM Integration with Sage Accounts

Email Marketing

Benefit from powerful integration between Sage CRM and MailChimp, the market leader in small and large scale email marketing campaigns.

  • With the free plan you can send up to 2,000 emails each month, and costs for larger campaigns are reasonably priced
  • Take advantage of the large range of pre-designed email templates
  • Use the intuitive online template-builder to create your own marketing emails which can be re-used at any time
  • Retain all of the useful historical statistics in Sage CRM such as opens, clicks and unsubscribes

Sage CRM for Marketing and MailChimp Integration

Social Media Integration

Stay closer to your prospects and customers by integrating Sage CRM Marketing with important social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Social media integration enables you to engage with customers and prospects in real time which deepens customer relationships.

Reports and Dashboards

Use a wide range of powerful interactive marketing dashboards and reports in Sage CRM to help you monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

With reports you can track the source of leads and assess opportunities to focus on prospects that are more likely to purchase, increasing ROI and getting the most out of your marketing budget, you can also calculate revenues for each marketing campaign and see which campaign is over budget.

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