CRM Integration with Sage 50 Accounts

360 degree view of all Customer Interactions

Why Integrate Sage 50 with CRM?

Integrating CRM with your Sage 50 accounts system creates a single unified solution that improves data visibility and reduces error prone data re-entry processes by your Sage 50 users, customer service and sales teams.

The major advantage of integrating Sage 50 with CRM is that you acquire a centralised database of all your customer information in one location. From customer service, sales and support to accounting. An integrated system will give you an invaluable 360-degree view of all customer data and interactions with your business.

Benefits of CRM integration with Sage 50

  • Improved Visibility of customer financial information such as credit status, accounts on hold, balances owed, outstanding orders and invoices
  • Speed up Business Processes, customer information arrives first in your CRM system, by linking this information with Sage it speeds up simple business processes
  • Convert Quotes to Orders, produce sales quotes in CRM and easily convert these to sales orders and invoices in Sage 50
  • 2 Way Data Synchronisation of customer data between CRM users and your finance team
  • Upsell & Cross Sell, synchronising purchase history records from accounts into CRM will help create new upselling and cross selling opportunities
  • Eliminate Duplication and Reduce Errors, when CRM and Sage 50 are not integrated you may be wasting time adding the same information over and over again
  • Synchronisation of Stock availability in Sage to facilitate orders taken in CRM
  • Improved Efficiency, an integrated system allows users to work more effectively thus improving your overall business efficiency

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How to Integrate CRM with Sage 50

Sage 50 is one of the UK’s most popular accountancy packages with hundreds of thousands of users, integrating Sage 50 with CRM can be a daunting task with so many competing products available in the marketplace.

With sophisticated products such as Sage CRMInfor CRM, Act! Growth Suite, Dynamics 365, SalesForce and many more, the integration challenges can be complex, as many of these systems are highly configured around your business processes.

There are a number of options that you can choose from to successfully integrate CRM and Sage. You can either purchase an existing CRM system that already integrates with Sage 50 or you can go down the route of a bespoke integration solution, this is sometimes the case if you already have a customer management solution which has been highly customised.

If you use Sage 50 in the Cloud you can also integrate your existing customer management system.

CRM Software to Integrate with Sage 50

There are several popular CRM systems that already integrate with Sage 50, these include:

  • Sage CRM
  • Infor CRM
  • Act! Growth Suite
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

AlphaLogix produce connectors and links for these systems, contact us to discuss your requirements on 0330 043 0140 or email us at

Sage 50 Integration with Sage CRM

Sage is known for developing great accounting software, however they are not well known for producing CRM software.

Sage do offer Sage CRM which is a sophisticated system that already integrates with Sage 50, line 50 and Sage 200.

AlphaLogix has developed an advanced integration tool between Sage 50 and Sage CRM that streamlines business processes between your customer database and accounts, it keeps all your data synchronised and up to date so you can spend more time on your customers.

The integration tool synchronises all finance data and shares visibility of accounts data with the front office, including stock, invoices, credit balances, credit status and lots more.

Sage CRM Sales Integrates with Sage 50

Act! Growth Suite Integration

Act! CRM was previously owned and developed by Sage (called Sage Act!) and there are strong integration links between Sage and Act!

The main integration application is AlphaLink.

Features Include:

  • View Sales invoices from Sage, with a drill down facility to check payment status
  • Key Accounting Information from Sage within Act! Including; Credit Limit, Account Balance, Turnover etc.
  • View Trading History within Act! for every customer
  • Create New Sales Orders directly from an Act! quote/opportunity (for Sage 50 Accounts Professional)
  • Account Status and Trading Terms
  • Plus more features

Read more about AlphaLink.

Infor Cloudsuite CRM

Previously called SalesLogix, which was developed and owned by Sage.

There are strong integration apps between Infor and Sage that allow you to synchronise customer and accounts data between the two systems.

Integrating Infor with your back-office systems gives your employees greater customer insight.

Features Include:

  • Identify Up Sell and cross sell opportunities
  • Access Payment History information and invoices
  • Identify Additional Purchasing power — or lack of
  • Identify Availability of stock or products for sales
  • Quickly Assist Customers with order status
  • Generate Accurate quotes and proposals

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Dynamics 365 Sage 50 Integration enables you to see valuable accounting data from Sage in Microsoft’s Customer Relationship Management System. This allows sales and customer service employees to see important accounting information, putting your sage 50 accounts and Microsoft CRM data in one place

Key Features

  • Invoices Created in Sage are stored in Dynamics 365, so you get to see relevant accounting information
  • Customer Data and product data are automatically synchronised between accounts and Dynamics
  • Sales Orders in Dynamics 365 are automatically created in Sage 50
  • Invoices stored as PDF’s
  • Nominal Ledger and VAT Ledger are controlled by Sage
  • View Trading history within Dynamics
  • Drill Down on sales orders and invoices in CRM
  • See Outstanding Balances and payment status

Bespoke Development

If you already use a customer relationship management system that has been heavily configured or customised for your business we do offer bespoke integration services for two way data synchronisation of customer data with Sage 50.

Our highly experienced team of developers has linked many front office and back office systems so you have full visibility of all customer activity and financial transactions.

Why Choose AlphaLogix?

As one of the leading Sage partners and developers in the UK, AlphaLogix has over 20 year’s experience integrating systems with Sage 50.

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