Your Accounts and CRM data in one place!


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What is AlphaLink?

Your Accounts and CRM data in one place!

AlphaLink is a seamless Sage 50 and Act link that gives you a 360° view of your customers.

AlphaLink has earned its position in the market as a trusted and reliable product, becoming the preferred solution recommended by Sage, Swiftpage and Business Partners across the UK.

This powerful tool will increase the efficiency of your workforce and streamline your business processes.


Market to your client base, based on their previous order history. Process Act! opportunities as a sales order in Sage 50 instantly.


Real-time accounting information at your fingertips held against your Act! customer records for a 360° view of the customer.


Manage your accounting functions in Act!, giving you more time to sell!


Eliminates double-entry of sales orders and accounts information, streamlining your data in the two systems.

Create Sage 50 Sales Orders and Invoices within Act!

View Live Sage 50 Data in Act!

Live Pricing

Access live product pricing information when producing quotes. Any pricing changes made within Sage will be synchronised to Act!

Live Stock Taking

Access live stock information, giving you peace of mind when creating quotations, ensuring that you can fulfil the order before you quote!

Live Customer Information

Identify whether a customer account is on hold, or whether they have available credit, before proceeding with an order!

Improve Credit Control with AlphaLink

Credit Control in Act!

Headline accounting figures within Act! give you better insight into your customer accounts – particularly those that owe you money

View Outstanding Invoices

Invoices tab within Act! allows you to drill down and see exactly which invoices are unpaid, without the need to access Sage 50!

Query the Accounts Data

Run accounts queries within Act! to produce reports and call down lists for credit control; keeping all communication in one place – Act!

Produce better reports in Act! with AlphaLink

Work More Efficiently

Streamline your work processes, send your orders straight into Sage at the click of a button, giving you more time to sell!

No More Double Entry

No need to rekey data into Sage 50 Sales Order Processing. Save time, and stop flicking between two programmes!

View Customer Order History

Keep a store of customer’s historic sales orders and invoices, giving you better visibility of your customers buying trends!

How it works

Once a link is made between a Company or Contact in Act! and a Customer in Sage, the transmission of Company details, Products, Credit Control balances, Invoices, Sales Orders and general accounting activity is seamless.

Users can view all of this crucial information from Act! without requiring access to Sage, they don’t even need to have Sage installed on their system! Users will benefit by having access to Sage from the new AlphaLink tabs on your Act! interface

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  • "Thanks to AlphaLink by AlphaLogix we have successfully integrated our CRM (ACT!) with our accounts package (SAGE 50) giving us that extremely valuable information and insight to our customers in one single place. Being able to create a new Sage account from a prospect is also a great time saving factor and being able to lookup contacts based on their accounts activity."

    Neil Harris | Marketing Manager, Plastor Limited
  • "We have recently purchased the AlphaLink product from AlphaLogix to integrate ACT with Sage 50 accounts. We were quite apprehensive at first as we have been using Sage 50 accounts for many years and have some very established processes in place. AlphaLogix have helped make the transition simple and easy, with excellent telephone support and training."

    Mark Nichols | Business Development

Next Steps

If you would like to discuss how your business will benefit by implementing AlphaLink, please contact us or talk to a member of our team on 0845 259 3141