Infor CRM Dashboards

Infor CRM Dashboards deliver real-time business reporting capabilities through access to key performance indicators, including sales forecasting, marketing campaign effectiveness, and service delivery metrics.

Turn Insights into Actions

Turn key insights from business reporting into actions by quickly analyzing performance, diagnosing potential problems, and identifying opportunities. Infor CRM Dashboards provide a single, interactive business reporting framework from which to view and analyse sales forecasting, marketing performance, and other key metrics from across your entire organization.

Accurate, Real-time Sales Forecasting

Powerful sales dashboard capabilities deliver a real-time view of the sales pipeline, enabling you to quickly address weak areas, focus in on top opportunities, and provide up-to-the-minute sales forecasting. Utilize the dashboard data to analyze your team performance and win rates and to identify strengths and weaknesses for sales reps, regions, and other dimensions.

Sales Pipeline Analysis

Infor CRM Dashboards provide a single location for instantly accessing the sales forecasting and business reporting information critical to your success, such as top opportunities, closed deals, and other key indicators. Drill-down capabilities enable you to analyse specific data points in more detail, including accessing the related Infor CRM records with the click of a button. Calendar and activity views in Infor CRM Dashboards help you manage day-to-day activities and focus on top priority tasks.

In-depth, Personalized Reporting

Once you’ve identified an area to analyze further, you can easily conduct historical and comparative business reporting from within the dashboards. You can also personalize the Infor CRM dashboards by simply dragging-and-dropping new content or selecting new filter criteria.

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