Dynamics 365 for Marketing

A quick overview of Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365 Marketing – Automate lead generation and marketing processes

What is Dynamics 365 for Marketing?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing is a module of Dynamics 365 CRM and manages campaigns and marketing automation. The Dynamics 365 marketing software enables you to manage data segmentation, lead scoring, events, email marketing and marketing insights.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing enables you to unify your customer information and enables you to create personalised customer journeys.

The marketing automation software works seamlessly with Dynamics 365 CRM, Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Microsoft Teams, and other Microsoft products, which enables you to make faster and better decisions using the power of customer data.

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Introduction to Dynamics 365 for Marketing

What is Dynamics 365 Marketing Used For?

Dynamics 365 for marketing helps your business turn prospects into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL’s) and includes tools for campaign orchestration, event management, social media engagement, email marketing, data segmentation and lead management and scoring.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing helps connect sales and marketing together in CRM, which drives deeper customer engagement and builds pipeline to drive your business forward.

The marketing module in Dynamics 365 helps with:

  • Marketing campaign management
  • Email marketing
  • Social media integration
  • Event management
  • Lead management and scoring
  • Powerful marketing KPI dashboards and reports
  • View campaign response rates
  • Target specific groups from within Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Outbound telemarketing activities
  • Helps convert more MQL’s into SQL’s
  • Surveys
  • Advanced lead capture
  • Automate the customer journey
  • Data segmentation and targeting
  • Nurture marketing
  • Shortens the sales cycle
  • Improves the lead qualification process
  • Helps increase sales conversion rates
  • Harmonises sales and marketing processes

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What are the features and capabilities of Dynamics 365 Marketing?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing has a number of key capabilities that enables your business to automate many of your marketing processes.

The marketing module in Dynamics CRM enables you to generate more leads for your business to help grow your sales pipeline, whilst nurturing existing prospects into MQL’s (Marketing Qualified Leads), and ultimately turns them into SQL’s (Sales Qualified Leads).

Lead Generation and Nurturing

  • Manage the customer journey
  • Customer insights integration
  • Data segmentation and lead scoring
  • Account-based marketing
  • Automated business process flows

Social Media

  • Schedule and post messages directly to your organisation’s accounts on social media sites
  • Integrate CRM, sales and marketing with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing includes a connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen
  • Integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms
  • Integration between Hootsuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Optimise Sales and Marketing Processes with Dynamics 365

Event Management

  • Event management dashboards
  • Dynamics 365 marketing enables you to manage admin, event registrations, sessions and venues
  • Track and manage each event management campaign
  • Scan attendees for events with additional apps and bar code scanners or mobiles

Email marketing Capabilities

  • Set up a customer journey to deliver email messages to a target segment
  • You can use a single marketing email message in several marketing contexts
  • View and analyse email campaign results
  • E-Mail-merge features enable personalised and dynamic content
  • Perform A/B testing
  • Score your leads

Create emails easily and without compromises using Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing customer journey capabilities

Dynamics 365 Marketing can help you visualise and automate the journey that customers take on their way to making a purchase. A simple customer journey could include a short interaction, such as a single email campaign. A complex journey might include the full process from discovery, through nurturing, and on to identifying qualified leads.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Integration

The marketing module integrates seamlessly with all other Dynamics 365 applications as well as a host of other Microsoft technologies, such as:

  • Outlook
  • Excel
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Teams
  • Dynamics 365 sales
  • OneDrive / SharePoint
  • Dynamics 365 range of apps
  • OneNote
  • Knowledge management

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Why Choose AlphaLogix

AlphaLogix are a leading Microsoft business partner who started in 1995 and have over 450 happy customers today.

Our CRM experts will help you discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can be setup to improve your customer relationships and automate many of your sales, marketing and customer service processes within your organisation.

Our dedicated CRM experts are committed to ensuring you get the most from your software investment and we offer the following services.

  • Scoping
  • Implementation
  • A proactive and dedicated CRM support team
  • Software development for Dynamics 365
  • Migration from other CRM systems
  • CRM Consultancy
  • Dynamics 365 CRM software integration
  • Implementation and installation of
  • Hosting

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