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Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365 Marketing Automation

Many companies and marketeers out there still work with lists in Excel and use Outlook as the distribution tool.

However there are much smarter ways to work with Microsoft CRM Dynamics CRM for Marketing. Dynamics 365 is a powerful tool that is great at segmenting data and then for distributing communications to customers, prospects and suspects.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Automation helps drive revenue by delivering quality leads. It allows you to analyse the effectiveness of campaigns and to see the conversion rates and return on investment for your marketing spend.

Engage Customers and Prospects with Multi Stage Campaigns

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing allows you to connect with customers and prospects using targeted multi stage campaigns, you can use powerful analytics to see how effective each stage and campaign is. Because Marketing Automation accesses a centralised database in Dynamics 365 you can segment data and communicate effectively to prospects and suspects

  • CRM Marketing Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Engagement
  • Drive your business forward and build Pipeline
  • Create better customer experiences
  • Campaign orchestration
  • Connect sales and marketing
  • Powerful marketing analytics
  • Lead Management and scoring
  • Marketing lists
  • Driving deeper customer engagement

Marketing Campaign orchestration

Microsoft CRM for marketing allows you to create a seamless prospect and customer experience that gives you a 360 degree view of all interactions. The marketing module allows you to increase close rates, increase retention rates and reduce the sales cycle time.