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What is Sage 50 Manufacturing

Sage 50 Manufacturing is the ideal accounting software for small, mid-sized and growing manufacturing companies. The Sage 50 Manufacturing (previously known as Sage Line 50 manufacturing) system enables you to assemble and manufacture products more efficiently and is split into four separate modules: Bill of Materials (BOM), Job Controller, Batch Controller and Manufacturing Controller.

The software is part of the Sage 50 suite and is particularly suitable for businesses that manufacture and assemble goods that are looking to automate their production and shop floor processes.

Also included in Sage 50 Manufacturing is a graphical planning and scheduling tool as well as an optional add on for shop floor data capture and collection.  Together these modules help you to automate and manage your manufacturing processes, production, and factory shop floor more efficiently.

Automating your bill of materials, production scheduling, and materials requirement planning (MRP) allows businesses involved in one off, mixed mode and batch production to run more proficiently.

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If you are one of the huge number of manufacturing businesses that use Sage 50 accounts and Payroll in the UK to manage your accounting, you can integrate your back office systems and production processes by running Manufacturing alongside Sage 50 and the suite of products.

Key Benefits of Sage 50 Manufacturing

Sage has been providing software and support to manufacturing businesses for more than 25 years. These systems control the whole manufacturing process from planning materials and costs to monitoring real time works orders.

Sage 50 Manufacturing covers all your manufacturing requirements and helps you:

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  • Reduce wastage of resources, time, money and manpower
  • Optimise your factory shop floor production
  • Improve manufacturing production control
  • Manage job scheduling
  • Improves master planning, assembly, scheduling of raw materials and resource planning
  • Create works orders
  • Collect and capture shop floor data using AlphaLogix’s additional module
  • Easily raise purchase orders and sales orders for specific jobs
  • Monitor work in progress (WIP)
  • Reduces costs, improve cash flow and production efficiency
  • Track deliveries accurately with GRN matching
  • Plan and schedule production better with the graphical planning tool
  • Share information needed to stay in control of the supply chain, from raw materials to finished products.
  • Integrate key financial accounts data back to Sage 50
  • And lots more..

The Key Modules within Sage 50 Manufacturing Include:

  • Sage 50 Bill of Materials
  • Sage 50 Batch Controller
  • Sage 50 Job Controller
  • Sage 50 Manufacturing Controller
  • Graphical Planner
  • Shop Floor Data Collection and Capture

Bill of Materials

The BOM module is designed for manufacturers to follow their bill of materials processes from start to finish. Sage 50 bill of materials breaks down your manufacturing operations into easy to access areas, including machines, labour, materials and reports.

Access key manufacturing production information to maintain efficiency and to control costs, which in turn helps productivity and business performance.

With Sage 50 bill of materials you can manage unlimited components, avoid costly material shortages and downtime, and minimise manufacturing lead times. See more BOM features at a glance below:

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  • Define unlimited components on unlimited levels
  • Unlimited sub-contract, piecework and tooling costs
  • Have complete costing flexibility with unlimited different materials, labour and machine costs, plus unlimited sub-contract, unlimited number of sub-assemblies and piece-work and tooling costs
  • Take advantage of a powerful Trial Kitting facility
  • Alternative supplier information so you source the best raw material prices
  • Integrate with Sage 50 accounts to avoid rekeying
  • Operation templates
  • Automatic purchase order processing and sales order processing
  • Attach multiple documents/drawings to each Bill of Materials
  • Report designer

Sage Batch Controller

Sage 50 Batch Controller is for small to medium sized businesses who engage in repetitive batch manufacturing and want to integrate with Sage 50 accounts.

The batch controller module gives production managers the tools to control machine costs, materials and labour for your manufacturing processes. It also helps manufacturers to manage and control production, batch traceability, works orders and resource management.

It enables you to produce documentation to confirm products are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards.

All the features found in Sage 50 Bill of materials plus:

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  • Master Production Scheduling (MPS)
  • Materials requirements planning (MRP)
  • Works order processing
  • Material and finished goods traceability
  • Certificates of conformity
MRP functionality in Sage 50 batch controller gathers information from Sage 50 accounts sales order processing as well as sales forecast and Make to Stock Items, collating all information onto a single screen.

Job Controller

Sage 50 Job Controller is ideal for small to mid-sized manufacturers who are engaged in the manufacture of one-off products. It is a core module and helps with estimating jobs, job processing, traceability, sales invoicing and actuals versus estimates.

You can allocate and issue stock against jobs, instantly updating your Sage 50 accounts data and stock levels.

With Job Controller you can:

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  • Master Production Scheduling (MPS)
  • Materials requirements planning (MRP)
  • Works order processing
  • Material and finished goods traceability
  • Certificates of conformity
MRP functionality in Sage 50 batch controller gathers information from Sage 50 accounts sales order processing as well as sales forecast and Make to Stock Items, collating all information onto a single screen.

Manufacturing Controller

Combine all the capability of Sage 50 Bill of Materials, Batch Controller and Job Controller into one powerful product, with the addition of a powerful graphical planning engine.

Graphical Planner for Sage 50

Sage 50 manufacturing can be integrated with the Graphical Planner module. The graphical planner is a visual planning tool which works alongside MRP, it enables you to run resource plans for all production demands within the software.

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  • Assess potential changes to production, by producing plans that show how, for example, adding overtime or extra shifts would affect deliveries
  • Produce flexible schedules that work forwards from a start date or backwards from a due date, to suit your needs
  • Identify resource issues easily and change plans to avoid hold ups
  • Choose the way you want to view completed jobs

Shop Floor Data Collection and Capture

Available as an add-on module to Sage 50 Manufacturing Controller, the shop floor data capture and collection has been specifically designed with shop floor users in mind. The system supports transparent, frictionless works order processing with prioritised work queues helping you to improve your on-time delivery performance.

AlphaLogix also provides a solution for Sage shop floor data capture and collection which can be configured for your exact requirements. Contact us to discuss how we can help you improve the efficiency of your shop floor manufacturing processes. We can assist with the movement of stock using either barcode scanners or using manual data entry.

What is the Difference between Sage 50 accounts and Sage 50 Manufacturing?

The main difference between Sage 50 accounts and the manufacturing module is Sage 50 is the core accounting system and Sage 50 manufacturing handles all aspects involved in the production and shop floor processes.

Sage 50 accounts has all the key nominal ledgers that the manufacturing module feeds financial data into. The core Sage 50 product does not have a job controller, batch controller, manufacturing controller, graphical planner or bill of materials, these are all included in the manufacturing system.

Upgrading Sage 50 Manufacturing

If you currently use Sage 50 manufacturing you can upgrade to the latest version, the price depends on the version you are using and if you have maintained your support and maintenance contract with Sage.

Many manufacturers who have outgrown Sage 50 Manufacturing look at upgrading to Sage 200 Manufacturing which has all the features of the Sage 50 version plus lots more.

See our guide on upgrading from Sage 50 to Sage 200 or call us for a demonstration, pricing for Sage 200 Manufacturing can be found in our pricing and costs guide.

What is the Cost of Sage 50 Manufacturing?

The pricing for Sage 50 Manufacturing starts at £3950 for a 1 user licence with Sage cover at £945 per annum, additional users are priced at £895 each.

Example Pricing - What is the cost for a 4 user system?

The costs would be £6,635 for the licences with Sage cover at £1,575 per annum, with the total initial cost of £8210. These costs do not include the subscription costs of your core Sage 50 accounts software.

If you are considering buying Sage 50 at the same time read more in our costs guide.

Call us on 020 8050 3216 or email us at for the latest licence pricing and upgrade costs.

Manufacturing Review and Testimonial

Family run firm Francino made the switch to a Sage manufacturing solution.

"It became perfectly obvious that Sage 200cloud would do everything we needed and possibly a lot more, so now we have one system that does CRM, stock control, works orders, production planning, and serial numbers - it controls everything." Adrian Maxwell, Managing Director, Francino

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