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What Is Sage 50 Manufacturing?

Sage 50 Manufacturing was a popular choice for manufacturing businesses using Sage 50 for many years, but Sage announced in Sept 2021 that they no longer support the Sage 50 Manufacturing module and it has been phased out.

The Sage 50 Manufacturing module (previously known as Sage Line 50 manufacturing) was popular in its time because it enabled you to assemble and manufacture products more efficiently and was split into four separate modules: Bill of Materials (BOM), Job Controller, Batch Controller and Manufacturing Controller.

Sage 50 Manufacturing is Phased Out and is Superseded by Cim50

As Sage 50 Manufacturing is no longer supported and has been phased out, Sage now offers a more powerful and feature rich manufacturing solution for Sage 50 called Cim50 Manufacturing. The solution is sold through certified Sage manufacturing Business Partners like AlphaLogix.

The Cim50 Manufacturing software contains six powerful modules, Stock Control, Bill of Materials (BOM), Works Orders, Planning, Quotations and Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC).

Automating your bill of materials, production scheduling, and materials requirement planning (MRP) allows businesses involved in one off, mixed mode and batch production to run more efficiently.

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Cim50 – Manufacturing Software for Sage 50

What is Cim50 Manufacturing for Sage 50?

Cim50 Manufacturing came into existence as a powerful manufacturing solution because the original Sage 50 Manufacturing module did not keep pace with the wide range of new features and functionality that was being requested by customers.

Cim50 for Manufacturing was designed and developed by a team of highly specialised manufacturing experts with a true grasp of the manufacturing requirements being raised from Sage 50 customers and the Sage Business Partner community.

The product was successfully launched and has been very well received in the marketplace. Sage made the decision to include the product in its portfolio of products to certified Sage Business Partners.

The system has kept the vast majority of the existing features from Sage 50 Manufacturing whilst adding many new features and functionality, making it a much more powerful solution.

Sage 50 Accounts

Comparison of Features for Sage 50 Manufacturing vs Cim50 Guide Download

What is Cim50 Manufacturing Used For?

Cim50 Manufacturing for Sage 50 is used to manage your manufacturing operations and automates both complex and basic manufacturing processes, including production planning, bill of materials and shop floor data capture.

Each of the core modules within Cim50 is used to manage various operational and manufacturing processes including:

  • Stock control enables you to easily control your stock
  • Bill of materials helps to configure your built items
  • Works orders manages your production
  • Planning helps to ensure you despatch in time
  • Quotations help process sales quickly
  • Shop Floor Data Capture, captures real-time shop floor data
  • Dashboards enables you to interrogate your manufacturing data

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Modules and Features in Cim50 Manufacturing for Sage 50

The Cim50 Manufacturing software is made up of six core modules, Stock Control, Bill of Materials (BOM), Works Orders, Planning, Quotations and Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC).

Cim50 Stock Control

Cim50 Stock Control enables you to track and maintain stock items that you manufacture, buy or sell. It contains the available fields within Sage 50 Accounts and additional fields to help with manufacturing operations, enabling you to maintain accurate stock records from one system.

With all Cim50 modules, Stock Control includes an additional 20 analysis codes that can be tailored to suit your requirements. Whether you need to define a colour range, salespeople, area codes or expiry dates; this flexibility allows the software to work with your business.

How to create a stocktake in Cim50

Cim50 Bill of Materials (BOM)

The Cim50 Bill of Materials module is designed for manufacturers to follow their bill of materials processes from start to finish. The module breaks down your manufacturing operations into easy to access areas, including machines, labour, materials and reports.

  • Access key manufacturing production information to maintain efficiency and to control costs, which in turn helps productivity and business performance.
  • With Cim50 BOM you can manage components, avoid costly material shortages and downtime, and minimise manufacturing lead times.

Cim50 Works Orders

The Cim50 Works Orders module enables you to manage your production.

The Works Order module is an intuitive module which allows you to track a job through the production process on the shop floor, with amendable documentation, detailing the quantities of components required, which operations are needed, and when.

  • Raise purchase orders, despatch goods to your subcontract supplier and receive them back within one easy maintenance screen.
  • Assign components to specific operations, which in turn, have their own due dates, meaning you only buy stock when you need it, easing cash flow and warehouse space.

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Cim50 Production

The Cim50 Production module is key to controlling your stock and ensuring goods are manufactured in time to despatch to your customers.

  • Recommend purchase orders and works orders based on current demand held within Sage 50 Accounts and Cim50.
  • Read from sales orders, sales forecast, works orders and make to stock items. Or simply ensure that your stock levels are at the reorder level set against the stock record.
  • Automate both MPS and MRP at a convenient time for your business, with user specific default settings.

Sage 50 Manufacturing Replacement – Cim50 Demo

Cim50 Quotations

Create quotations for manufactured items, configuring them on the fly from within the record itself, including non-stock items.

  • Define multiple price breaks with automatic cost calculation for pricing break quantities.
  • Raise sales, purchase, and works order from within your quote. Setup repeat service and miscellaneous items.
  • View the detailed profit and loss, giving you full visibility of your costs, revenue, and expected profit margins.
  • Calculate sales prices based on cost mark-up, profit margin or on a fixed priced basis, giving you flexibility to price your quotes the way you need to.

Cim50 Shop Floor Data Capture

The Cim50 SFDC modules enables you to process stock transactions from the convenience of a handheld tablet or workshop PC, working harmoniously with Stock Control, Bill of Materials, and Works Orders.

  • Streamline your production processes, stocktaking and resource management with Cim50 Shop Floor Data Capture.
  • Process stock location transfers, pick and pack items for despatch, and immerse yourself in a plethora of more features.

What is the Difference between Sage 50 Accounts and Cim50 Manufacturing?

The main difference between Sage 50 accounts and the manufacturing module is Sage 50 is the core accounting system and Cim50 handles all aspects involved in the manufacturing, production and shop floor processes.

Sage 50 accounts has all the key nominal ledgers that the manufacturing module feeds financial data into. The core Sage 50 product does not have modules such as Bill of Materials (BOM), Works Orders, Planning and Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC), these are all included in the Cim50 manufacturing software.

Sage 50 Manufacturing Intro Demo – See the Original Version

How Much Does Sage 50 Manufacturing Cost vs Cim50 Cost?

Even though you can no longer purchase Sage 50 Manufacturing the pricing for the software started at £3950 for a 1 user licence with Sage cover at £945 per annum, additional users were priced at £895 each.

Cim50 costs are based on a monthly subscription pricing model which helps your cash flow and avoids the large initial up-front licence costs. The Cim50 base platform starts from £50 per month, for this you get the Cim50 Stock Control module plus 1 user licence, additional users are £25 per user per month and additional modules are also £25 per month. Prices do change, so please call us for the latest up to date Cim50 costs.

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Upgrading Sage 50 Manufacturing to Cim50 Manufacturing

If you currently use Sage 50 Manufacturing and would like to move to Cim50 Manufacturing then please call us on 020 8050 3216 or email us at, alternatively request a call back.

Why Choose AlphaLogix for your Sage Manufacturing Partner?

AlphaLogix was founded in 1995 and today we are a leading Sage manufacturing partner in the UK for both Sage 50 and Sage 200.

We have a diverse team of talented Sage manufacturing product specialists and consultants who are passionate about delivering value, exceptional customer experiences and technical support to our clients.

Our Sage manufacturing specialists will help you discover how automating your manufacturing processes with Sage 50 can help improve your production and shop floor efficiencies.

We will provide you with free initial meetings, demos and consultations as well as fully justified costs and pricing for your requirements.

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