Sage 50 Manufacturing

The ideal solution for small and growing manufacturers

Sage 50 Manufacturing is particularly suitable for manufacturing and assembly businesses who are looking to automate their shop floor processes for the first time.

And if you are one of more than 150,000 UK businesses who are already using Sage 50 to manage your accounts, you can integrate your back office and shop floor processes by running Sage 50 Manufacturing alongside Sage 50 Accounts Professional.

Sage 50 Manufacturing helps you:

  • Reduce wastage of time, money and manpower
  • Optimise your shop floor
  • Become more responsive
  • Prioritise how you operate
  • Improve planning accuracy
  • Improve the quality of decision making
  • Give you greater control over your resources

Sage 50 Manufacturing Features:

  • Control production planning, works order processing and resource management, with full traceability for materials tracking
  • Take advantage of a powerful graphical planner powered by 'Preactor', the market-leading specialist for planning and scheduling software
  • Calculate and run resource plans for all demands, producing and saving different plans for the same set of demands
  • Assess the impact of your plans on resources to identify requirements for overtime or extra shifts, for example
  • Sequence production and produce schedules either 'forwards' from a start date or 'backwards' from a due delivery date
  • Easily identify resource bottlenecks and manipulate the plan, as required
  • View complete jobs by operation or individual resource schedules

In-depth information about Sage 50 Manufacturing

Sage 50 Bill of Materials
Follow your bill of materials process from beginning to end, breaking down the manufacturing operation into easy-to-access areas, including materials, labour, machines, operations and reports. With Sage 50 Bill of Materials you can: Define unlimited components on unlimited levels to match your needs
  • Have complete costing flexibility with unlimited different materials, labour and machine costs, plus unlimited sub-contract, piece-work and tooling costs
  • Take advantage of a powerful trial kitting facility
  • Create alternative supplier information to ensure you are getting the best deal
  • Integrate with Sage 50 Accounts to give you a complete view of your business and avoid rekeying
  • Create your own operation templates and automate purchase order processing
Sage 50 Job Controller
Providing the functionality necessary in a jobbing or non-repetitive environment this powerful estimating tool enables you to provide accurate and timely quotations for work. With Sage 50 Job Controller you can: Allocate and issue stock against jobs, instantly updating Sage 50 Accounts
  • Raise invoices for all or parts of jobs and view actual costs versus estimates
  • Keep full control of each job as it progresses by continuously monitoring each one's profitability
  • Quote multiple batch sizes and process estimates through the Master Production Schedule/Materials Resource Planning facility or convert them directly to works orders
  • Save time when creating estimates for similar jobs with the ability to copy all items, including operational expenses, from an actual works order
  • Record costs against each project when you issue stock and when you assign manpower at each stage in production
  • Satisfy customers' ISO9000 quality requirements for better control by providing batch traceability for every component
  • Update the job record so that you can raise invoices and review each job's profitability
  • Review actual costs against estimated costs
Sage 50 Batch Controller
Enabling you to control materials, labour and machine costs within busy manufacturing environments while providing greater control of your business. With Sage 50 Batch Controller you can:
  • Create detailed bills of materials for products to be manufactured, including an unlimited number of components and unlimited number of levels of build and with any number of sub-assemblies
  • Easily identify shortages of materials and process those demands through to Materials Resource Planning, automatically raising purchase orders
  • Gather information from across Sage 50 for your Master Production Schedule, collating all the information onto one screen
  • Automatically calculate material shortages, both for bought-in and manufactured items and make appropriate recommendations
  • Have an unlimited number of alternative suppliers for every item, along with lead times, cost prices, and suppliers' part numbers and minimum order quantity
  • Automatically raise works or purchase orders as appropriate and generate work in progress valuations
  • Create works orders automatically or by manual entry from Materials Resource Planning recommendations, automatically updating stock levels when you allocate and/or issue stock against the works orders
  • Track the movements of materials from receipt, through your production processes to despatch, even if there are multiple stock locations for components, raw materials or sub-assemblies
  • Produce Certificates of Conformity on demand to confirm products are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards
Sage 50 Manufacturing Controller
Combine all the capability of Sage 50 Bill of Materials, Batch Controller and Job Controller into one powerful product, with the addition of a powerful graphical planning engine.

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