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What is Hosted ACT CRM?

If you have Act! CRM and want to access your customer data at different locations for multiple users online, our Act! Hosting service allows you to share your information over the internet. Users who work at other office locations and staff who work remotely can access CRM data using any device, including Mac’s, Windows, Android, iPads and smartphones.

Hosting Act! in the Cloud enables users to gain access to customer and contact data whilst travelling to meetings or at any location that has a connection to the web. Customer data access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and allows users to see all activities with every client and prospect.

As one of the leading hosting providers for CRM, our Act! product specialists will provide you with a dedicated hosted server where we install your copy of Act! CRM and customer data, your employees can then connect using a remote desktop from any PC or mobile device.

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Why Should My Business Host Act! CRM Software in the Cloud?

Many companies choose to host their Act! CRM software on their own servers using their existing IT infrastructure. Hosting your own Act! Customer data can be expensive and time consuming, however outsourcing your IT Services and Act! CRM hosting to a Cloud provider such as AlphaLogix can bring many cost benefits;

  • Access to CRM data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location or remote desktop
  • Hosting Act! in the Cloud helps you to avoid expensive upfront setup costs
  • Remote users and sales reps on the road can easily access your CRM database to access the very latest customer information
  • Stores your valuable customer data in a secure environment with regular daily backups
  • Your dedicated hosted server uses the latest technologies and hardware to provide high speeds and great database performance
  • Use your smartphone, iPhone, laptop or tablet to access customer data in the Cloud whilst travelling to customer meetings, our hosted CRM service allows you to access data via a web browser using Windows, Macs and Android operating systems.

Discover Act! CRM for the Cloud

Let Us Host the Solution that's Right for your Business

With Act! Offering a comprehensive product range, from entry level CRM to a fully featured solution such as Act! Premier or Act! Ultimate, AlphaLogix can host your CRM solution in the Cloud (Software as a Service, SaaS) for instant online access.

Act! Products we can host online include;

  • Act! Professional
  • Act! Premier
  • Act! Ultimate
  • Growth Suite
  • Marketing Automation
  • Act! Link to Sage 50
  • Act! Companion and Act! 365

Our hosting service can also host your other business software applications such email, web hosting, Office 365 and your accounts software such as Sage 50.

What Else Do I Get When I Host Act! CRM with AlphaLogix?

As an experienced hosting provider for business software applications, AlphaLogix can help you reduce your IT overheads whilst providing a high level of customer service, our qualified technicians will look to quickly resolve your support queries.

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Other benefits of hosting Act! CRM in the Cloud with AlphaLogix include;

  • Server monitoring
  • No internal IT skills are required, AlphaLogix will set up your Act! CRM hosted environment so users can access via the internet
  • Comprehensive support
  • Easy monthly billing
  • Reduced IT overheads, no need to invest in expensive IT hardware or infrastructure
  • Experienced Act! product specialists at hand to help resolve your technical support queries
  • We can host all versions of Act!, including unsupported versions
  • Easily increase or decrease the number of users as needed for your organisation
  • Automatic backups
  • Data is held in a highly secure environment and uses the very latest encryption when you access customer data over the internet
  • Our Act! CRM Cloud (SaaS) solution includes anti-virus, daily backups (or choose a more frequent backup routine), critical issues dealt with quickly by our experienced support team
  • Easy to use remote desktops, no complicated VPN’s
  • Access your CRM database 24/7 anywhere in the world at any time using the web

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