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What is Courier Management Software?

Courier Management Software is commonly referred to as just as Courier Software, these courier systems enable you to manage the processing and delivery of packages and parcels from your depot or transport hub to the end customer.

A Courier Management System (CMS) like AlphaCourier helps your business to automate the many processes involved with running a transportation company and tracks the delivery of parcels and packages across every step of the journey.

The Courier Software enables you to book in new deliveries, improves the scheduling of drivers, advanced tracking, route optimisation, tracks vehicles using GPS, supports courier scanning systems, supports the use of PDA devices, mobile devices and a lot more…

The term courier management software (CMS) is also related to, logistics software, direct courier solutions, shipping software and delivery management software, all these solutions help transport companies with the shipment of packages, the software automates and speeds up the shipment process from your depot/hub to the transportation of the goods to the end customer.

With the advent of improved technology and the rise in the demand for next day and same day deliveries, courier management systems play an important part in the efficient scheduling of pick-ups and deliveries, the software also helps you to manage all processes involved in running a profitable logistics and courier company.

What Is Courier Management Software Used For?

Managing your logistics company can be a complicated and time-consuming task, and by using a sophisticated courier management system such as AlphaCourier software will help you manage all aspects of your deliveries and collections, automating many time-consuming processes and tracking every step of the parcels journey.

The AlphaCourier Management solution is highly flexible and configurable and can be used online via the Cloud or installed on your own server as On-premise.

The solution can be integrated with accounting software like Sage accounts which is a popular finance platform for many courier businesses, it can be further enhanced by integration with your customer relationship management system (CRM), and can be used on your drivers’ mobile devices and tablets in the field.

As your courier company develops and grows you can further enhance and customise the software based on your exact business requirements.

AlphaCourier is a comprehensive courier management system that automatically assigns jobs to drivers, it optimises route planning for drivers, and integrates with PDA’s and Scanning devices, captures electronic proof of delivery (POD) of the parcel which can be completed by using a variety of mobile devices including Android, iOS and Windows.

Courier and Delivery Management Software Overview

What Can a Courier Management System Do for your business?

Running a successful transport business can be a time consuming and daunting task, especially if you do same day or next day deliveries. Using advanced courier management software such as AlphaCourier helps you automate processes and speed’s up the delivery times and makes your business more efficient.

Benefits of Using a Courier Management System (CMS) for Your Company

  • Easily manage your parcel dispatches and scheduling
  • The courier system helps speed up deliveries
  • Improves efficiency of drivers with GPS tracking
  • Powerful yet easy to use courier mobile app for drivers
  • GPS tracking helps monitor driver behaviour
  • Streamline processes and automate workflows
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Reduces fuel costs
  • Improves workforce productivity
  • Maximises assets and vehicle use
  • Helps eliminates paperwork
  • Increases business efficiency and cuts operating costs
  • Mobile communication – communicate with drivers during the day with texts and emails using the easy to use app
  • Detailed reporting and analytics for parcel delivery and driver performance
  • Track routes, vehicle usage
  • Customer relationship management integration
  • Electronic signature capture on mobile devices (ePOD)
  • Drivers can take photos of POD
  • Detailed parcel management
  • Scanner support and barcode management

What Features are in Courier Management Software?

Choosing the right Courier Management System for your business can be a challenging task, one of the key strengths of AlphaCourier is that it is packed full of advanced features that enables you to run an efficient and profitable delivery business, just some of the features includes:

  • Planning and Dispatch - Plan and manage your transportation business with ease in one place
  • Intelligent Scheduling – Schedule jobs in effortlessly and easily reschedule delivery jobs
  • Dispatch with GPS Tracking - Always know where your drivers are and dispatch in just a sec
  • Courier Route Optimisation – Route optimisation is a feature in AlphaCourier and it is the process of finding the best route for drivers to take to get a package from your transport hub to the customer
  • Electronic PODs - Capture digital signatures, photos and store them in one central place, use a variety of devices such as PDA’s, tablets, scanners and smart phones
  • Smart Dispatching - Reduce transportation times, optimise your service and increase your productivity
  • Real Time Courier Tracking – AlphaCourier enables you to visually track the whereabouts of all of your vehicles in real time
  • Integrate Courier Software with Your Accounting Software – AlphaCourier can be integrated with popular accounting software solutions such as Sage, including flagship accounts products such as Sage 50 and Sage 200.
  • Smart Mobile App for Drivers – Using the latest mobile devices we have developed an App for courier drivers which supports Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Courier Performance - Get deep business intelligence & analytics about your deliveries and drivers
  • Mobile Software Updates - Synchronise your planned deliveries with staff and receive regular status updates
  • Integration with Scanners and Barcode Systems – Integrate our courier management system with your Scanners and Barcode Systems
  • And a lot more features…

What is Courier Route Optimisation?

Route optimisation is a feature in AlphaCourier and it is the process of finding the best route for delivery drivers to take to get a package from your depot/hub to the end recipient as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The main reason why courier route optimisation is so important is that it helps you get the package to the end recipient as cost effective as possible.

AlphaCourier route optimisation integrates with Google maps, so you can see the most effective route to take for all of your couriers’ daily deliveries. Route optimisation software improves driver efficiency and enables you to deliver more packages within a given time frame.

All transport businesses can benefit from route optimisation software. Courier route optimisation enables your team to spend less time on the road, which saves fuel, and labour costs, you will also have increased capacity to delivery more packages within a given time frame.

What is Courier Tracking Software?

Courier tracking in real time is a key feature in AlphaCourier, it enables you track vehicles and packages in real time, so you get a clear snapshot as to where your courier or consignment is.

The AlphaCourier system will track and display the location of all vehicles in real time using GPS technology. Information is displayed on one dashboard so you can monitor the progress of all couriers and drivers, this helps to verify their movement and have an estimate of the final time of delivery.

Not only does GPS tracking give head office an overview at any one time but it also allows you to monitor driver efficiency and improves driver safety.

Courier Booking and Scheduling in AlphaCourier

The AlphaCourier software provides a powerful delivery job scheduling management solution which provides a central hub for all your deliveries, enabling you to manage, schedule and track all your packages and drivers.

When a new job is received the job is booked into the system, the AlphaCourier system will send a notification to the driver to alert them, and schedules in the booking and delivery of the job. The system will also alert couriers if there is a change of schedule for an existing booking.

The courier scheduling system also includes a powerful drag and drop scheduling tool, if a job needs to be moved simply drag to another booking slot, all information is synchronised seamlessly with your drivers and the information is shown on the driver’s PDA, smartphone or tablet.

AlphaCourier can be hosted in the cloud so your employees can manage new booking’s online.

What is Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) in AlphaCourier?

Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) is an important feature for any courier management system. It shows that a package has been delivered successfully to the end recipient, it is similar to proof of delivery (POD) but it is all electronic and does not need any paperwork.

The electronic proof of delivery can be obtained by using a smart phone, tablet, handheld PDA device (Personal Digital Assistant) or mobile computer, the courier driver can obtain an electronic signature from the end recipient which confirms receipt of the goods or package.

Drivers are able to take photographs of proof of delivery, this is then sent back automatically to the central courier management system, which will automatically attach the photo to the client and job.

AlphaCourier can also be used with a mobile scanner to scan a bar code which also automatically updates the system with evidence of POD.

Accounting Software for Courier Companies

To get the most from your courier software investment it is important that it can be linked in with your business accounting and finance software.

AlphaCourier can be linked in with a number of leading accounting software solutions such as Sage.

Accounting software solutions such as Sage 50 and Sage 200 are a popular choice for couriers and transport companies. These Sage finance systems simplify the recording of income and expenses and enables collaborating with an accountant prior to a tax return to HMRC. You can use the optional Payroll add-on to pay employees quickly and easily.

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) Speeds up Invoicing and Improves Cashflow

When you use AlphaCourier the proof of delivery is automatically transmitted in real time to your accounts system (such as Sage 50 & Sage 200 accounting software), this allows for speedy invoicing for completed deliveries, which improves your courier business cashflow.

Courier Scanning Systems

AlphaCourier supports a number of smart devices that are equipped with mobile vision software that enables couriers to scan packages and record the proof of delivery to the end recipient.

Scanning devices include smart phones, PDA’s, tablets, mobile scanners, and mobile computers. These scanning devices helps eliminate the need for paperwork and speeds up the invoicing cycle, which in turn improves cash flow.

Courier companies benefit from electronic scanning because it improves efficiency, lowers transportation costs and helps your business preserve profitability.

What Types of Couriers Use Courier Management Systems (CMS)?

You would be surprised to find out that not all couriers use courier management software such as AlphaCourier. Many couriers use a variety of systems which do not talk to each other, many still rely on Excel and some couriers still use paper-based systems.

Courier companies are not all the same, many specialise in one particular area, these could be:

  • Standard couriers, which is the most common
  • International courier services
  • Overnight couriers
  • Direct couriers
  • Same day or express couriers
  • Pallet shipping couriers

AlphaCourier can be used in any of these areas, but it is most commonly used by standard couriers, direct couriers and express or same day couriers.

Mobile App for Couriers - Say Goodbye to Paperwork

Courier drivers normally have a handful of paperwork to complete for each delivery which results in a lot of lost time, errors and occasionally lost paperwork.

AlphaLogix has an easy to use mobile app which helps to eliminate the need for drivers to complete paperwork and frees up time for drivers to continue onto their next job, all information is synchronised back to your central courier management system.

Summary of the Key Benefits of AlphaCourier

The AlphaCourier system enables you to automate many of the processes involved when delivering a new booking from your transport hub to the end recipient, the summary of high-level features and benefits include:

  • Comprehensive courier system to manage, improve and automate key processes
  • Loads of advanced features to help you run a successful courier business
  • Easily take on new bookings and schedule in the slots for drivers
  • Advanced GPS tracking system
  • Supports scanners, mobile devices and PDA’s
  • Integrates with leading accounting solutions such as Sage
  • Route optimisation and integration with Google maps
  • Mobile app which eliminates paperwork and improved driver efficiency
  • Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), by signature or by photo
  • Plus, lots more…

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