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Sage 200 is the main product offering by Sage for companies with a turnover between £1M to £50M.

Sage 200 is the main accounts platform that many companies move to when they outgrow their existing accounting or ERP package, this is especially true for Sage 50 users who find that their current system is not flexible enough to manage more complex accounting requirements within their business.

Powerful SQL Database

One of the key benefits of Sage 200 is that it sits on an SQL database which means it can handle extremely large amounts of data, speed and performance are unaffected by the amount of data in the core database. Because the core database is based on Microsoft’s SQL database this allows you to keep unlimited supplier information, unlimited customer data and the ability to handle unlimited number of transactions.

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Introduction to Sage 200

The Key Modules within Sage 200 Include:

  • Sage 200 Financials
  • Sage 200 Commercials
  • Sage 200 Manufacturing
  • Sage 200 BOM
  • Sage 200 CRM
  • Sage 200 Project Accounting
  • Sage 200 Business Intelligence
  • Sage 200 Web Time and Expenses
  • Sage Payment Solutions

In the sections below, we detail exactly what every module does, as well as detailing some of the other question’s users want to get answers to, from pricing to training, as well as choosing the best Sage Partner to work with to implement Sage 200.

What are the Costs and Pricing Plans for Sage 200?

There are 3 types of pricing plans for Sage 200, purchasing a perpetual license (on premise), purchasing an online or on premise license on a monthly subscription fee, or purchasing Sage 200 Standard for the Cloud which is also paid monthly, for more detailed information on costs and pricing.


How Can I see a Demo of Sage 200?

AlphaLogix can provide demonstrations at either your office or at one of our offices throughout the UK, we can cover all the main Sage 200 modules from Sage 200 Financials, Commercials, Project Accounting and Manufacturing, Customer Relationship Management, for more information,


What are the Best Hints and Tips for Sage 200?

If you are an existing Sage 200 user it is always helpful to speak to the UK’s top Sage 200 experts where help is never far away for useful advice, to speak with us or to read some of our useful hints and tips blogs, you can find our more detailed information here.


What Training Can I Get for Sage 200?

If you already use Sage 200 and want to learn more about the accounts system, we have a wide range of training courses, our consultants are certified by Sage to train on, Financials, Commercials, Manufacturing, BOM, Business Intelligence and more.


What is Sage 200 Financials?

The Sage 200 Financials module is the core module for the whole Sage 200 suite. It comprises four ledgers, the Nominal Ledger, The Sales Ledger, as well as the Cash and Banking Ledger. All other modules including Commercials, Manufacturing, BOM, Project Accounting link back to Financials.


What is Sage 200 Commercials?

The Commercials module allows you to manage Stock, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing as well as having an advanced price book, it links in with the Financials module and helps you to manage all aspects of your supply chain.


What is Sage 200 Business Intelligence (BI)?

Sage 200 Business Intelligence (often referred to as BI) is a powerful reporting tool that comes with every platform of the Sage 2000 site, it provides a great tool to analyse and manipulate data for forecasting and profitability analysis in Excel, for further information.


What is Sage 200 Bill of Materials (BOM)?

The Sage 200 Bill of Materials Module helps you manage products and the bill of materials for each products. It helps improve your manufacturing processes including, Production Automation, Trial-Kitting, Production Costing, Traceability and Version-Control.


What is Sage 200 for Manufacturing?

The Manufacturing module has plenty of advanced features to help your business manage all aspects of your manufacturing and production processes, it links accounts data back to the Sage 200 Financials module as well as working in tandem with the BOM Module.


What is the Sage 200 CRM Module?

Sage 200 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps you manage relationships with clients and suppliers. It also manages all aspects of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service and links your Front Office with Accounts to give a 360-degree view of all interactions with customers and suppliers.


What is Sage 200 Project Accounting?

Project Accounting allows you to manage all costs and progress with your projects, so you can keep a close eye on performance and profitability. Track project time sheets and expenses for your projects. Track budgets for projects. Integrate project accounts with payroll, purchasing and sales.


What is Sage 200 Web Time and Expenses?

Web Time and Expenses enables users to work remotely and to update Timesheets and Expenses for Projects. WTE is fully integrated with the Project Accounting Module and allows you to compare and interrogate the hours worked on projects at various levels.


What is Sage 200 Online/Cloud?

Sage 200 is available for use in the Cloud and allows users to access valuable accounting information over the internet from a variety of platforms and mobile devices. There are two versions of Sage 200 online, Standard and Sage 200 Professional.


What is Sage 200 Report Designer?

Report Designer allows you to edit existing information held within Sage 200 to make more powerful reports which are ideal for financial analysis. Use Report Designer to amend the standard Sage 200 reports and documents provided with Sage 200 or create new ones.


What is the Difference between Standard and Professional?

Sage 200 is available in two different versions, Sage 200 Standard and Sage 200 Professional. Standard is a cut down version and less powerful than Professional, to see a comparison,


How do I Upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 200?

Upgrading your Sage 50 accounts data to Sage 200 provides your business with a powerful and extremely flexible accounts system. The software can be customised for your business in order to handle increasingly complex business processes. Our migration guide provides further details.


How Can I buy Sage 200?

The first step in buying Sage 200 is to make sure you have decided which version is best for your business, either Standard or Professional. We are happy to provide demonstration of both systems.The final step is agree with a partner your requirements and budgets.


What Services Should a Sage 200 BP Provide?

Choosing the right Sage 200 business partner to assist you in implementing your Sage 200 project is just as important as choosing the right accounts systems for your business. We provide a wide range of services including, training, implementation, technical support and more.


If you are looking at Sage 200 for the first time, or if you already use Sage 200, we offer a range of services to help you get the most our of your investment. If you would like to speak with one of our Sage 200 product specialists contact us on 0845 257 3141 or email us at info@alphalogix.co.uk