How to deal with Sage 200 disconnected logins?

Disconnected Logins

Disconnected logins are one of the most common and easiest issues to solve which arise within Sage 200. There aren’t many Sage 200 users who have not experienced the confusion of attempting to use a feature only to be warned that they are already accessing it!

Disconnected logins occur when a user suddenly crashes out of Sage, often due to connectivity issues. This crash causes the system to lock the relevant feature from being accessed by all users, which is designed to prevent data corruption and duplication. This blog will provide guidance on how to remove these logins and their associated locks.

Sage 200 Tips – Disconnected Logins

The prompt for a user to check for disconnected logins is often provided by an error message stating an inability to access certain features within Sage 200.

Error Message

In the example above, the warning has appeared informing me that I am unable to log into the Sales Order Processing settings as somebody is creating a new Sales Order. Upon the appearance of this error message, firstly double check neither you nor any of your colleagues are currently accessing these features.

Checking for and logging off disconnected logins can be done very quickly. Simply access the tools menu from the cog symbol Cog on the upper right-hand bar of the main screen in Sage 200 and click user login status.

Tools Menu

This displays the User Login Status Window, which will contain a list of users showing a login status of disconnected.

N.B it can take up to 5 minutes for a disconnected login to appear in this window.

Disconnected Login

Once on this screen, highlight the disconnected login and click log off. To save time, if there are multiple disconnected users, hold the shift button on your keyboard to highlight all the logins and log them off simultaneously.

N.B. their disconnected status ensures you will never accidentally eject somebody out of Sage 200 by logging off these users.

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