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Sage 200

The latest accounts offering for Sage 200 (previously known as the Sage 200 suite) is Sage 200cloud which helps you manage your accounting processes across your business, it manages your finances, business intelligence and customers using customer relationship management. Sage 200cloud is available online or you still have the option to install Sage 200 for on premise; helping you to manage all your complex financial needs and improving performance across your business.
Download the Sage 200cloud Brochure.

What is Sage 200cloud?

New Sage 200cloud was previously known as Sage 200 and it is a sophisticated accounts package that helps you grow and streamline your business. Sage 200cloud is a flexible solution that is ideally suited for small to medium sized businesses and is used across a wide range of business sectors. Sage 200cloud is an ideal solution that:

  • Enables you to tailor your solution to meet your business requirements.
  • Helps you grow your business.
  • Is scalable, so as your company grows the system grows with you.
  • Allows you to fastrack your financials.
  • Works anywhere and enhances user productivity.
  • Streamlines processes which improves efficiency.
  • The system adapts as your business grows.

What is Sage 200cloud Standard?

Sage 200cloud Standard is the entry level version, which offers out of the box straightforward accounting hosted online. It replaces Sage 200 online and has stock capabilities and financials plus a range of other features enabling your business to grow while giving powerful insights into your business performance. Sage 200cloud has Sage 200 Financials, Sage Payments, and Sage 200 Commercials as its core modules as well as bank feeds.

Key benefits of Sage 200cloud Standard include:

  • Enables control of your business with core Stock Management and Financials.
  • Integrates with Microsoft office 365 so you can manage your business whilst on the move via the cloud.
  • Sage 200 Integrates with Microsoft Excel for powerful reporting that gives your business crucial insights into your performance.
  • Bank feeds allows you to integrate with your bank accounts.

Download the Sage 200cloud Brochure.

What is Sage 200cloud Professional?

Sage 200cloud Professional is a more advanced and flexible ERP solution and is ideal for businesses that have specific requirements and complex business processes. One of its key features is the ability to link in with your other business systems and databases, using SQL as its core database which offers speed and performance. Sage 200cloud Professional offers the full range of Sage 200 modules, including, Financials, Commercials, Project Accounting, Bill of Materials, Manufacturing and Sage 200 CRM, it also offers powerful Business Intelligence to gain better insights into your company’s performance. Sage 200cloud Professional can be installed either as on-premise solution or hosted in the cloud.

Key benefits of Sage 200cloud Professional include:

  • Professional has full inventory management features which includes serial traceability and batch management.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office 365.
  • Business Intelligence gives you powerful reporting which is ideal for management reports.
  • Fully configurable so you can customise Sage 200 for your business requirements.
  • Integrates with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) so accounts and sales and marketing are fully integrated.
  • Add modules for your business needs, which includes Sage 200 Commercials, BOM, Sage 200 Project Accounting and Manufacturing.

Download the Sage 200cloud Brochure.

Sage 200cloud Standard and Sage 200cloud Professional Pricing Plans and Costs

Sage has introduced a wide range of pricing options for Sage 200 which makes it easier for companies to invest in the solution. You can either pay monthly for Sage 200cloud Standard and Sage 200cloud Professional or you can buy the on premise version for Sage 200cloud Professional, click here for more details on the pricing plans.


Sage 200cloud has a wide range of modules available depending on your business requirements and business sector providing flexibility and the ability to pick and choose the features you want to use from the system. This modular approach also allows you to add more modules as your business grows. Because Sage 200cloud offers more than just accounting software, it helps you to build up a business with joined up processes and connects all your teams from accounts to sales and marketing. There are seven modules to choose from in Sage 200cloud, these are Financials (which comes with the core platform for both standard and professional), Commercials, Project Accounting, Manufacturing, BOM, Sales Marketing and Service (previously known as Sage 200 CRM)and Business Intelligence. Certain modules are only available in Professional.

Key Features of Sage 200 Financials

Comprehensive reporting including interactive dashboards and a multitude of financial reports for sales, purchases, cashbook and a full range of financial summary reports such as profit and loss and balance sheets. Read more...
  • Detailed nominal code structure that can be customised for your business.
  • Automated statements, direct debits and standing orders.
  • Unlimited supplier and customer contacts.
  • Comprehensive integration with
  • Powerful period end control for all ledgers so you get accurate profit and loss figures.
  • Bank feeds help increase efficiency.
  • Manage all your foreign currency transactions with flexible exchange rate adjustments.
  • Multi company consolidation if you have more than one company entity.
  • Perform VAT returns with ease.
  • Forecast cash flow.

Click here for more information on Financials.

Download Data sheet for Sage 200 Financials

Sage 200 Commercials– Managing your supply chain

Commercials is designed to manage your supply chain and has a comprehensive stock management capability all linked to sage 200 financials. The module has sophisticated sales order processing and purchase order processing that all links to stock control, so you easily manage customer demands whilst maintaining optimum levels of inventory. Commercials also includes batch and serial processing. Read more...

Key Features of Commercials Include:

  • Seeing the full history of an order such as multiple delivery addresses and price negotiations.
  • Source inventory worldwide with up to 100 different currencies supported.
  • Comprehensive batch and serial tracking on products.
  • Flag up invoices in dispute.
  • Compile order lists based on customer orders.
  • Track stock across multiple locations.
  • See where your products come from and their current location and see what price they were sold at.
  • Comprehensive price book validation.
  • Rapid order entry for quick invoicing and despatch.
  • Support for complex or simple pricing.
  • Use templates to quickly create new accounts.

Download the commercials datasheet.

Sage 200 CRM

Sales, Marketing and Service (previously known as Sage 200 CRM) allows you to track all customer relationship management information, including phone calls, to-do’s, documents, meetings, emails, support tickets and lots more. It integrates with the core Sage 200 financials so front office staff can see key accounting information such as outstanding balances, invoices and orders. Users of Sales, Marketing and Service can also produce quotes and then convert these into orders. The solution allows you to get a 360° view of all customer information. Read more...

Key Features of Sage 200 Sales, Marketing and Service

  • Link back office (Accounts) with front office (Sales, Marketing and Service).
  • Track phone calls, meetings, documents, to-do’s and emails.
  • Log support tickets.
  • Manage and launch marketing campaigns
  • Convert quotes to orders.
  • Enables sales reps to view credit limits, invoices, orders etc.
  • Allows mobile users to access customer information.
  • Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management

Sage 200 Project Accounting – Manage your Projects

Project Accounting allows you to get a single view of all your projects, so you can manage costs and increase profitability on each project. You can track multiple projects and record time and materials against them whilst sharing information with other users across the business for maximum efficiency. Project Accounting also has Work In Progress (WIP) which allows you to post in process project costs to nominal accounts, so that these costs show as finalised alongside sales revenues on the profit and loss financial reports. Read more...

Key Features of Sage 200 Project Accounting

  • Tracks time, expenses and materials against projects.
  • Integrates with SOP, POP and Payroll.
  • Customises and configures fields to match your company’s requirements.
  • Adds any number of user defined fields against projects.
  • Gives project managers the appropriate authorisation to raise PO’s
  • Tracks profitability for each project.
  • Use web time and expenses to track timesheets and expenses against a project.

Sage 200 Manufacturing and BOM – Improves Production and Manufacturing

If your business manufactures products then Sage 200c Manufacturing and Bill of Materials (BoM) allows you to streamline complex processes to make your manufacturing more efficient, thus making your business more profitable.The Sage 200 Manufacturing module allows you to track manufacturing activities in detail from start to finish, ensuring your shop floor runs smoothly whilst improving productivity, meaning you can deliver products to customers on time and within budget. Sage 200c Bill of Materials helps businesses manage assembly processes and it can break down complex processes and sub-assemblies. There are a wide range of reports in both modules that give you up to date information on the progress of your manufacturing processes. These modules link in with Financials and Commercials. Read more...

Key Benefits of Manufacturing and BOM.

  • Reduces lead times in the manufacturing process.
  • Reduces wastage.
  • Improves business efficiency.
  • Shares crucial manufacturing information across your organisation.
  • Highlights potential production issues.
  • Provides accurate resource planning.
  • Improved production allows you to deliver more products on time.

Sage 200cloud Business intelligence (BI)– Gain Control Over your business

Sage 200 BI is a unique tool available in the Professional version which allows you to analyse critical key performance indicators that helps you guide your business for future growth. Business Intelligence runs in Excel and it allows you to easily build and create your own reports such as profit and loss, sales, stock movements and much more. All these reports give your business greater insights and it allows you to benchmark and analyse data from different parts of the business. Read more...

Key Benefits of Sage 200 BI

  • Uncover revenue opportunities.
  • Discover areas of improved efficiency.
  • Plan for future growth.
  • Monitor KPI’s for your business.

Download the user guide for Sage 200 BI

Sage Payments integration with Sage 200

Sage 200 now integrates with Sage Payments, this functionality allows you to pay all of your international and domestic payments with the click of a button, it also allows you to pay employees. The main benefit of being able to control how you manage your payments is that this helps you to monitor your cashflow. You will also save time as payments are made quicker and are automatically updated to Sage 200, allowing you more time to run your business. Read more...

Key Features:

  • Quickly makes supplier and employee payments straight from Sage 200.
  • Gives you confidence that employees and suppliers are paid on time all in a secure environment.
  • Sage payments can be accessed via mobile devices such as mobiles or tablets.
  • Sage Pay integration with Sage 200 helps you reduce errors.
  • Makes international and domestic payments securely.
  • Has built in security and authorisation processes.

Sage 200 E-Invoicing with Sage Pay

Sage 200cloud now integrates with e-invoicing and Sage Pay, this helps your business speed up the process of invoicing clients, it also speeds up the collection of cash, thus improving your companies cashflow and reduces the number of debtor’s days. Sage Pay helps you collect money quicker as customers can pay at the touch of a button, there are plenty of options to pay, including PayPal, all major credit cards and via the phone. Sage 200c is fully integrated with Sage Pay and accepts over 25 different currencies. Read more...

Key Benefits of Sage 200 E-Invoicing with Sage Pay

  • Speeds up debt collection and reduces debtor’s days.
  • Sends invoices through Sage 200 with a “pay now” button
  • Supports a wide range of payments, including all major credit cards, PayPal or via the phone.
  • Over 25 plus currencies supported.
  • The integration allows you to automatically reconcile invoice payments in Sage 200cloud.
  • No more manual processes.
  • Get paid faster, improve cash flow.

Sage 200cloud now connects with Microsoft Office 365

If you are looking to massively increase user productivity within your business, then one of the best features now available is the integration between Sage 200c and Microsoft Office 365 including Microsoft Outlook. This integration means that files and data are no longer tied to a single user’s computer, so there's more choice to work remotely without being tied to the office. You can accurately keep track of finances and performance, or act on opportunities directly from your Smartphone or Tablet. Sage 200cloud also integrates tightly with Excel so you can build powerful reports within Excel from Sage 200, so you have well-presented reports for management to provide insights into your business performance. Read more...

Key Benefits of Sage 200cloud integration with Microsoft Office 365

  • You Microsoft Outlook collaborates with teams from sales to finance.
  • Access key data anywhere, anytime.
  • Seamless integration with MS OneDrive enabling document storage.
  • You can access customer data whilst mobile or on the go.
  • Review money owed, recent invoices, credit limits.
  • Access vital information on the go with any mobile device.
  • Tightly integrates with Excel for reporting.

Organise a Sage 200 demo

If you are considering Sage 200cloud one of the best ways to see the product in action is to organise a demonstration of the system. Because it is such a comprehensive system and has multiple modules AlphaLogix can provide an in-depth demonstration of the complete system as well as focusing on each individual module. For more information on booking a Sage 200 demo. We can carry out demonstrations via WebEx or the preferred method is by organising a 1 to 1 meeting.
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