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Sage 200 Pricing and Costs

Pricing for Sage 200 licences start from an affordable £275 per month for Sage 200 Professional, whilst the Sage 200 Standard software costs start from £290 per month which is the entry level online version in the Cloud. The cost of Sage 200 is based on a subscription only plan (SaaS), where fees are paid on a monthly basis, Sage does not give you the option to buy the perpetual license anymore.

Sage 200 base platform monthly costs

The final licence cost of Sage 200 is also determined by the number of additional users your business needs and the additional software modules you require, such as Commercials or Project Accounting, as well as the implementation cost and ongoing help desk support.

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Sage 200 costs and pricing overview

Sage 200 Standard pricing

Costs for Sage 200 Standard start from £290 per month for a 12-month contract, this version is only available online in the Cloud where the software is hosted by Sage at their secure datacentre.

Sage 200 Standard Costs per month

  • Sage 200 Standard base unit pricing * £290 per month
  • Additional users are £16 per month
  • Additional companies are £32 each per month

*Included in the base unit for Sage 200 Standard is 3 users and Sage 200 Financials and Commercials. There are additional costs for setting the system up, which might include transferring data into the system from your old accounts software, configuration as well as training and on-going technical support.

What is Sage 200? A solution for your growing business.

Example scenario of Sage 200 Standard licence costs

How much does 4 users of Standard Cost?

  • Sage 200 Standard base unit * - £290 per month
  • 1 additional Sage 200 Standard desktop user - £16 per month
  • Total £306 per month

*The Sage 200 Standard base unit includes, 3 desktop users, 2 connected users (web users), 1 company, and Sage 200 Financials and Commercials.

Our comparison guide details the differences between Standard and Professional.

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Overview of Sage 200 Standard

Costs for Sage 200 Professional licences

The Sage 200 Professional licence cost (previously known as Extra) is more expensive than Standard, as the software is more configurable and flexible, it also offers both cloud and on-premise deployment options.

Overall costs are dependent on how many users (there are two types of licences available, named or concurrent users) you require and the additional modules you may need, Financials and Business Intelligence are included in the base unit.

Pricing for Professional is only available through a monthly subscription plan (available for use in the Cloud and on-premise), the perpetual licence is no longer available.

Sage 200 Professional Pricing and Additional User Costs

  • Sage 200 Professional Base Platform pricing - £275 per month
  • Additional Sage 200 Professional desktop Users - £46 per user per month
  • Additional Sage 200 CRM users (concurrent) - £31 per user per month
  • Additional Sage 200 CRM users (named) - £21 per user per month

For further information on Sage 200 CRM (includes sales, marketing & customer service).

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What is Sage 200 used for?

Pricing for Sage 200 Professional Additional Accounting Modules

There are several software accounting modules that you can purchase as add-on’s to the base platform (the base platform includes Financials and 1 user).

Sage 200 Professional cost for additional modules

  • Sage 200 Project Accounting£107 pm – further information on project accounting.
  • Sage 200 Commercials£117 pm – further information on commercials.
  • Sage 200 Bill of Materials£81 pm – further information on bill of materials (BOM)
  • Sicon Manufacturing for Sage 200 £468 pm – further information on manufacturing.
  • Sage 200 CRM – from £31 per user per month – further information on Sage CRM.

Sage 200 Product Overview - Key Features

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Example Licence cost scenario for Sage 200 Professional

How much would 2 users of Sage 200 Professional cost with commercials and project accounting?

  • Professional Base Platform pricing - £275 pm (comes with 1 desktop user)
  • 1 additional user - £46 pm
  • Commercials - £117 pm
  • Project accounting - £107 pm
  • Total - £545 per month

Please Note: All costs are based on a monthly subscription price, call us for a detailed quote on 020 8050 3216 or email us at, as pricing can change.

Overview of Sage 200

Implementation costs for Sage 200

Once you have decided to buy Sage 200 there are additional items and costs involved in the installation process. A typical Sage 200 project will involve:

  • Scoping
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Data migration
  • Setup of Sage 200 cloud
  • Customisation
  • Sage 200 training
  • Sage 200 report and dashboard design (however the system comes with other 100 predefined reports)
  • Integration
  • On-going Sage 200 support and access to our Sage helpdesk

The final implementation costs depend on your accounting requirements, but it is always best to start off with a straightforward simple installation as the first phase of your project, and build upon the requirements as time goes by, and add additional Sage 200 modules as and when you need them.

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Upgrade Costs from Sage 50 to Sage 200

Many Sage 200 users have migrated from Sage 50cloud for a variety of reasons, see our guide why companies upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 200.

Even though there are no published pricing for upgrading from 50 to Sage 200, Sage often run pricing incentives to move users to a more powerful accounts system such as Sage 200, typically they offer a discount when you are looking to upgrade, your Sage business partner such as AlphaLogix can help negotiate this.

There is a migration tool available that migrates your Sage 50cloud data into Sage 200cloud. Call us for the latest options and prices for upgrading your existing accounting software.

Upgrade from Sage 50cloud to Sage 200

Sage 200 Customer Success Video - Francino

"It became perfectly obvious that Sage 200cloud would do everything we needed and possibly a lot more, so now we have one system that does CRM, stock control, works orders, production planning, and serial numbers - it controls everything."

Adrian Maxwell, Managing Director, Francino

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Sage 200 online cost?
Sage 200 online is another name commonly used by customers and users, (which was also known as Sage 200c), but it basically refers to the Cloud versions of Sage 200 and the costs will be the same if you are on a current subscription plan.
Costs for Sage line 200 and Extra
If you still currently use line 200 or Extra you will probably not be on a current Sage services plan, which enables you to update to the latest version. Most users will have to buy the software subscription licences again, but sometimes Sage offer special incentives to upgrade from these versions, so call us and we will check your eligibility.

Sage 200 Overview

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AlphaLogix was founded in 1995 and is now a leading strategic Tier 1 Sage Business Partner providing Implementation, training, help desk support, consultancy, development and configuration for Sage 200.

Our Range of Sage 200 Implementation Services Include:

  • Planning
  • Scoping
  • Sage 200 Consulting
  • Documentation
  • Sage 200 Implementation
  • Configuration
  • Data Migration
  • Customisation of Sage 200
  • Integration of Sage 200 with other business applications
  • Development
  • Design of Reports and Dashboards
  • Installation of additional Modules and Marketplace applications
  • Training
  • On-going Support
  • Access to our technical Help Desk

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