Sage 200 Costs and Pricing

A Quick Overview of the Sage 200 Pricing Plans and Implementation Cost

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How Much Does Sage 200 Cost?

The cost of Sage 200 accounts software starts from an affordable £267 per month for Sage 200. Sage 200 Standard is £267 per month which is the online entry level version (hosted in the Cloud). The price of Sage 200 Professional starts from £275 per month which is available for both online and as a monthly subscription fee for the on premise licence.

The total cost of Sage 200 is also determined by the additional software modules you require, such as Commercials or Manufacturing. There is also the cost of support, implementation and training to consider.

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Product Prices for Base Platform’s

  • Sage 200 Standard Base Platform  – £267 per month
  • Sage 200 Professional Base Platform  - £275 per month

After the end of September 2019, Sage will discontinue the perpetual licence option (this will affect upgrade charges) and they will only offer a monthly subscription pricing plan for a minimum of a one year contract.

Sage 200 Overview

Request a call back today and we will be happy to organise a competitive quote for your Sage 200 Suite project. Prices are subject to change by Sage, so call us for the latest information.

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Sage 200 Standard Pricing

The Standard version of 200 is only available online through a monthly subscription plan (SaaS). Costs start from £267 per month for a 12-month contract, and the software is hosted by Sage.

Standard Prices per Month

  • Sage 200 Standard base unit* £267 per month
  • Additional users £16 per month
  • Additional companies £32 each per month

*Included in the base unit of Standard is 3 users and financials. Additional costs for setting up Standard includes transferring data into the system, as well as training and possible report design.

Example Sage 200 Standard Costs

How much does 4 users of Standard Cost?

  • Sage 200 Standard Base unit* £267 per month
  • 1 additional Sage 200 User £16 per month
  • Total £283 per month

*The Sage 200 Standard base includes, 3 desktop users, Financials and Commercials for one company.

Our comparison guide details the differences between Standard and Professional.

Standard Online Overview

Costs for Sage 200cloud Professional

Sage 200 Professional (previously known as Extra Professional) is more expensive than Standard as it is more versatile and has more advantages, including better deployment options.

Overall costs are dependent on how many users (licences are available for named and concurrent users) you require and the additional modules you may need, Financials and Business Intelligence are included as standard.

Pricing for Professional is to change after the 1st October 2019, after this date the software is only available through a monthly subscription plan (available for online and on premise), the perpetual licence will no longer be available.

Base Platform and Additional User Costs

  • Sage 200 Base Platform £275 per month
  • Additional Sage 200 desktop Users £46 per user per month
  • Additional Sage 200 CRM user (concurrent) £31 per user per month
  • Additional Sage 200 CRM users (named) £21 per user per month

Sage 200 Customer Success Case Study - Playdale

Playdale Playgrounds is in the business of delivering fun. Playdale prides itself on designing exciting, innovative and educational playgrounds, with Sage 200 powering everything behind the scenes.

From improved customer satisfaction rates, an 18% reduction in costs from defects, to a 22% increase in quote conversion, Playdale continues to grow.

“Fundamentally, Sage is the ‘business master operating system.’ It powers how we communicate with our customers in CRM, how we quote our products, how we process our orders, and in production, how we plan for materials and resources.”

Barry Leahey MBE, Managing Director, Playdale

Sage 200 Customer Success Case Study - Playdale

Pricing for Sage 200 Professional Accounts Modules

There are several software accounting modules that you can purchase as add-on’s to the base platform (the base platform includes Financials and 1 user).

Professional Additional Modules Cost Per Month

Sage 200 Commercials

Example Pricing for Sage 200 Professional

How much would 2 users of Sage 200 Professional cost with commercials and project accounting?

  • Professional Base Platform £275
  • 1 additional user £46
  • Commercials £115
  • Project accounting £117
  • Total £545 per month

Please Note: All costs are based on a monthly fee, call us for a detailed quote on to 020 8050 3216 as pricing can change.

An Introduction to Sage 200 Financials

Other Costs to Consider When Implementing Sage 200

Once you have decided to buy Sage 200 there are other items and costs involved in the implementation process. A typical Sage 200 project will involve the software installation, configuration, customisation, integration, training, report designing and then there will be ongoing costs for the technical support.

Contact us on to 020 8050 3216 for a detailed quote based on your requirements.

Costs of Upgrading from Sage 50 to Sage 200cloud

Many Sage 200cloud users have migrated from Sage 50 for a variety of reasons, see our guide why companies upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 200.

Even though there are no published prices for upgrading from 50 to Sage 200, Sage often run pricing incentives to move users to a more powerful accounts system such as Sage 200.

Call us for the latest options and prices for upgrading your existing accounting software.

Upgrade Costs from Sage 100, MMS or Sage line 200

If you still use an older Sage accounts systems, such as Sage 100, line 200 or MMS (Mid-Market Solution), there will be a charge to upgrade to the latest version of Sage 200.

Typically you will have to pay the full licence cost to upgrade from MMS, line 100 or line 200, as most of these accounting systems are no longer supported by Sage and the products have reached their end of life.

If you have a valid support and maintenance contract, you might be eligible for a discount on the upgrade, you will need to check the current version you are on, which we can help you with and then we can give you a quote for your upgrade options.

If you currently use a version of Extra but your support and software maintenance has expired you might have to buy the licences again to get the latest version.

Review and Testimonial for Sage 200

Check out this review and testimonial from the firm Fracino, who finds the right blend for success with Sage 200cloud and with a pioneering track record of more than 50 years of manufacturing traditional coffee machines, Fracino has trustedSage solutions to help ensure growth remains manageable.

"It became perfectly obvious that Sage 200cloud would do everything we needed and possibly a lot more, so now we have one system that does CRM, stock control, works orders, production planning, and serial numbers - it controls everything."

Adrian Maxwell, Managing Director, Francino

Sage 200 Review and Testimonial

What are the Benefits of Working with a Sage 200 Partner?

Implementing a new accounting system can be a time-consuming and difficult task. Ensuring a successful implementation outcome needs careful planning, documentation and easy access to a certified Sage 200 Partner who have the right skillsets.

Our certified Sage consultants at AlphaLogix have successfully implemented hundreds of Sage sites across the UK and we understand the need for a well-planned and smooth implementation process so you have a much less stressful and much more successful end result.

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Our certified Sage 200 accounting experts will help you discover how Sage 200 can be setup to improve your financial processes within your business. We will provide you with a free initial meeting and consultation call as well as fully justified costs and pricing for your requirements.

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Our dedicated Sage consultants are committed to ensuring you get the most from your software investment and we offer the following services.

Sage 200 Professional Services

  • Planning
  • Scoping
  • Sage Consulting
  • Documentation
  • Sage 200 Implementation
  • Configuration
  • Data Migration
  • Customisation of Sage 200
  • Integration of Sage 200 with other business applications
  • Development
  • Design of Sage 200 Reports and Dashboards
  • Installation of additional Sage 200 Modules and Sage Marketplace applications
  • Training
  • On-going Support
  • Access to our Sage 200 technical Help Desk