How Much Does
Sage 200 Cost?

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Sage 200 Pricing Plans

The cost of Sage 200 can vary depending on which modules you choose to add to the Sage 200 base platform, there are also several pricing plans to choose from:

  • Sage 200cloud Professional Perpetual
  • Sage 200cloud Professional Online
  • Sage 200cloud Professional Subscription
  • Sage 200cloud Standard Online
  • Upgrading from Sage 50 to Sage 200cloud

An Introduction to Sage 200cloud

Sage 200cloud Professional Perpetual Costs for New Systems

The Sage 200cloud Professional Perpetual licence starts at around £6248 for the base platform (this gives you Sage 200 Financials and 1 user), extra users are approximately £1470 per user.

There are several modules that you can add to the base platform, these are Commercials, Project Accounting, BOM, Manufacturing and Sage 200 CRM. The perpetual licence is installed on your servers and once you have purchased the software upfront there is an annual services and maintenance (this use to be called SALP) charge which is normally around 20% of the initial licence cost.

There are 5 Sage 200cloud Professional modules you can buy as add-on's for Sage 200cloud Financials (Financials is the core base platform), the costs associated with these modules are:

  • Commercials Module Cost - £3,883.00
  • Bill of Materials Cost - £2520.00
  • Sage 200 Manufacturing Cost - £6,300
  • Project Accounting Price* - £3833.00
  • Sage 200 CRM Cost - £893 per user

What are the Costs for Additional Users for Sage 200cloud Professional? - There are different types of user licences for Sage 200 when you buy additional users for the base platform, you can choose to buy either named users, concurrent users and Sage 200 Desktop Users, the prices are shown below and details the additional costs per user:

  • Additional cost for Sage 200 Desktop users - £1470.00
  • Additional cost for Sage 200 CRM (Concurrent) users - £893.00
  • Named Sage 200 CRM price per user - £578.00
  • Additional Sage 200 Suite user (Concurrent) - £2048.00
  • Additional Sage 200 Suite user (Named) - £1811.00

*Notes: There use to be a cost for the web time and expenses module for Sage 200, this is now included in Project Accounting, but you will still need to pay a cost per additional user which is accessed as part of the web licence agreement. Sage 200cloud Professional use to be called Sage 200 Extra Professional, but the prices have stayed pretty much the same.

Even though Sage 200cloud Professional Perpetual licences are referred to as the cloud, they are in fact on-premise software licences, the prices also differ for new customers and existing customers.

Sage 200 Financials Introduction

Sage 200cloud Professional Online Costs

Sage 200cloud Professional Online (previously known as Sage 200 Extra Online) is the Cloud version of Sage 200cloud Professional and the pricing starts at around £200 per month for the base version, extra users and modules will increase the monthly costs.

There is another online version of Sage 200 called Standard, this is a cut-down version but you can see a comparison of the product features in our Standard vs Professional comparison guide, you can however, upgrade from Standard to Professional for an additional monthly fee.

Sage 200cloud Professional Online has all the features of Sage 200cloud Professional perpetual apart from Business Intelligence. The minimum contract is 12 months which is paid in 12 monthly payments.

Prices for Sage 200cloud Professional Online (paid monthly)

  • Sage 200cloud Professional online Base - £200.00 per month
  • Additional Cost per user for Sage 200 desktop users - £42.00 per month
  • Cost per user for Sage 200 CRM (Concurrent) users - £24.00 per month
  • Named users for Sage 200 CRM cost - £16.00 per month
  • Additional Suite Users price - £48.00 per month

The system allows you to have extra modules purchased on top of the base unit, this cost is £115 per month for Commercials, £79 per month for BOM, £105 per month for Project Accounting and £190 per month for Manufacturing. The online version does not come with Business Intelligence.

What is the Sage 200cloud Subscription Costs?

Sage 200Cloud Professional Subscription allows you to subscribe to the software and pay monthly, it allows companies to avoid the higher upfront capital cost that is required for the perpetual licences, prices for the base unit, which comes with 1 user is around £252 per month.

Prices for Sage 200cloud Professional Subscription (paid monthly) are the same as the Professional Online Version:

  • Sage 200cloud Professional online Base - £200.00 per month
  • Additional Cost per user for Sage 200 desktop users - £42.00 per month
  • Cost per user for Sage 200 CRM (Concurrent) users - £24.00 per month
  • Named users for Sage 200 CRM cost - £16.00 per month
  • Additional Suite Users price - £48.00 per month

The Sage 200cloud Professional Subscription version is an on-premise version so you can run it from your own server without buying all the software upfront, however subscription software tends to cost more in the long run for many companies.

What is Sage 200 in the Cloud?

Sage 200cloud Standard Online Costs

There is a choice of 2 different products for using Sage 200cloud online, these are Sage 200cloud Standard and Sage 200cloud Professional Online, both versions are the same software but Standard is a cut-down version which only has out of the box features.

Sage 200cloud Standard Online costs start at £240 per month for a 12-month contract (one-off payment upfront for 12 months), the version includes 3 desktop user licences as standard plus access to a range of online resources.

There is a cancellation notice of 30 days. The standard version of Sage 200 does not have the full range of features of Sage 200cloud Professional Online, to review the differences our feature comparison guide will help you decide.

  • Sage 200cloud Standard base unit (includes 3 users)- £240 per month
  • Additional users cost - £15 per month
  • Additional companies are priced at - £30 each per month

There are additional costs involved, including transferring data into the system and training for users, there is also the option to purchase Sage 200 Services Extra and Excel reporting – call us for a quote as prices do change.

Costs of Upgrading from Sage 50 to Sage 200cloud

Many Sage 200cloud users have migrated from Sage 50 for a variety of reasons, see our guide why companies upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 200.

Even though there are no published prices for upgrading from Sage 50 to Sage 200, Sage often run pricing incentives to move Sage 50 users to a more powerful accounts system such as Sage 200, for example, they have offered discounts of up to £1500 for moving from Sage 50.

Call us for the latest incentives and we can chase the best pricing discounts for your upgrade.

Moving from Sage 50 Accounts to Sage 200

Other Costs to Consider When Moving to Sage 200

On top of the software charges for Sage 200, there will be implementation, data transfer, installation and training costs to consider and these will vary depending on the complexity and size of your project. There will also be an annual support and services charge to consider, which is dependent on the number of users and additional modules you purchase.

Although we have listed all indicative pricing above, we urge you to call us directly to ensure you get the correct Sage 200 cost. Call us on 0845 257 3141 or email us at to get a detailed quote.