Sage 200 Professional

A Quick Overview of Sage 200 Professional

What is Sage 200 Professional?

Sage 200 Professional is the most advanced version of Sage 200, it provides a more detailed solution for those businesses with more complex accounting and finance requirements.

Sage 200 Professional enables you to connect your current systems using a powerful API, giving you a customised solution for better insight and control.

The Sage 200 Professional version (previously known as Professional Extra and line 200) is popular with businesses in manufacturing or professional services, or have a requirement for CRM so they can manage customers and prospects more effectively.

Both versions of Sage 200, Standard and Professional can be used online via the cloud, however the Professional version can be installed (on-premise) on your own servers, networks and desktops.

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What is Sage 200 Used For?

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Sage 200 Overview

Why Use Sage 200 Professional?

Sage 200 Professional has all the power of Standard, plus customisable supercharged features to give you a powerful business management solution. The software is easy to use and very adaptable, Sage 200 Professional offers the choice and flexibility to fit the needs of your business as it changes and grows.

What are the Benefits of Using Professional

  • Combine the power of desktop with the freedom of accounting software in the cloud
  • Control your business with core Sage 200 Professional Financials functionality and stock management functions
  • Manage your business on the move through the cloud, connected to Microsoft 365
  • Making Tax Digital compatible software
  • Build and access powerful data insights on the go, in the familiar environment of Excel
  • Reduce complexities with automatic bank feeds to Professional
  • Update and delete records quickly with built-in reports, helping you with GDPR obligations
  • Manage manufacturing processes with Sage 200 Manufacturing
  • Gain even more control with Commercials full inventory management including batch and serial traceability and replenishment
  • Use Sage 200 business intelligence and insights to propel your business forwards
  • Gain better customer visibility with Sage 200 CRM
  • Configure and customise Sage 200 with optional modules for different industries to suit business needs

Sage 200 Financials

What are the Key Features of Sage 200 Professional

Sage 200 Professional contains a wide range of features and functionality to fit the needs of your business as it changes and grows. Choose from a range of modules available with Sage 200 to give you even more flexibility and control over your business.

Sage 200 Overview

Features and Modules

  • Financials – The essential financials package to manage your cashflow with the 4 key ledgers and invoicing
  • Commercials – Stock, Purchase Order Processing (POP) and Sales Order Processing (SOP), price lists, price book and managing your supply chain
  • Workspaces and Connected User – Sage 200 enables detailed data mining and reporting in the office or on the go. Use simple dashboards and customisable views to find the information you need, specific to your role
  • Excel Reporting – Excel seamlessly links with Sage 200 for better reporting and more detailed analysis, accessible online
  • Sage Payments – Manage and make supplier payments straight from your software
  • E-Invoicing with Sage Pay – Integrated invoice payments that work seamlessly from within Sage 200
  • Project Accounting – Manage all of your project accounting and customer/supplier relationships. View profitability and easily view costs budgets at a glance
  • Web Timesheets and Expenses – Access Sage 200 web time and expenses online, enter, print and authorise timesheets and expenses online. Links with Payroll
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) Gain better customer visibility with CRM
  • Manufacturing and BOM – For complex manufacturing processes – Full Manufacturing Resource Planning solution
  • Business Intelligence Powerful trend analysis and intuitive reporting. Simple to create your own reports and dashboards
  • Integrated add-ons There are a range of integrated add-ons available for 200 in the Marketplace
  • Sage 200 Services A whole host of benefits, giving you access to advice and insight to help grow your business
  • Sage 200 Services Extra With two free connected users and access to a full range of Excel reports

Sage 200 Commercials

Compare Sage 200 Professional with Sage 200 Standard

There are two versions of Sage 200, Standard and Professional. Both systems use the same software platform and technology, and have the same core features and functionality such as Financials and Commercials.

The main difference is that Sage 200 Standard is the entry level version and does not have the ability to add additional software modules such as Manufacturing, Project Accounting, Sage 200 CRM, Business Intelligence and Web Time and Expenses.

Sage 200 Professional is highly customisable and is ideal for companies with more complex business and accounting processes, whereas Standard has out of the box features and functionality that cannot be customised.

There are a range of integrated add-ons available for Professional from a network of trusted developers.

Professional can be deployed as a on-premise solution, whereas Standard can only be used in the cloud.

Find out more with our comparison guide.

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Subscription Product

Cost per Month

Sage 200 Professional Base

£289.00 +VAT

Additional Desktop User (each)

£48.00 + VAT

Connected users (named each)

£9.00 + VAT

Sage 200 Commercials

£123.00 + VAT

Sage 200 Project Accounting

£112.00 + VAT

Further information can be found in our pricing guide.

Prices do change so please call us for an accurate quote.

Sage 200 Pricing and Costs

Sage 200 Overview – Sage 200 Standard and Professional

Why choose AlphaLogix as your Sage partner?

Established in 1995, AlphaLogix is one of the largest Accredited Sage Business Partners in the UK. We specialise in Accounting, ERP systems and CRM, with a client base extending from SMEs to Blue-Chip companies across a wide range of market sectors.

Our accounting experts will help you discover how Sage 200 Professional will help you improve the way you manage your finances and accounts.

We will provide you with a free personalised demonstration as well as fully justified costs and pricing for your requirements.

Our dedicated team of Sage 200 experts are committed to ensuring you get the most from your software investment and we offer the following services.

  • Sage 200 implementation
  • Support from our technical help desk
  • Development services
  • Systems Integration
  • Migrate your existing Sage 50 data to Sage 200
  • Dashboard and report design services
  • Sage 200 Consultancy
  • Migration from other systems
  • Hosting
  • Software integration
  • Ecommerce and website integration
  • Sage 200 Training
  • Amazon Integration
  • Sage 200 add on modules
  • Plus, much more

Call us today on 0330 043 0140 to organise a demo or quote, alternatively email us at We will help you through every step of the selection process, implementation process, including training and support.

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