Sage 200 Hosting

Hosting your Sage 200 accounts software in the cloud removes the burden of investing in expensive servers, backup and storage hardware, and security systems.

Hosting Sage accounts in the cloud reduces the upfront costs of setting up Sage and lowers your IT overheads. 

Hosting Accounts Data in the Cloud Offers Advanced Security

As a business owner you are right to be concerned about data security, gone are the days when the cloud was considered to be less secure. Hosting your Sage 200 accounts data in the cloud offers extensive security, our servers are backed up regularly and are fully managed with all the latest software and security updates.

If your PC is lost or stolen, we are able to lock your account to protect your Sage 200 data.

Increased Mobility

Being able to access your Sage 200 data from any location or device is now a real requirement for most businesses. Hosting your Sage 200 system in the cloud allows users to access data anywhere online, whether you are working remotely or travelling.

Scale on Demand

You can easily scale up or down the number of users on the system when you have your Sage data in the cloud. If you need to add a new user it takes just minutes, on the other hand, legacy-based systems made this task tedious and costly.

Enhanced Reliability

The cloud is a reliable platform as the Sage 200 system can be rolled back any time to a previous snapshot. This way a disaster can be properly addressed with a robust procedure, thus reducing the time and the cost of setting up a duplicate data centre for recovery. 

Straightforward Installation

We supply a server specifically for your company, and we install and activate your Sage accounts program using either the license keys from your existing version or from the program you have just purchased.

We configure your new server for the number of users you require, then contact you with clear details of how to access your cloud server.

If you have existing Sage data, it is important you have done a local backup of this data before we start the installation process, alternatively, our consultants can make a backup for you.

Sage 200 Accounts – On a Mac

We don’t just support our clients if they run Sage 200 Accounts on Windows, we also support them if they run Sage 200 Accounts on their Macs too.

Summary of the benefits of hosting Sage 200 in the Cloud

 - All of your data is stored in just one place – a high security, high-speed server – so if your hard disk fails, you lose nothing
- Our simple solution allows you to give access to your live data to anyone who needs it wherever an internet connection is available
- We support a variety of devices to be used (PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones) to access your cloud-hosted data
- We perform daily back-ups to the cloud-hosted server as standard, removing that responsibility from you
- Hosted server access with secure certificate and network level authentication as standard
- Our Sage 200 hosted solution includes Backups, Anti-virus, Windows updates and 24/7 support for critical issues, all from a UK based data centre
- User lockout security/ intrusion protection
- Hosting Sage 200 in the Cloud offers a cost-effective solution without the need for a large capital input
- Disaster recovery built-in

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