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What is Microsoft CRM Dynamics Field Service Automation

Field Service Automation allows field service businesses to automate a whole range of tasks from scheduling engineers to signing off a fix remotely at a client’s site. The key focus of Microsoft CRM 365 Field Service is to increase the efficiency of managing a field service team whilst keeping the customer at the centre of the business. Dynamics Field Service includes advanced analytics and allows field service companies to move from a costly, reactive ‘fix it if it breaks’ model to a preventative and proactive approach.

The key benefits of Dynamics 365 CRM Field Service are that it puts the customer first by keeping them informed at every interaction of the chain. It provides employees and field technicians with a 360-degree view of all information and it empowers companies by optimising schedules.

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Scheduling Field Service Appointments

One of the main features in Dynamics CRM Field Service is the ability to schedule and manage equipment and people so you can fit in more appointments for your business. Thus increasing efficiency and providing technicians with intuitive tools to manage each job. The system has an innovative drag and drop Schedule Board which allows you to setup schedules for multiple work orders. Furthermore, Field Service can identify available technicians, so your company can balance workloads.

Microsoft CRM field service allows you to manage Service Agreements

Many companies have standardised service level agreement and Dynamics 365 can help you manage service contracts against products across all your customers, this ensures SLA’s are met and customer satisfaction remains high. When your data is accurate this drives faster billing and can also identify new opportunities for technicians and employees to drive extra revenue.

Some of the key features of Service Agreements in Field Service

  • Assets can be classified with serial numbers and bar codes
  • Warranties can be tracked against assets
  • Field engineers can have access to expiration dates and terms and conditions
  • You can apply different bill rates to varying types of materials used and the different types of work carried out

Mobile Features Make Field Service Staff More Efficient

The mobile features of Dynamics 365 Field Service provide your staff with all the information they need to enable them to do their job whilst increasing their efficiency. It provides them will all information from Cases to taking and storing photos of the work. Mobile workers have a calendar of work order details that is automatically synchronised back to the main dynamics database as and when actions change or are completed. Work orders are linked to Case, Customer and Product, Pricing and more.

Highlights of Features for Mobile in Field Service

  • Access key data such as Case and equipment to repair
  • Generate invoices and capture signatures
  • Technicians can be routed automatically to their next client
  • Update work orders on mobile devices
  • Update satisfaction surveys

Plus, many more features…

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Inventory Management in Field Service

The inventory management model in Microsoft CRM Field Service offers a host of innovative features. These allow you to manage all aspects of your inventory such as: syncing your inventory, tracking inventory location and setting re-order points, to name a few features.

Some Highlights of Inventory Management

  • Track stock at mobile locations
  • Mobile users can have access to inventory and parts
  • Users can adjust inventory automatically
  • Forecast materials required
  • Manage RMA’s

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Contract Management

Dynamics 365 for Field Service allows you to maintain service contracts and products installed at customers. It helps drive faster and more accurate billing and helps you win more business by being proactive. You can use recurring service templates to simplify quotes and it helps you manage recurring service appointments.

Connect field service enables a company to resolve issues remotely so a technician is only despatched if it is necessary. It does this by attempting to sort out the problem remotely. Connected Field Service also has a wide range of preventative maintenance features which further reduces redundant time spent on jobs if they can be dealt with remotely.

Resource Scheduling Optimisation

This feature in Dynamics Field Service automatically creates a prioritised schedule that is optimised so mobile field staff can fit in as many appointments as possible; it optimises by distance. As the day goes on and appointments are completed the mobile workers schedule gets re-optimised. Employees can also lock in appointments so that if a customer has been promised a certain time this cannot be altered. The key benefits are:

  • Allows you to get as many appointments as possible scheduled per day
  • Automatically assigns a preferred technician to a customer
  • Works out the optimum distance between appointments, saving fuel and time on the road

Add Pre-Built Applications

Dynamics 365 for customer service can do even more when you use Appsource, this allows you to enhance the software by adding prebuilt apps from Microsoft and other partners.

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