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Costs and Pricing for Sage Intacct

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Costs and Pricing for Sage Intacct

The cost of Sage Intacct accounting software is dependent on the number of users you require and add-on Intacct modules you need for your business. Costs also vary based on the user access level you require.

As well as the cost of Sage Intacct software you will need to factor in costs for implementation, customisation, support and training.

The cost of the Sage Intacct license is on a subscription only basis (SaaS) and you do not have the option to buy an On-premise version, Sage Intacct is designed to run in the Cloud only. Companies pay a subscription fee to access Sage Intacct software; which Sage maintains and hosts on a third-party data server. The Intacct software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing model means software fees are paid monthly or annually, with a set minimum contract term.

Sage Intacct offers many add on modules which increases your subscription costs of your installation. Pricing for these Sage Intacct add on modules vary, if you require a detail cost of each add on you can request a call back from AlphaLogix and we will provide you with full costings.

There is also a cost for supporting your Sage Intacct setup as support is normally provided by a certified Sage Intacct business partner such as AlphaLogix. Sage partners provide helpdesk support and issue resolution for your Intacct setup.

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Sage Intacct

Cost for Sage Intacct Core Financials, Users and Entities

When you buy Sage Intacct, you will get Core Financials as standard which comes with 1 user, add on modules are sold separately.

Core Financials includes the following –

  • General Ledger
  • Cash Management
  • Purchase Order
  • Accounts Payable
  • Order Entry
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Standard Reports
  • Dashboard
  • Customisation Services.

Pricing for Sage Intacct Core Financials and Users

  • Core Financials
  • Additional Business Users (per user)
  • Pack of 10 Employee Users

  • £3863 Annual Price
  • £1954 Annual Price
  • £1021 Annual Price

Pricing for each additional Business Entity

A Business Entity represents a separate Operating Unit. Includes basic multi-entity rollup.

  • Cost for Each Additional Intacct Business Entity £511 Annual Price

Note – A business user has unlimited access rights to all applications, where as an employee user has limited access rights, for more details on the differences please call us. Sage may change pricing, call for the latest updates.

Example Costs for Sage Intacct

The below example provides you with the subscription fees you would pay for a 4 user system of Sage with 1 additional business entity. The base platform contains 1 user, so you would only need 3 additional users.

  • Core Financials
  • Additional Business Users
  • Additional Business Entity
  • Total Annual Subscription

  • £3863 Annual Price
  • (£1954 per user)* £5862 Annual Price
  • £511 Annual Price
  • £10236

Sage Intacct Demo

Costs for Sage Intacct Modules

There are many add-on modules for Sage Intacct that enables your business to add extra functionality to manage a specific task, from Contract Billing, Project Accounting to Salesforce integration, in total there are over 30 add-on modules. The add-on modules require you to purchase Core Financials first.

The main categories for add on modules are:

Billing Software

  • Contract and Subscription Billing
  • Project Costing and Billing
  • Revenue Recognition

Dashboards and Reporting

  • Intuitive Financial Dashboards
  • Flexible Accounting Reporting
  • Financial Visibility


  • Salesforce Integration
  • Web Services API
  • Platform Services

Advanced Functionality

  • Fixed Assets
  • Time and Expenses
  • Project Accounting
  • Spend Management
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Inventory Management
  • Multi Entity and Global Consolidations

Detailed below are the costs for some of the more popular modules.

Sage Intacct Modules

  • Fixed Assets
  • Customer Report Writer
  • Project Costing
  • Global Consolidations
  • Salesforce Intacct Integration

  • £3996 Annual Price
  • £3552 Annual Price
  • £4884 Annual Price
  • £8426 Annual Price
  • £8436 Annual Price

Call us on 020 8050 3216 to discuss prices for add-on modules.

Example Costs for Sage Intacct with additional Modules

The below example provides you with the annual subscription fees you would pay for a 3 user system of Sage Intacct with Fixed Assets. The base platform contains 1 user, so you would only need 2 additional users.

  • Intacct Core Financials
  • Additional Business Users
  • Fixed Assets
  • Total Annual Fees

  • £3863 Annual Price
  • (£1954 per user)*2 £3908 Annual Price
  • £3996 Annual Price
  • £11767

Note – Sage may change pricing, call for the latest update.

Sage Intacct Cloud Financial Management

Implementation, Customisation, Training and Support

Once you have decided to buy Sage Intacct there are other items and costs involved in the implementation process. A typical project will involve configuration, customisation, training and ongoing support.

Contact us on 0845 259 3141 for a detailed quote based on your requirements.

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