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What is Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition?

The Sage Intacct Recognition module is and additional module that you can buy that links to Sage Intacct Core Financials module. Sage Intacct revenue recognition removes the complexity, time, and frustration associated with revenue recognition.

The Sage Intacct revenue recognition software helps you simplify revenue management by flexibly configuring expense amortisation to match or differ from your revenue recognition terms.

Templates and schedules in Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition mean you can automatically recognise revenue according to accounting standards. Sage Intacct lets you recognise revenue and amortises expenses, even as contracts change.

Key Benefits of Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition

  • Automate day-to-day revenue recognition tasks and regulatory compliance
  • Align revenue recognition with expense allocations
  • Automate your most important process - turning orders into cash
  • Deliver relevant insights to all stakeholders

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Key Features of Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition

Revenue Management Features in Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition

  • Automatic revenue reallocation - Add updates to a contract and let the system handle reallocation of revenue automatically—even into closed periods.
  • Template-based revenue recognition - Set-up straight-line and usage-based revenue recognition schedules, independent of billing.
  • Usage-based revenue recognition – Intacct enables you to recognise revenue according to your customers’ usage.
  • Allocate by new rules – Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition enables you to comply with the latest revenue recognition guidelines to allocate revenue, recognise revenue across multi-element arrangements, and incorporate order changes into a single contract.
  • Revenue detail access - See revenue details using Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition right in the contract, giving you quick access in one location.

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Expense Management Features in Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition

  • Expense detail access - See expense amortisation in Intacct at the contract or contract line level, giving you quick access to both recognized and yet-to-be recognised expenses.
  • Automatic expense amortisation - Change contracts confidently, knowing that the Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition updates expense amortisation automatically.
  • Expense term templates - Create expense amortisation templates in Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition that are the same as or different from the revenue term.

Gain Valuable Business Insights with Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition Reporting and Dashboards

  • Automatically calculate and view insights into SaaS metrics, including Churn, Customer Lifetime Value, Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue, Cash, and Customer Acquisition Costs with the Sage Intacct Digital Board Book.
  • Detailed reporting - With contract as a dimension, Sage Intacct enables you to track revenue with ease by reporting details on unbilled, billed, and paid balances.
  • Gain visibility using Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition by reporting on revenue and expenses by both the old and new rules.
  • Contract Revenue Management – Using Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition, forecast reporting according to current and new guidelines on revenue, expense, billing, and cash receipts while arranging data to suit your needs.

Sage Intacct Real Time Reporting

Gain Control Using Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition Features

  • Flexible templates - Fit allocation and amortization to the needs of your business with a wide variety of standard and custom revenue and expense templates.
  • Automation through configuration – Detailed configuration menus let you set up your contract and revenue policies without scripting so that you aren’t dependent on IT resources for setup and changes.
  • Compliance checklist – You can setup your own work-flow with an audit trail sign-off capability to make sure you maintain compliance throughout your revenue management process.

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