Sage 200 Suite (formerly Sage Line 100/MMS) is a
powerful, modular, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
solution. Designed to manage many areas of your Business
from Financial and Commercial aspects through to
Customer Relations, Marketing, Manufacturing, and
Project Management.

Sage 200 is a modular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution which manages many areas of your Business, from Financial and Commercial aspects, through to Customer Relations, Marketing, Manufacturing, and Project Management.

The Sage 200 Suite has been designed and developed for UK businesses, who require a management solution with fabulous reporting that will control all critical business functions, and much more.

At the core of the Sage 200 Suite are the Financials modules (see below), comprising the Cash Book, Sales, Purchase, and Nominal Ledgers. With this core platform, additional modules, or ‘Suites’ of modules can be bolted onto your system to suit your growth, and your business sector.

All components of Sage are designed to work together across all departments within your organisation, enabling you to run your business more efficiently, respond to customer requirements more rapidly, and ensure your business continues to grow at a manageable rate - integration is key. Join our FREE Sage 200 Webinar Today!

  • Sage 200 Features

    Flexibility and choice: With the exception of the core Financials modules, all of the modules that comprise Sage 200 are optional, providing the flexibility to grow with your business.

    Customisations: In addition to the configurable modules and applications, in many cases the software can be customised fully by AlphaLogix, to better suit your specific business processes and requirements.

    Industry-specific: From optional Suites of Sage modules to the huge variety of add-ons that are available to Sage 200,the system accommodates various industries, from Construction and Manufacturing, to Retail, Wholesale, and Distribution. Each module of Sage 200 is fully integrated, bringing each area of your business into one manageable solution.

    Powerful Reporting: From the standard built-in reports and a powerful report designer, to Excel Reporting and Business Intelligence, Sage 200 boasts an impressive compliment of reports, over 300 in fact. As if that’s not enough, Sage releases a new report each month!

  • Financials

    One of the most user-friendly, yet comprehensive and feature-rich Accounts solutions in the market, the Sage 200 Financials Suite of modules will give you unprecedented levels of control over your Financial Account Management processes.
    • The ideal 'out of the box' solution for many small-to-medium businesses with a need for accurate and comprehensive financial management.
    • The Financials Suite comprises all of the modules required to manage your finances; Cash Book and the Sales, Purchase, and Nominal Ledgers.
    • The three-tier Nominal structure gives businesses great reporting and consolidation flexibility.
    • With Sage 200 Financials, you will also have access to the powerful Business Intelligence module; a powerful Microsoft Excel integrated reporting tool.
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  • Commercials

    Building on the Sage 200 Financials set of modules, the Commercials Suite is typically the next logical step for many businesses, to facilitate their successful expansion into various commercial sectors.
    • Comprises modules that manage and improve your commercial practices; Sales and Purchase Order Processing, Stock Control and Pricing.
    • Review and manage the full life-cycle of Sales and Purchase Orders. From creation and acknowledgements, to despatches, receipts, and invoicing. This comprehensive, yet user-friendly ordering system has been built so nothing will fall through the net.
    • Provide your staff with controlled levels of autonomy, enabling them to manage pricing, margins, and discounts, with multi-level authorisation rules.
    • Manage your most important stock with tightly controlled Batch and Serial number traceability.
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  • Sage 200 CRM

    Sales Marketing and Service is a new module for Sage 200, representing an improved way of connecting your Sage 200 financial and commercial data with your customer service, sales, and marketing processes.
    • Real-time integration with Sage 200; all of the functionality of the standalone Sage CRM product, but integrated!
    • Access Client financial summaries whilst out on the road.
    • Interrogate Client transaction and order history from anywhere in the world.
    • Assign multiple CRM Companies to one Sage 200 Customer account.
    • With advanced customisations, create Sales Orders in Sage 200 from your Sales Marketing and Service.
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  • Manufacturing

    The Manufacturing Suite, which includes the Bill of Materials module, will provide your business with an incredibly sophisticated, fully integrated solution to your manufacturing requirements.
    • Utilise the Planning features to analyse your current and future production demands, generate a list of requirements to meet those demands efficiently and in-line with your manufacturing deadlines.
    • Monitor your supply chain dependencies in great detail, enabling you to improve your productivity and profitability.
    • Produce Certificates of Conformity with your manufactured items, enabling you to monitor quality standards over time.
    • Manage your resources and improve your production deadlines considerably, with a solution tailored to your industry.
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  • Project Accounting

    Improve customer satisfaction with accurate bills delivered by capturing and allocating projects costs, overheads and revenues.
    • Ideal for service based industries that ‘sell time’.
    • Integration with accounts, sales and purchase order processing, and payroll.
    • Manual or automatic bill production to save time and effort.
    • A detailed breakdown of all project costs.
    • Flexible billing schedules that can differ by project and by customer.
    • Run multiple projects and allocate timesheets or expenses against them.
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  • Web Time & Expenses (WTE)

    An extension of the Project Accounting module, WTE is web-enabled, allowing a mobile workforce to input timesheets and expenses from anywhere with an internet connection.
    • Fully integrated with the Project Accounting Module.
    • Users can enter their hours worked on a project online.
    • Compare and interrogate the hours worked on projects at various levels.
    • Enter weekly or batch timesheets, allocated against active projects.
    • Run detailed reports on timesheets, expenses, and payroll (resource).
    • Bill your Clients more accurately and timely with precise and detailed information.
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    Web Time & Expenses (WTE)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)

    The Business Intelligence (BI) module comes free with Financials. BI is a very powerful Microsoft Excel integrated reporting tool which enables you to slice-and-dice and interrogate your Sage 200 databases incredibly efficiently.
    • Create and configure your own reports in MS Excel, using the BI Add-on.
    • Bring information and analysis from multiple Sage 200 companies, into one Summary Dashboard.
    • 82 pre-built reports cover everything from Customer and Supplier trends, to Stock Profitability and Business Analysis.
    • Benefit from all of the functionality of MS Excel, with the added benefits of access to all of your Company data.
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  • Online

    Sage 200 Online is the Cloud-based version of Sage 200 and offers more choice about how and where you access your Companies. Your database is hosted by Sage UK, with consultation, training and support provided by your Accredited Business Partner, AlphaLogix.
    • Your database is hosted in a European, ISO 27001 standard certified data centre on the trusted Microsoft Azure platform.
    • Experience levels of functionality close to that of Sage 200 On-Premise, without the expense of a local server and IT infrastructure.
    • With Online, there’s no requirement for version upgrades; regular updates are applied in the background by Sage UK.
    • Pay for the users you need, when you need them.
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  • Bill of Materials (BOM)

    The full Manufacturing Suite is an incredibly powerful and comprehensive set of modules, but for many businesses involved in assembly, the BOM module alone may fulfil your requirements.
    • From materials and machines, to labour and operations; split your assembly operations into manageable segments.
    • Create and store multiple BOM templates for future use.
    • Accurate cost -analysis can be performed from component level, through to the full build.
    • The Trial Kitting tool forecasts your production capabilities by reviewing current stock levels, against the Bill of Material specification.
    • Batch and Serial Number functionality can be applied, from component level, through to the full build.
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  • Ajmal Rafique - Head of IT

    "In 2014 we embarked on an important exercise to locate a Sage Partner that could provide technical support and consultation to our teams at the level of quality that we require. We needed significant experience and expertise to upgrade our Sage system with a partner who would take time to understand our requirements and timescales.   We approached AlphaLogix who had a unique, attentive and comprehensive approach and we haven’t looked back since. The level of professionalism in the work that AlphaLogix undertakes is unparalleled and excellent."

    Ajmal Rafique - Head of IT
    Owens Group
  • Solseal Logo
    “The trade counter application developed by AlphaLogix enables us to bring together sales from our nationwide trade counters immediately into Sage 200. Stock location levels are instantly updated with each sale which has eliminated double entry of orders”
    Nick Jones
    Managing Director, Solseal ltd
  • "We have worked with AlphaLogix for the last 15 years, and they have been instrumental in evolving our IT through this fast changing technology period. We have been very pleased with their service and project management no matter how large or small the IT upgrade or how many third party software providers are involved. This testimonial is obviously evidenced by the longevity of our business relationship."

    Tim Quirke I Director, City Financial Planning
  • “Our experience with AlphaLogix has always been fantastic, we not only use them for our IT Support but also our Sage and Eque2 products. We find support across the board to be excellent, which is why we have been with AlphaLogix for over ten years.”

    Jane Fitzpatrick, Noel Fitzpatrick
  • "Sage 200 has provided the ss Great Britain Trust with the Nominal Structure and powerful reporting that Sage 50 was unable to provide."

    Angela Spreadbury I Director of Finance and Resources, ss Great Britain Trust
  • "It was a pleasure meeting you and the team at your Sage 200c Workshop. I would take this opportunity to thank you and your team for an excellent presentation."

    Nasir | RGR Facilities
  • "We have recently purchased the AlphaLink product from AlphaLogix to integrate ACT with Sage 50 accounts. We were quite apprehensive at first as we have been using Sage 50 accounts for many years and have some very established processes in place. AlphaLogix have helped make the transition simple and easy, with excellent telephone support and training."

    Mark Nichols | Business Development
  • "The support we receive from our Business Partner, AlphaLogix is invaluable. They’re always at the end of the phone ready to help with any of our requirements."

    Angela Spreadbury I Director of Finance and Resources, ss Great Britain Trust
  • "With AlphaMap I can optimise my sales team’s visits to all clients and prospects to reduce total mileage and overall transport costs including reduced fuel bills! In addition to the financial saving the team now spends less time travelling and more valuable time with clients."

    Wayne Aspley | Business Development Manager
  • "Alphalogix as our business partner have been professional and efficient in dealing with our needs and issues from the start. The development work created by Alphalogix has proved to be extremely helpful in the day to day running of our business."

    Dylan Harries I Director, J Harries Refrigeration
  • “We have used AlphaLogix for many years and always find their support and response times to be quick and efficient in resolving our issues. Whenever we run into issues they are always friendly and explain the fix to help us in the future. I have and would recommend their services to other companies.” 

    Cambrian Fuel Card Services I Sales Manager, Grace Davies
  • "Working with AlphaLogix has also been a pleasure. When we first investigated their product, AlphaLink, it was daunting. However AlphaLogix eased the confusion and we got there successfully with their help. I would definitely recommend AlphaLogix."

    Neil Harris | Marketing Manager, Plastor Limited
  • "I found the Sage 200c Workshop helpful and informative and what I learned will be useful going forwards. Thank you for an excellent demonstration."

    Fiona | Educational Advantage
  • "Thanks to AlphaLink by AlphaLogix we have successfully integrated our CRM (ACT!) with our accounts package (SAGE 50) giving us that extremely valuable information and insight to our customers in one single place. Being able to create a new Sage account from a prospect is also a great time saving factor and being able to lookup contacts based on their accounts activity."

    Neil Harris | Marketing Manager, Plastor Limited
  • "Sage 200 Extra is now embedded firmly within our Business. The Financial Reporting we receive is better than ever before and the system will accommodate our growth as we move forward."

    Angela Spreadbury I Director of Finance and Resources, ss Great Britain Trust
  • “Our experience with AlphaLogix has always been fantastic, we not only use them for our IT Support but also our Sage and Eque2 products. We find support across the board to be excellent, which is why we have been with AlphaLogix for over ten years.” 

    Jane Fitzpatrick I Director , Noel Fitzpatrick
  • "With a busy sales team covering the whole of the UK, they have always had a need to have instant access to accounts in their area, looking at previous purchases and products including stock levels. In the past, the sales team had to call head office to obtain such information.
    We do not require a complete CRM package which can prove very expensive and takes up a huge amount of input time for the user when you could be getting sales! So when we discovered this app, it was a godsend and has proved to be a very important tool for the company.
    The app has ensured that the information required by the sales team is delivered quickly and exact, improving with every call into the customer. From a company point of view, it is a fantastic tool that saves us time and helps deliver the information to where it is needed in the field with ease, saving time and money from calls and work in the office"
    Chris Esler - Opperations Manager | Tocdental
  • "AlphaMap is one of the best add-on’s in the market place that I have discovered yet. It enables us to plan our customer visits to maximise the time available and reduce travelling time. The good thing about this add-on is that this can be all visually seen on a map that gets displayed. Installation is easy and hassle free on the clients part. I would recommend this product to all businesses as a ‘must have’ add-on."

    Sally Redwood I Redwood Innovations, Director
  • Purcell - Finance Director

    “AlphaCheck is a real asset to the business! Far better than the old integration from Sage, AlphaCheck allows me to search and view credit info almost instantly!”

    Purcell - Finance Director