What are the Modules in Sage 200?

Sage 200 is a modular software design which enables you to add additional Sage 200 modules to the core accounting system. The modules help add further advanced features and functionality to the Sage 200 core system, whilst helping to automate accounting processes for projects, manufacturing, supply chain, stock, time & expenses, CRM and improving business intelligence (BI) and reporting.

Sage 200 Software Modules

  • Financials
  • Commercials
  • Project Accounting
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Manufacturing
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Reporting Tools and Dashboards
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Sage 200 Module Datasheets and Software Guides

Download the Sage 200 Datasheet for Financials
Download the Sage 200 Datasheet for Commercials
Download the Sage 200 Datasheet for Project Accounting
Download Sage 200 Bill of Materials Datasheet
Download the latest Sage 200 Product Guide in PDF format
Sage 200 UK Price List – Sage 200 Standard vs Professional Pricing – PDF

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Additional Sage 200 Modules for Advanced Functionality

Sage 200 has several additional integrated modules that will extend its functionality and features to suit your exact business needs, each implementation of Sage 200 comes with the Financials module which you can build upon.

Sage 200 Financials Module

  • What is Financials used for? – Sage 200 Financials is the core module for the Sage 200 suite, Financials is the central module where all other modules feed financial data into. The system looks after the nominal, sales, purchase and cash book ledgers, as well as chart of accounts, VAT submissions, MTD, exchange rates, period end, fixed assets, cash flow and bank reconciliation, learn more.

Sage 200 Project Accounting Module

  • What is the Project Accounting module used for? – Sage 200 Project Accounting tracks multiple projects based on time and materials, fixed price contracts or a combination of both. It enables you to collect project costs, track WIP status, overheads, record timesheets and expenses information online from anywhere, saving time and ensuring accurate payments, learn more.

Sage 200 Business Intelligence (BI) Module

  • What is the Sage 200 BI module used for? Business Intelligence enables you to effectively analyse critical business information using analytical tools (such as Excel) to help with reporting and business decision making. Key information such as Profit and Loss by cost centre and department, sales by customer by month, stock valuation for the last three months, trend in overdue orders, stock movements by product group, learn more.

Sage 200 Commercials Module

  • What is Sage 200 Commercials used for? – The commercials module looks after your supply chain, stock control and sales (SOP) and purchase order processing (POP). Commercials also manages your suppliers, multiple stock locations, pricing and price book, multi currencies, quotes, stock takes, sales orders and order entry, further information.

Sage 200 Bill of Materials Module

  • What is Bill of Materials (BOM) used for? Bill of Materials module is ideal for businesses involved in light manufacturing assembly, it can help break down complex processes and can split your business up into distinct areas with the ability to report by area. The system helps with trial kitting and maximum build, scrap allowances, costing analysis and implosion/explosion views, learn more.

Sage 200 Manufacturing Module

  • What is the Sage 200 Manufacturing module used for? – The Sage 200 Manufacturing addon from Sicon enables you to manufacture goods and products more efficiently. The system is an advanced manufacturing execution software (MES) system and includes Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Bill of Materials (BOM), Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC), Works Order Processing (WOP), Master Production Scheduling (MPS), Estimating and Work in Progress (WIP), further information.

Sage 200 CRM Module

  • What is Sage 200 CRM? – The CRM module helps you manage customer relationships, customer follow ups, contact management, sales pipeline, marketing campaigns, customer support and service, helps turn quotes into orders. Sage 200 CRM also integrates with Office 365 to store all documents, emails and communications in one centrally shared CRM database, learn more.

Sage 200 Reporting and Dashboard Tools

  • What is Sage 200 Dashboards and Reporting tools used for? A number of reports and dashboards are provided out of the box including nominal, sales, customer, supplier, aged debt, and stock. If you require more in-depth reporting analysis on a particular business function, such as stock levels, the reporting tools offer additional Excel reports. The dashboards are accessible online, so you can get remote access to any of your statistics. Sage 200 also offers integration with Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI), Power BI lets you easily connect to your data sources.

None Core Sage 200 Modules include:

  • Workspaces and Connected User – For data mining and reporting in the office or on the go. Use simple dashboards and customisable views to find the information you need, specific to your role.
  • Sage Salary and Supplier Payments – Manage and make supplier payments straight from your software.
  • Invoice Payments – Integrated invoice payments that work seamlessly from within your software.
  • Web Timesheets and Expenses (access online) – Enter, print and authorise timesheets and expenses online. Links with Sage Payroll.
  • Integrated add-ons – There are a range of integrated add-ons available from the network of trusted developers.
  • Excel Reporting – Better reporting and more detailed analysis, accessible online.
  • Microsoft 365 Power Platform Connectors – Create workflows with ease that automate business tasks and processes across applications and services.

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