7th March 2018

Sage 200 Tips – User Preferences

Sage 200 Preferences
Sage 200 User Preferences - One of the key focuses for Sage 200 is the user experience; ensuring that users feel comfortable whilst traversing the system and that they are not hindered in any way whilst performing their daily duties. There is a section devoted to configuring the user experience...
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14th February 2018

Sage 200 Additions – Mobile Sales Order App

Sage 200 Mobile Sales Order App
Our Mobile Sales Order App will provide your mobile workforce with the ability to manage their Customer Accounts whilst out on the road with complete control over which accounts each member of your workforce has access to - without the need for any additional Sage 200 licenses!
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17th January 2018

Sage 200 Tips – Manage Your Fixed Assets

Sage 200 Fixed Assets
Sage 200 Fixed Assets - Before the 2016 version release of Sage 200, many users have been managing their fixed assets outside of Sage 200 using spreadsheets, but now you can create, maintain, depreciate and dispose of your fixed assets within Sage 200 and it is quite straight forward to do.
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14th December 2017

Sage 200 Tips – Hide Customers and Suppliers

Hide Customers and Suppliers
Over time the number of Customer and Supplier accounts in your financial system will increase and without purging the accounts and associated transactions from your system there is typically no way to avoid this. For many businesses the rate of increase in the accounts is not a problem, however for some businesses, and especially those ‘B To C’ (Business to Consumer) businesses whereby many new Customer accounts are created each day, it can become problematic over time. Your system may […]
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