29th April 2016

Clean Data? How clean is your CRM data?

Clean data? Well, just how clean is your CRM data? You might have been using your CRM for some time and getting good results. But Just how clean is your data? At AlphaLogix we see many scenarios that have lead to data in a CRM being far from ideal. How did we get our CRM data into such a state? A spring clean is in order! One of the common problems we see is incomplete data. Often, when people are under time pressures they tend to input the minimum data in order to get the job done. This is OK in […]
21st April 2016

Sage 200 Tips – List Views & Filters

There’s no question about it, Sage 200 is a BIG system! New users are often perturbed when faced with the daunting task of learning an entirely new Accounts solution, navigating between ledgers, forms, and reports, especially those that have migrated from a simpler package such as Sage 50. However, I guarantee that within a short amount of time (and a little persistence) Sage 200 will start to feel like your second home. Perhaps you’ve just started using Sage 200, or perhaps you’ve been using it for a while but you want to know more. I’ll share a couple of tips to […]
12th April 2016

Sage 200 system at a glance

As a Sage 200 Specialist working for AlphaLogix, one of the largest Sage Business Partners in the UK, this is the question that is most commonly asked of me. This is a question that anyone seeking a new accounts solution should be asking. First I’ll start with some statistics about Sage. These are all statistics that I myself considered when choosing which area to specialise in… Sage is a British multinational enterprise software company, founded in 1981. The world’s largest supplier to small-to-medium size businesses, with 6.1m customers and 13,400 employees worldwide, and offices in 24 countries. In 2015 Sage declared […]