18th May 2015

Withdrawal of sale and support for Act! 2013

Important notice – Withdrawal of sale and support for Act! 2013 As a Business Partner and supplier of Swiftpage software and services AlphaLogix Ltd have had a communication about Act! 2013, their excellent CRM software. Every product has a lifecycle and Act! 2013 from Swiftpage is no different. A product’s lifecycle starts when that product is released to market and ends when that product is no longer sold or supported. At Swiftpage their product obsolescence cycle starts when a particular version of a product is removed from sale. The Swiftpage announcement is that Act! 2013 is approaching the start of this cycle […]
8th May 2015

Biking to work reducing Carbon Footprint

Staff at AlphaLogix UK have taken advantage of the better weather and the buy a bike for work scheme run by Cyclescheme and are therefore reducing carbon footprint. Biking to work reducing carbon footprint.                         AlphaLogix has our UK Head Quarters situated in the picturesque Wye Valley. We are adjacent to Abbey mill and the world famous Tintern Abbey. Although AlphaLogix is situated in the valley there are some steep hills in the surrounding area! One member of staff takes 15 minutes to get to work but over 30 […]