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28th April 2015
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18th May 2015
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Biking to work reducing Carbon Footprint

Staff at AlphaLogix UK have taken advantage of the better weather and the buy a bike for work scheme run by Cyclescheme and are therefore reducing carbon footprint.

Bike to work - reducing carbon footprint

Biking to work reducing carbon footprint.













AlphaLogix has our UK Head Quarters situated in the picturesque Wye Valley. We are adjacent to Abbey mill and the world famous Tintern Abbey. Although AlphaLogix is situated in the valley there are some steep hills in the surrounding area! One member of staff takes 15 minutes to get to work but over 30 minutes to get home. Most of the journey home is uphill! Now that the winter chill has gone the ride to work via bicycle is pleasant enough to make it a regular occurrence.

The Cyclescheme – reducing carbon footprint.

The Cyclescheme allows you to save at least 25% of the cost of a new bike. You then spread the cost via salary sacrifice over 12 months. The deduction for your bike purchase is made from your gross salary, so you make both income tax and national insurance savings (32% on the standard tax rate and 42% if you are a higher rate tax payer). To see how the scheme works take a look here.

With lots of tracks and trails around the River Wye there are plenty of opportunities to take a mountain or hybrid bike out at lunchtime for a spot of fitness and fun. There are plenty of panoramic view points along many of the tracks. These offer some excellent scenic photo opportunities. There is plenty of wildlife to see as well, including lots of species of birds. I think the military use the river Wye as a guide on their various exercises as we get helicopters flying around as well.

AlphaLogix have noticed that there is a knock-on effect. Once the first brave soul makes the move to biking to work others will follow. This will bring down your company’s carbon footprint. We all know reducing carbon footprint is a challenge for our current times. Biking also keep s your staff a little fitter. Much better than just sitting in a car and driving to work. A win-win all round…