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28th April 2015
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8th May 2015
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AlphaMap – helps reduce carbon footprint

AlphaMap is one of the current Alpha Software add-on suite from AlphaLogix. AlphaMap is an AlphaLogix add-on to Infor CRM that can aid in the planning of your sales force visits in any particular area. AlphaMap produces a list of a number of alternate prospects or clients that already exist as records in your Infor CRM and could be visited on a particular day while a salesman is in the area.

If a visit has been booked for a particular prospect or client then AlphaMap allows a search of prospects and clients in the area of the original visit. The display of potential alternatives gives the salesman a choice of where to best spend their time. For example, paying a courtesy visit to an important client or handing out product updates and information face to face rather than through a faceless e-mail marketing campaign or mail shot.

Potential prospects or clients can be contacted prior to the primary visit to check for a potential meeting. This AlphaLogix add-on software enables the sales force to enhance productivity by targeting multiple client sites within a specific area on the same day.

Ways to reduce your carbon footprint – AlphaMap


AlphaMap from AlphaLogix – helps reduce the carbon footprint of your company















Ways to reduce the carbon footprint of a company include: reduce, reuse, or recycle. One easy option in the reduce category is to drive your car less! AlphaMap helps your company in this carbon footprint reduction category by combining sales force visits in a single area. This enhanced productivity is also great for the carbon footprint of the company as it minimises sales force drive time to effectively reach target prospects and clients.

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