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AlphaSMS – CRM driven SMS messages

AlphaSMS is available as one of the Alpha Software portfolio from AlphaLogix as an add-on to your CRM. The AlphaLogix software allows users to send SMS messages directly from their Sage software.
AlphaSMS was developed by AlphaLogix to extend and enhance the user experience and system functionality from your CRM or Accounting software. The software allows you to Send SMS text messages to Individual Contacts or in bulk to Groups or Campaign Members.


AlphaSMS automatically creates a history of messages sent from your software.  AlphaSMS uses customisation options to auto populate your SMS messages with information you define from your software. The beauty of AlphaSMS is that no SIM card or Mobile contract is required. The cost of the service is based per SMS message sent, at very competitive rates.

AlphaSMS options


AlphaSMS – CRM driven SMS messages from AlphaLogix.












There are several software options included in the product.
Single Contact: A button next to the mobile number named “Send SMS” is added to each contact within your CRM software. Click this to open up a free form text box. Enter your message, click “send” and you’re done.
Contact Groups: Select the members from your group. The right click menu gives you an option to “Send SMS”. Selecting this option opens up a free form text box. Enter your message, click “send” and you’re done.
Audit Trail: There is a full audit trail of all messages sent. When your CRM sends an SMS, it creates a history in the Notes/History or Communication area of your CRM. For Accounts packages, this history will be stored as a Communication or Memo.
SMS Portal: An SMS Portal can also be accessed in your software to show details of all messages sent. Information provided includes: Message Recipient, Message Sender, Date and Time, Number the message was sent to, and status. e.g. Delivered.
To find out how AlphaSMS can help your business, from initial consultation right through to comprehensive after sales support contact us on 0845 259 3141. Or email: info@alphalogix.co.uk. Or go look at our website here.